How To Convert WiFi to Wired Internet

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Have you ever had or seen a device that only works on wired internet? Think about printers, smart TV’s, gaming consoles, etc. Have you ever wanted to make it wireless? If you have a spare wireless router laying around, you should be able to take any wireless signal and convert it into a wired ethernet signal using a simple hack. You’ll never have to worry about long ethernet cables again!

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Lassigamer says:

I have a RT-N56U. Who needs this video when you have a RT-N56U?

wildwalkeruk says:

Shouldn’t this be called how to convert Wired to Wifi? As your device is wired, and you want it to be Wifi.

nober555 says:

where was this video like 10 years ago when the xbox 360 wireless dongle was $100

Tiago Guerreiro says:

I use one of this. very cheap. No need to update. And can be USB powered from any device

Robin Wiklund says:

Homeplugs.. Simple

Θανάσης Καρέζος says:

or just use power to ethernet ffs

Brandon Benich says:

Does it bug anyone else when he keeps saying router but showing a picture of a modem..? (0:26, 0:57, 1:51)

Patryk Piotrowski says:

Project 404 – project not found

ZeroBlackfire says:

This is an “A-B” conversation so “C” your way out before “D” jumps over “E” and knocks you the “F” out…..

Rodrego uggh why says:

finna nut

John Humphrey says:

I done my Lynksys router this way several years ago and although I was successful, the difficulty level is not 2 out of 5, it’s 6 out of 5. This is no easy task and you can brick your router with one wrong move.

Zhi Wei Lee says:

Tinkernut Maybe you could use openwrt along with airmon-ng to hack wifi again like last time you used backtrack but backtrack now is discontinued so maybe a wifi jammer or wifi hack with your asus router.Thanks!!

Oshy Faustus says:

lol, next video how to build a rocket and make your own robot servants who travel into space to make you a paradise on mars.

Darren Rainey says:

You could also use a powerline kit, A raspberry pi, a PC or Laptop with wifi etc

Liviu Squinky says:

my router is tp link and my smart tv is connected via ethernet cable my smart tv does not have wifi

Zyme Nomad says:

anyone has router 4 donation? lul

Evan Verburg says:

the intro music kinda reminds me of Majora’s Mask


This is base of proxyham I think

Travis Ross says:

How effective would this concept be if you tried to daisy chain a wireless bridge over a long distance to effectively create a mini WAN??

Vedant Ghadi says:

Me: Hey brand new tv!! Let’s surf the web over ethernet!!
tv:I Don’t have ethernet port.
:(: ( 🙁 🙁

David Orr says:

did it!

TrukenX says:

dd-wrt has been keeping my old linksys router boss for over 10 years now

Hoàng Trần Minh says:

there are many wifi receivers that connect to your computer via usb or ethernet but… they usually only work on pc. *pc master race intensifies*

Carl Marold says:

I had this problem but I would of plugged a Wi-Fi connector to I but the it just got stuck on the side of the piping out bit so instead of buying a USB extension I did this

Le Meow says:

Sorry, friend. You tried very hard but I’m afraid you’re way, way over my no-tech savvy brain. You were way over my head.

MRrwmac says:

If my old router already has bridge capability, I’m guessing I could use it as is without having to change it to the Ddrt firmware?

Softizo says:

I love how it’s project 404

Gary1q2 says:

ahh tinkernut, the channel that taught me how to crack my neighbours wep wifi password and use it 😀

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