How to: Bridge internet connection

How to bridge your internet connection on Windows 7 with Ampix0


xJack Gaming says:

I need help I can’t remove the network bridge because I can’t find it I really need help to fix my internet please help

lmaoarandy says:

bro i cant hear anything on max volume

Ampix0 says:

@1GookSTAH stupid thing youtube added temporarily for the world cup. it just makes the vuvuzella noise

Ampix0 says:

@ADVILxADDICT MSDN so.. 70% legit

flashtaco12 says:

on my only the wifi is showing up nothing else i have it pluged in

big bob says:

mine says to create a network bridge you must select at lest two LAN or high speed internet connections that are not being used by internet connection sharing and i did what u said to do

Chosen Stanley says:


Ampix0 says:

@lmaoarandy ya i realize now that my volume was low but still on max volue i can hear just fine.. Make sure your computer volume is up to. Im on 50% speaker volume and max on youtube and i hear fine.

fuzi8n says:

does this force host on mw2?

TBK Travis says:

thanks ampix0, i tried the process on Vista and it worked, i used to connect my XP desktop to my Wireless Vista laptop thank you.

garry bramley says:

youre a towel

George Lewis says:


Ampix0 says:

@ADVILxADDICT idk why but a month ago that started happening. never before


im using PdaNet to tether my android to my laptop and using the either to rout it to my ps4 ( share connection ) but i was looking at this bridge option , well i tried doing the { run . regedit . tcpackfrequancy data value 1 } to reduce ping , which it DID but and yes there is a but . my task manager is showing im receiving 5 MBps ( phone to laptop ) and im only sending 50 kbps – 1 Mbps to my ps4 , while other way my ps4 is sending info back at 5MBps and receiving the lower kbps . would bridging fix this issue? PLEASE HELP and before you ask im kinda in the middle of nowhere and internet is mobile only here -_- i can reduce ping but i cant balance the network ? why is this so complicated lol my laptop is a windows 8.1 dell inspiron 3521

lmaoarandy says:

hey i was wondering why when i bridge my connection my laptop still has internet but then like every 15-25 min my desktop disconects for like 10/20 seconds even though my laptop internet still works? please help

Midgethunter07 says:

Thumbs up if you didn’t finish the video b’cuzz your internet went down

Ampix0 says:

@I3onexXxCrusher No it just lets you funnle internet to a “separate” connection
if you run VMware you may use this to create a seperate connection for your VM to use

TheNerd InMe says:

What’s that soccer logo besides the [cc] thing?

samuriguy909 says:

Everytime I try to bridge my connection from my wireless to ethernet, it gives me the error message “To create a Network bridge, you must select atleast 2 LAN or high speed internet connections that are not being used by internet connection sharing”

Anthony Nguyen says:

Thank you for posting this video. It helped me heaps 🙂

lmaoarandy says:

aye ampixo is there a way i can have my laptop from not going into hibernation mode because it stops the internet going to my desktop it happens alot wen i rlly get into games n forget to touch my laptop.

Riya Vlogs says:

Can i bridge to router for extra ethernet joining

Rex Curry says:

man i wish that still existed.

garry bramley says:

im a towel

Fharish Ahmed says:

Thanks!! I didn’t know I could bridge the wifi and the Nic cards together! Thanks again!

Sydney Taing says:

does this work for the new dashboard update?

ncdeathpath says:

TYTYTYTYTTYTYTYTYTYY SOOOOOOO MUCCCCCCHHHH SUBBED. Sorry but this fixes my Xbox random problems with connecting to my internet

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