How to Bridge a Network Connection on a Mac

Easy how to on Bridging Network Connections on your Mac

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Gavin Keiner says:

This is NOT a bridge, it’s a NAT.

Pouryia Bahador says:

Thank you

Antonio Rivas says:

thank you! helped me out When I needed this.

Andrew Reed says:

This is not bridging as you cannot use the same subnet block.

Charles Lau says:

It’s misleading. Definitely not bridging as they are on different network. It’s just to set up Internet sharing under NAT….

Ashley Hensel says:

When I do this, a pop up comes up that says “Your internet connection cannot be shared because it is protected by 802.1X.” I can’t switch the network otherwise I’ll be off the wifi on my laptop. What do I do?

Dwayne Gitter says:

Excellent1 Thank you!

Chris Star says:

Thanks, works great !!!!

Peter Zubic says:

So if i bridge my connection and plug the ethernet cable from my mac to my ps3 it should work fine?

MRichard333 says:

31,000 view and you have only 17 Subs…., i company for you i Subscribe!

Iyekeoretin Akhianmiegbe says:


Charlie James Tennant says:

Thanks so much! 🙂

Jason Doss says:

This isn’t a bridge.

trapper1204 says:

This is not a bridge, its simply internet connection sharing. The devices connected to your ethernet are on a different subnet. 192.168.2.x. If it were a bridge, devices on the ethernet would have an ip address from the dhcp server on the wireless network.. this is what I want to do.

Clemen says:

If your computer does not have a wireless card will I have full access to safari?

Mateusz Trocha says:

thank you so much. i was looking for a mac tutorial because my eMac doesn’t have wi-fi and it’s right next to my iMac but they’re both really far away from the router.

Kyle Gibson says:

fuck you

Kenyon Mitchell says:

worked for me easily, no problems, connected my old xbox to my computer so i didnt have to buy a wireless adaptor

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