Fortnite Lovers Review New Realm Royale

“This game is if Blizzard made Fortnite.”

Game: Realm Royale – Hi-Rez Studios


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Khoa Phạm says:

Rip-off rip-off rip-off!!!
I play Fornite and it’s a popular game so that makes me and the game superior!
It is to the point where if I breathe I’ll get burned alive bc I probably ‘rip-off’ someone else

Acro Orbit says:

2:51 my friend killed you

Gamblerscop says:

Where do you work and how can I start there this week? LUL

Going Ham 109 says:

now I know how pubg feels about fortnite

Heinz doofenshmirtz says:

“This game is if Blizzard made Fortnite.”
Lmao it is made by Hi-Rez

Barcode xxx says:

Realm royale is quite boring aft awhile. Really cannot do much and is very repetitive whereas fortnite has cool stuff like impulse plays, rocket ride and double pump!

Prateexit Sagar says:

“fortnite lovers” wtf

Kermit the Frog Playz says:


futureartist9 says:

Fortnite Lovers Verse Ninja

Bolt says:

Is it free?

Veekmon says:

“just like fortnite”
yeah, because fortnite isn’t at all like pubg, the culling, playerunknowns battleground mod for arma2/dayz or H1Z1

Shan347 says:

Zach went to buzzfeed I thought he was at FBE

TSN pirates says:

Realm Royale is called paladins

Ram Jether Guzman says:


killmeme now says:

Oh yea they couldn’t make enough money off Paladins and their event skins.

Nazmus Sakib says:

hirez paid buzzfeed already? that was fast

IrkedLynx says:

Imma be honest lol, i prefer the usual game.

KC Orseo says:

If I were deadpool and see the landing I will be like *SUPERHERO LANDING!! THEY DID A SUPERHERO LANDING!!!!*

TTerra says:

i dont really care about the games in this video, i just want a job like that!!!!!!!!

GamerGuy 041 says:

Why did buzzfeed touch a good game

Vindred says:

Sue them, Epic Games! Everyone sue eachother!

Sketcher says:

All buzzfeed does is get the new popular thing on the internet at the time and gets random people then pays them and tell them what to do

Nathan Sykes says:

This game is more fun than fortnite for sure, loving it!

Lynn Tran says:

this is basically paladins combined with fortnite

ziggyhunt says:

Realm royale doo doo

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