HOLY $H!T – Long Distance Wi-Fi (Up to 25 KILOMETER range!?)

Ubiquiti Networks claims that their Powerbeam AC can provide a 450Mbit link over a 25 KILOMETER range! Let’s check this badboy out…

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tosdude says:

Bruh, you can do the same thing with some used satellite dishes and a can of beans.

epicjourneyAuz says:

Ubiquiti has great products. You should showcase them more

Roland Lawrence says:

awesome! there is just something magical about hi speed wifi over long long distance…

MrFalloutTech says:

I could make my own isp lol

since1876 says:

This is amazing, I can’t believe it’s so cheap! I was just yesterday trying to think of how to set up the wireless to cover the house better, since I have a pretty big house and it gets really bad in some areas. I think this might be really useful. And being able to cover the back yard would be awesome too. I will say that it would have been nice if you had had the technician come out so we could have seen the “right” way to set it up, rather than the “figure it out” way to set it up…

Usman Ullah Asif says:

what joker making video.

TechDark says:

is this great for mesh networking?

Cameron Cluelow says:

the solution to my GF’s $h1TTy wifi

ItsJohnnyMac says:

Name your SSID “Skynet” and see how long it takes to reach the news

The adventures says:

Can it play minecraft with shaders

Musket Gaming says:

12:48 someone forgot to censor out shit

Trent Anderson says:

“longr ange”

Calico Morgan says:

now I can broadcast my stupidly named wifi all over my county!

ashraf uddin says:

Dear, I would like to make long distance wifi for multi user so how can I build, from where can get device?

Travis Sylvester says:

In this case PTP is point to point, not peer-to-peer(P2P).

Amphibiot says:

Getting 1000/1000 at work, getting 20/10 at home.. I legitimately think i want to buy this, since my place of work is only a few blocks away.

Sasha May says:

I wanted them to test them from very far distances…

My2CentsWorth1 says:

To deal with the topography, you would need a tropospheric scattering radio system. The problem is that the bandwidth is nowhere close to 1 Gbit.

imaChaser says:

What are the tripods that you used for the antennas? I’m interested in the stainless steel one (marine I guess). thanks.

Pixel Brush says:

And here I am with my 1-2MB Internet speed -_-

JimmyAE says:

Ubiquiti Networks makes good products. i got their edge router lite, cloud key, unifi ap AC HD. and now i dont have any more issues with vpn over wifi using my work laptop

CATMAN2255 says:

can u give me some of that amazing internet with your dish? i live in australia

Hazy J says:

Why does it go from ep. 2 to ep. 4? McSads 🙁

Ishaan Dhadral says:

“if u live somewhere flat” I feel ur pain Linus. Surrey and it’s topography

ThingyHacker says:

But seriously, I use a Ubiquiti antenna to connect to my ISP

thmorriss says:


Bill A says:

Does it work thru trees?

Henry Mellor says:

if you take this to Kansas all of the state will have access thanks to you

Jay Babcock says:

You call those speeds reasonable? I get 20mbps down and like 2mbps up.

/ says:

My mother walked in as linus made the pole joke. Why he gotta be so pervy

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