eero Home WiFi System – Setup and Full Review

eero is a WiFi system to blanket your home and stop dead spots. Since Apple is no longer making routers, it was time to try something new and better.

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***Time Codes***
Intro: 0:00
Speed test before: 0:43
Setup: 3:23
Speed test after 5:24
App features 5:56
Conclusion 8:14
Outro 8:45
End 9:00

Gear I use:

Wallpaper 1:
Wallpaper 2:

Intro and Outro Music: “Natoma” by Phaura – – Royalty free and used with permission by the Artist Phaura

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Gabor the Blind Guy says:

Thank you for all of your videos! I am new to the iPhone world… I always had an Android phone, but recently purchased an iPhone because I am blind, and I find that the iPhones are more blind friendly and the accessibility settings. Your videos are very helpful and I have learned a lot from listening to your videos.

J Boy says:

Can you give us an idea how far apart the units are? How many on 2nd floor, how many on 1st floor

Parody Man says:

Great video, Are these easy to set up?, and could I use these to boost internet connection around my house?

Mario Lebrao says:

Great video. Thank you!

The Panda Boy says:

my name is eero

junaid shah says:

‘m a Muslim and i love Jesus (P.B.U.H)
Merry Christmas in advance everyone! Ignore the hate, stay happy and enjoy as much as you can with your friends and family.

zollotech says:

What’s your favorite router?

Verted Intro says:

I hear an odd buzzing sound in the background…

zollotech says:

Discount codes and wallpaper in the description.

Neil's Kitchen says:

Aaron does the iPhone 6s Plus have to have the s on the back

Gary Li says:

So what is the difference between those mesh network products vs. multiple airports as APs?

Mohammad G says:

I would say Orbi is better if you live in a large place.

Влади́мир Ива́нович says:

Which isp do you have?

Bruno Saravanja says:

Lol my download is 4mbps at best…

paula Havens says:

can you do this on a laptop,because i do not have a iphone

Mr Everything says:

So this makes your internet faster?

Buttard says:

My name is Eero…

MariusNMB911 says:


Julian Keippel says:

Keep in mind that the Eero connects to the company’s cloud-based server at all times. Privacy advocates, take note: Eero says is only takes in diagnostic data to better maximize the mesh network, not user activities such as websites they visit, movies they stream and so on.

every form of refuge has its price….

Arthur Ott says:

Can you set it up with an android device or do you have to use a crApple product?

Juan Manuel D'Elía says:

What’s that infrared sensor on top of the iphone? It’s the first time i noticed it. Maybe something to do with raise to wake?

Abdul Rauf Channa says:

Why didn’t you try Google Wifi?

Alex Indigo says:

What about Time Machine?

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