Double or Triple Your Internet Speed – This Method Actually Works!

Do you want some of the creature comforts of a business internet line, but don’t want to pay the ridiculous price most cable companies offer? There may be another way…

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Worlds Top 5 says:

Make a video to invrease range of a modem

saibal2010 says:

Can I use two different service providers in one bonding modem?

Hydranix HNx says:

Want faster free internet? Here’s a way. (Don’t do it…)

Get yourself a linux computer, and about 10 wireless cards. (k not totally free)

Hack all your neighbors wifis, and use the bonding linux module to bond all of the wireless cards you have connected to 10 hacked neighbors.

Enjoy fast parallel internet connection

tam5005 says:

a usb 3 wifi dongle top peak download speed of steam 11 mbs whahHahahawhahH

Marley Butler says:

Docsis 3 gives 400mbps

Stan110 says:

just ask your neighbors with faster wifi (even in your own home) becuse your parent think ADSL (7MB/s down) is good enough for the same price as a 40 MB/s cable

Kevin Pihus says:

i use easier version you get your wifi router and throw it out of window and woah works

Gunner Peterson says:

I wish I could buy more than 6 Mbps.. OH WAIT, I pay for 30! Too bad I live in the perfect spot to not get decent connection.

Zoix says:

i dont feel like watching this, someone just reply with the answer

Shiro says:

why am I watching this? I have a 1gbps down and the same up (uk)

Bill Brown says:

Does NOT work. Do difference. I feel like I’ve been made a fool of.

Everts Rozenbaums says:

ur internet is trash for the money you pay… i pay 30$ a month and i get 40mps, i live in Latvia and we have #6 fastest internet in the world

Andrew Jewer says:

You’re literally better off getting a business line

Nutter Natter says:

Line Bonding was possible here for a while with one ISP. Now re-sellers of FTTC aren’t able to fit lines and the company that provides your lines will now only let you have one. We don’t even have fibre.. it’s fucking copper.

David Henry says:

Those ADS sure do get loud when you can barely hear what he’s saying on video.

Stacy Head says:

100 mbs is slow? I have like 20 mbs and it suits me fine

Roger Dodger says:

Not sure; but I live in the mountains of the Far East, and can download on average well over 1Gb a minute on Steam. Helpful when I had to re-download 6,000Gb recently… so, not sure if this would help improve speeds for us.

TacoNinja15 says:

Jesus my speeds in my area are anywhere from 150 Mb to 1 G download per second. Download GTA 5 in under 25 mins.

P Lac says:

Its almost like the useless techs at Telus are… useless or something. Shocker.

GorillaTech says:

Get an orbi euro or something like that

John George Bauer-Buis says:

Is Valve okay with this? I thought they disapproved of VPNs? Or do they not consider this a VPN?

Inachu Ikimasho says:

sli old terminology was multilink protocol.

szeredai akos says:

poor bastard. clocking at 300M and this is the afternoon.

Abhi Raj says:

I really love the way he made fun fun of that ‘thio jo’ While he’s making good videos now but in past he was making shitty type useless videos..

Dario Ampuy says:

raid-0 for your adsl

chookvalve says:


Hydranix HNx says:

Nevermind this video sucks. You’re using a proxy so all your data is not secure and any kind of website being served using ssl is totally impossible…

asle bjordal says:

end more you can do.

Jason says:

Im from germany and we have a 400Mbs down for 60 Euros from Unitymedia. When i saw the prices i was surprised!

Aboe Bobington says:

Gotta go watch some ThioJoe now. That dude’s funny.

Redhawk Gaming says:

I get 1.3 MB at max for my wifi…

Ray Shaw says:

So you basically need to have money and lots of it, yeah Great Tip there Linus..

MonsterSIP says:

Hey just drop by. Can you pull your own tounge out of your own ass thanks

Nicky Andreawan says:

Dia blom pernah ke indonesia wkwkwk

Mark Marcus says:

900mb/s….. That’s a lot of porn batman.

Tom Lazur says:

been around for years

Twisted Kill says:

Bet the internet bill is coming out the fuckin ass

Edu Renesto says:

Damn, in Brazil residential connections cost more than those business connections

D4RKBRU73 says:

ISDN did that 20 years ago… so much for “new” technology *coughs*

Mark Marcus says:

pulls out 56k modem

Time to play some diablo 1.

Tyler Nope says:

@linus Is there a way to set something up for multiple WiFi connections if for say I’m at a hotel.

Xypheli says:

Is this possible in a small town in germany??? I have a fucking stone as a Router

HBMHD says:

I’ll just sit here, watching the 480p videos my 1 Mbps can handle 😐

Goldo - Rak says:

Here in Europe you can get a 1gb/s connection for 35 bucks !

The Xenny Games says:

I wish I understood any of the words he was using.

Jakeburgoyne says:

Linus’s ping is -99999 and he plays 100 years in the future on online games

Lukas _ says:

The german Telekom tried sth similar in bonding dsl and lte. Didn’t work well btw…

congmanguy says:


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