eero Gen 2 Home WiFi Beacons – Setup and Full Review

eero’s 2nd generation offers new connectivity options, faster internet and even easier installation to blanket your home with WiFi and stop dead spot.

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Intro: 00:00
Setup: 3:00
App features: 6:47
Speed test: 9:35
Conclusion: 10:09
Outro: 10:53
End 11:15


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Chris Icton says:

I like this. But doesn’t AC allow for gigibit wifi speeds? It’s N that limits to 450mbps

brian Fruge says:

Hi watch everything you do love it quick question I’m running iOS 11 on iOS 10 and below they had accounts on settings could log into Facebook Twitter Vimeo something else where is that on iOS 11 or did they take that feature away just wondering thanks for your time

Stuart McPeak says:

Great video… I would like to see an update and how it handles the transition from one area of your house another .. do you lose speed and what range do you have?

Warren Fantham says:

Nice one Aaron!

Jay Closky says:

I was wondering if the Eero Gen 2 can be configured as an Access Point ….. I’m using pfSense as my router?

Chris Icton says:

The device automatically hops onto the best AE. I don’t have to do anything. It’s set up this way so that my speeds maintain the max speed regardless where I am.

Chris R says:

I would like to see a follow video on this. I’m trying to figure out which mesh network hardware I should purchase either the Eero or google WiFi. I have Fios gigabit internet and want to get the best speeds and most reliable network.

alneri7 says:

they don’t just look apple, they cost like them

Ace Green says:

Not sure I follow, but speedtest results don’t really look good compared to what you should be getting and what the router is getting (based on its own speed test)

zollotech says:

Be Sure to check out the description for a code for free overnight shipping , eero and the link to my favorite gear and wallpaper.

dahur says:

So eero bypasses the wifi from my current wifi router, and automatically connects to (in my case) my six wifi security cameras..? And you don’t use the same Network name or SSID as your original router has..?

Michael Graub says:

Now that you have had it a few months, is it as good as the video? Would you add another beacon? I badly need something in my 2 story colonial which has terrible WiFi at max Ethernet speed of 150 mb with Comcast. Thought about adding a third beacon. Have you tried the new Pro and any thoughts for a house 3500 sq/ft house 2 levels

Viktor says:

Hey can u make video of how to downgrade from beta 4 to ios 10.3.3 without losing data Thanks!

Ed Guilherme says:

During the setup, how did you know which beacon was which?

Rui C says:

Is this better than Airport Extreme?

JayzBeerz says:

nice to have gigabit ethernet

Jin Luncheonmeats says:

I’m not sure if this topic was covered but does it support VPN? Cause if it doesn’t that would be a dealbreaker for me.

Miguel Buenos Jr says:

For those whom only have domestic use, is it worth?

Hector Gonzalez says:

Would the eero be better than the google wifi ?

Jonathan Boudreaux says:

Ok question. Does Eero Gen 2 allow device parental control out the box or you have to pay for the service to get that feature. Have smaller kids I need to limit internet time on.

Software Network says:


ᴹᴬᴿᴷ says:

i have a question if anyone could help me out please, well i live in a 3 story house and my room is on the 3rd floor and the router for the house is on the 1st floor, its not that crazy of a router, i think its just a normal like 50$ one and my problem is that i only get one bar of wifi up there for all my devices like ipad, iphone, computer and xbox and i bought an extender and it made no difference so what would i need to have a strong fast signal up stairs? a stronger wifi router with antennas or what?

Yunior Hernandez says:

Ever heard of airties???

Michele Figari says:

Will my wi-fi modem become part of the wireless mesh network? Or should my provider modem wi-fi be turned off?

Luc Lafortune says:

Why would we should need this ?

Erick Posada restrepo says:


kntwing says:

$400 that pretty deep price… it worth it tho?
wifi i got some times is slow some times its fast…
what your p.w name for your wifi?lol

Aakash Chrispin says:

Great Video. Keep It Up.

freetobeme says:

I am trying to fully understand how this works. With no extra modem, router, just whats in the box and it works? If so, that makes my decision easy.

PrivateEyeToEye says:

You have 3 of those?…. does that mean $1200 worth of boosters?

dinged2000 says:

Can you do a video detailing the parental basic controls of this device versus the paid premium?

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