Connecting Two WIFI Routers With WDS And Sharing The Internet And Network

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Connecting Two WIFI Routers With WDS And Sharing The Internet And Network


MyUsernameIsGuess says:

Great video. I wondered about this. Now I know. Thanks.

da324 says:

How far apart can the routers be? I want to put a spare router in my outdoor shop about 50 ft away from my indoor router. If that’s to far, I can move the router indoors within about 25 feet of my shop, with one window in the house and one window in the shop as the only obstacles between the two routers. Nice video, thanks!

Sean Woolford says:

Hi Richard, is it posssible to do a video with DD WRT firmware. To use as my second router, I have a TP Link Archer C7 v2 (ac1750) and have installed the newer updated version of DD WRT Firmware: DD-WRT v3.0-r36698 std (08/22/18). Problem is on Wireless setup, for Wireless Modes, the only options it gives me from the dropdown is: AP, Client, Client Bridge (routed), Adhoc, WDS Station & WDS AP – but no Bridge Repeater (which is the best option to use). As this video is to use WDS, which WDS option do I use for the secont router WDS Station & WDS AP

Benjamin Weisfelner says:

Will this work with google WiFi?

Kham _Playz says:

I can’t find The bridging option

Peter says:

Just what the doctor ordered! Just one thing wrong ? Why don’t you include subs for those of us who are. DEAF ! My biggest criticism of YOU TUBE! To those who do include subs. Many many thanks!

devarajan502 says:

Thanks Richard for sharing the wonderful demo and information, i have a question, my main router is with ip address, but default ip address for second router would be, in this case, if i change, second router IP address to as per demo, will that work? Could you confirm. thank you.

Richmond Aguilar says:

What if my main IP address is

Jack Z says:

Hello Richard.  I have a Motorola MG7540 modem/router.  It does have a WDS feature for bridging wirelessly.  I can’t seem to get it to work wirelessly with a Netgear router/modem C3700 100NAS.  Any suggestions?  I setup verbatim per your instructions.  It will not act as a router for my connected devices via ethernet cables

Richard Lloyd says:

Please be sure to CHANGE the default user name and/or password to something other than the manufacturers default.

PiTMaX Paala says:

Is it true that the internet speed will cut to half?

Jhom Padua says:

Can i do that in 3 router ???

F Munir says:

Thanks for a great video. After making all the configurations, I can only connect wirelessly to my laptop. For the android devices, it says “Failed to obtain IP address”

Xander The Great says:

Good day Sir…..just want to know about the maximum distance between the two routers…at least one bar of WiFi signal to the place where I plan to put the second router… will it work??? thanks!!!!

Jaime Peresz says:

good afternoon I have a router Asus AC1300 MODEL ACRH13 I want to do what you did,
but the asus is very different
Might you help me
thanks for your time
and very good videos
best wishes

paul shu says:

How does it work with a dual band main router? Do I choose which band to use?

Dolche Guevara says:

Great one.
The only thing I would change is that you can change SSID and password for Second router to whatever you want.

Mi He says:

This is the most thorough video I have seen on this subject. Thanks for posting. Liked and subscribed.

MrFreekyJ says:

Another great video mate… Thanks

kkovler says:

what would be the purpose to have two routers? extend signal!


Todos sus videos son muy buenos y la explicacion no puede ser mas clara me suscribo a su canal muchos tiene muchos videos interesantes
sigue a si nunca cambies.

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