How To Connect Two Routers On One Home Network Using A Lan Cable Stock Router Netgear/TP-Link

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Connecting Two WIFI Routers Together Using A Hard Wired Connection & Sharing The Internet

How To Connect Two Routers On One Home Network Using A Lan Cable Stock Router Netgear/TP-Link


Alioshar Guo says:

Very clear, nicely explained, Thank you.

Huda Garashy says:

thank you

Ace Computer Dandenong says:


Parag Parikh says:

My main router is G-router. Can I make the 2nd router an AC router?

Tim Holmes says:

Is it still locked on both

Yucel Nernekli says:

Super information. Thanks for your time and sharing your knowledge

Leo Rombaoa says:

thank you so much for this video sir, Godbless 🙂

Technik122 says:

Is it also possible to get Internet from the second router per LAN, right? Not only Wi-Fi, yes? 😀 Anyway very good explained video, i was looking for kind of those for most of time, thank god you are here. 😀

Kashif Iqbal says:

Thank you., nice video, easy to follow.

Roberto Martinez says:

first router AC1900 2nd Router AC1750 Both Router are TP-link

mcanning51 says:

Thanks for you’re help with bridging two routers

Frank Pyon says:

Excellent video, explain simple and straightforward!

Avraham Chamish says:

Great detailed description. I could not find inaccuracies.. You did a very good job! I recommended to others instead of me spending an hour or more explaining these details. The question I received from a few people, relate to connecting two routers via 802.11AC, one as a base station and the other in bridge mode, as a substitute for an 802.11AC USB interface. (That setup works better and costs less….than using a “Dongle”)

Wayne Howarth says:

Is there a way to use a second route as a wifi extender without a cat5 connection?

Abhishek Bhatnagar says:

Thanks a Ton….. Now question My dlink and Tplink both router address is
what should I do

Mantaray says:

a Handy video if u wanna switch and wifi in a hard to reach place , if u just want wifi ,,,, then get wifi access point there plug and play, but personally i only use wifi for phones/tablets ,,,,, if its got a lan port use it 🙂

Todd Gerhardt says:

Spectacular video. Thanks,for doing this

Rajesh Yadav says:

Thank You sir no

Correz Pond says:

Excellent ‘How To’ video. Richard makes excellent using of diagrams and provides regular reinforcement of key concepts.

Joshua Pitoyo says:

you’re really a teacher type of person…. this video is really helpful… thanks richard

thea lamenthe says:

Thank you.

JackPoint says:

Awesome explanation, really clear and helpful. Thanks a million

Harsh Kukreja says:

will their be any difference between the speed of main router and secondary router.
if yes then approximately what would be the speed difference

Mohamed Saladin says:

You are a lifesaver thanks for your video

Gary Rowlands says:

Hi Richard, great video and I like the way you explain things as you go along with reasons why you would do something a certain way, Cheers ,

Hokuao Gable says:

Richard Lloyd, do you know if this setup is safe against the wp2 krack issue? I recently got a wnr2000 v3 router and was going to follow your video on how to set this up with dd-wrt but was not sure if it has been patched lately.

Donald Ring says:

Great video. Made things much easier than trying for 2 hours to walk through the process with factory reps over the phone. Can this be done effectively without the cat5 cable as hardwire, but using the house wiring with plug-in adapters? I am not able to run the cat5 cable to a location in another room.

Rabijit Shyam says:

You can use it as a repeater for your existing wifi network , no cable needed, just set tp link as a repeater

DIY by Dino says:

Hey Richard, most excellent video, probably the best Youtube vid of its type.

Koh fung says:

I always thought that this can be done; you have confirmed it! Great!

Don Tancred says:

thanks heaps for a clear and concise video, 2 questions, what channels should 5ghz be set on and on the secondary router do the ethernet ports still accept connections as per usual, thanks

thegreatcerebral says:

Also you should have just explained that you are merely going to use the 2nd “router” as an “Access Point” and that you should just purchase a dedicated AP to do this as they are built for that an optimized for that unlike these home routers which are made to be 4 in one boxes. Ubiquiti makes some good product especially for a home with the only downside is having to dedicate a machine to be the “controller” for the AP. You can also buy a “cloud key” which is a PC-on-a-stick (literally) and it will run the controller software. It’s very powerful and flexible.

Unless you want a switch at the second location (where you are putting the 2nd Router (AP) in this scenario then get an AP.

OV_ YT_ says:

thanks,, really nice video

andy kane says:

hi richard, ive followed ya video but found that i cant connect to my 2nd router through my main router… what have i done wrong? ive useda belkin asdl modem and wireless router g as my 2nd router..

Todor Todorov says:


Gerard Johnson says:

Please do not delete this video because videos like this should stay on YouTube because these cell phone companies they rip people off too much and by doing these configurations you getting the best bang for your buck

Joanna Little says:

Hi Richard! Thank you for your video! I’ve followed your instructions and everything works great but now I can not access the second router. My primary router is a surfboard sbg6580 and the secondary one is linksys ea9200. There is no port labeled LAN on the linksys (One is labeled internet and the other four are ethernet). I am also using a cat 5 cable. How can I access the secondary modem? Not sure how to access it except for resetting it. Any help is much appreciated!

Glenn Mehnert says:

Nice job. Can you update to describe this process with the Arris Modem/ Router/ Wireless that is distributed with Comcast/ Xfinity subscriptions in 2017? I am going to try on my own, but . . .??

Andyw1228 says:

Couldn’t you just open the 3rd octet on the subnetmask and leave it in without DHCP on the TP LINK .?

Roberto Martinez says:

follow your instructions but 2nd router can’t connect

Mo Yasar says:

Good advice .bit tricky buy got there in the end

any how says:

What cable you’re using it is a crossover??

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