Get Faster WiFi with OLD Routers??

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ASUS is launching a new mesh wifi implementation called AI Mesh that leverages the features of your existing wireless router so you can have faster internet across the entire house.

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Branson Stevens says:

So where’s the James x Linus fanfiction?

Max oneill says:

2.4GHZ SUCKS on the AC-68U!!!!!!

Rcboater40 says:

If I run the aimesh system without connecting them together with an Ethernet can I hard wire my Xbox to the secondary router( the one not connected to my modem) or is it wireless only. Thanks.

djnes2k7 says:

They never address how the hub is tri band and the satellites are only dualband. Which of the 2 5 ssid does the satellites take on?

Pankaj Doharey says:

7 Months too late, Gizmodo covered this story in January.

TNYBoy says:


ebayerr says:

Shoes off when you go into their home!

ANDRO1DZ says:

my g im using that same router (the shitty hitron one) and i average 45-55 ping on fortnite but im trying to get a newer router to maybe get 15-25 ping

ZeZeppelin2017 says:

9:39 , uh wut.

Derek Tam says:

I have the same hitron modem but I can’t access the birdge mode thing, so i just turned off wifi & enabled IP Passthrough

ami noyon says:

how to speed up in wifi my downloading speed?my downloads speed only kbps..
let me know In email.

Conspirazy says:

It’s always so annoying that the bottleneck is usually the modem and the wifi is way faster than your internet can do. But we talk about it like your wifi needs more speed. Seems more accurate to say it needs more range.

Miguel Menendez says:

so it was an LG laptop… haha

Thomas Champagne says:

So. Do i have to put the combo modem into bridge mode? or can i just plug it into my mesh router, that way the inlaws can use their saved ssid and my wife and i can have our own?

Jason Suyu says:

Dose all model or router need to support ai mesh ?.. or just the main one ?.
Like use older 66u as node in the mesh

Vlog VlogKing says:

how to improve my wifi globe prepaid

GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee) says:

Sadly, I bought a Linksys wrt36x and I have an old ac68w that are both running DD-WRT, and I need to try and figure out how to extended the wireless from the wrt36x to the ac68w.

Bahaa Mohammed says:

Disliked, trash video, taking about your sponsors that I dont give a single fuck about.

Cody says:

Or you could just…I dunno…use some powerline adapters with wifi capability? JUST SAYINGGGG

Hoàng Trần Minh says:

the wifi reception at the door side of my bedroom is great, but on the far side, it sucks balls, especially if i use the phone. no it’s not like i have a big bedroom or anything, it’s quite small. it’s just that when they installed the router, they put it on top of the kitchen cupboards, literally the single point in the house further away from everything else.

what did i do? i installed mypublicwifi and basically used my laptop as a relay.

SP M says:

So, when you’re with James, you start in the bedroom, move to the hot tub, and throw in a massage? Gotcha.

FUZION says:

Ethernet boys.

Ivar Degraaf says:

Wan ip

Sakil Mondal says:

im gonna save your time
just buy e new one

Prophet Theory says:

Terrible editing, come on editor!

supershrek99 says:

ha ha ha ha ha ha

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