D-Link DAP-1522 Wireless Bridge Review with PS3


Gareth Evans says:

Do you know what kind of distance range from wireless bridge to home hub can the D-Link DAP-1522. I’m looking at best options for my garden office (back of garden). 

Laurits West says:

Thanks. Found the D-Link to solve the same problem, and your vid just confirms this is the solution I need.

gdfschimpi007 says:

@OTAKUJHE then get a “stronger” signal -.- or run another wireless n router 😛

Waqas Ahmed says:

Just get a DIR-615 and modify it!

saintlyboy1 says:

You sound like you’re bit more of a techie than me! Find the bridge also really handy for the laptop downstairs sometimes too as if I want to download a large file then I can just stick an ethernet cable in to laptop and one of the four ports and use the 5Ghz band to download at high speed.

Wanted a dualband adaptor for laptop but actually having an 802.11n adapter seems fine for most things.

saintlyboy1 says:

Lol Tony, thanks! T’is the Queen’s English you know

Tony Chan says:

omg, i love ur accent

MegaMark0000 says:

Thank you, I know this is an old video but this information is exactly what I need. I hope connecting my PS4 through a bridge to my 5ghz network will work.

Stokie316 says:

How much did you pay for this? I think I need one.


Yeah!!! This shit doesnt work on my PS3 too. Weak signals.

Waqas Ahmed says:

I suppose, considering it also comes with 4 ports to use, its not a bad buy for the specification you get

I’ve connected my modified bridge up to my printer, PS3(new and not played on), and my £15.24 PC(Using laptop most of the time) So Ill see how it goes lol

Lama Anime says:

Sooo you are saying ..I don’t need a long ass enthernet cable going around my house ….

UTniko says:

hey, i have a dlink DAP-1533 N450 bridge and its set up and works on my laptop and other devises in my home. good internet too.
just not on my ps3. do you know what the hell the deal might be???

alex111683 says:

could you show a video of a step by step of how you set it up please?

blink625 says:

@jaysenstudios I have a DIR 655, and it’s slow as hell (1.3meg down 0.4 up).


@gdfschimpi007 apparently u didn’t not test it on PS3 system connection test in wireless setting. U can only get 5mb/s.

saintlyboy1 says:

on mine there is switch at the back – have you got it set to Access Point rather than bridge?

Doober50569 says:

can you do video to show how this is set up?

Waqas Ahmed says:

Sorry, found that you have Dual band Gigabit router. In that case, the DIR-825 would be best to modify

as long as its B1 or B2 but you paid around the same for your Wireless bridge, so I suppose its not too bad a price then

Waqas Ahmed says:

suppose its a bit late now, but you could have got a Dlink DIR-615 router and modified it with DD-WRT at a cost of around £10-£20.

Within DDWRT, then you have the option to set it up as a repeater bridge and connect like that but fair play on you getting your PS3 set up(just paid a bit too much thats all)

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