Cities Skylines – Bay Bridge Double Deck Network Tutorial

The basics of my Bay Bridge custom network are pretty easy to figure out, but to really unlock the bridge’s full potential, check out this video showing some of the advanced techniques!

Download the asset here!


Cptn. Viridian says:

7:45 please make a train lower deck network, I dont need the whole bridge, but having a proper lower deck network for trains would be awesome

Pizza Pizza says:


Steven Galloway says:

Incredible work! I just wish you could have traffic going on it as well. I’d like to have seen it…

Googlefluff857 says:

Awesome! This game needs more draggable bridges.

Sonny Laracuente says:

I was JUST looking for a good Queensboro Bridge. This is amazing!

Vallani says:

Absolutely superb.

Billy Tsiaras says:

Awesome! Thanks for the tutorial. Any plans to create the Verrazano? I used to live right by it and would love to include it in my cities.

Carloyael Arce says:

New Bridge call Golden Gate bridge by bsquiklehausen

Elijah Films Inc. says:

Is this mod good for making double decker elevated highways in general? Sorta like the old Alaskan Viaduct in Seattle or like the old highways around downtown San Francisco. Or is it just for big suspension bridges like the Bay Bridge?

StapleAce 5502 says:

How did you get the scrolling sign thing at the beginning and the end of ur videos? because i want to use that too 😀

Simon z Prahy says:

Can you make a version with darker texture, or roads united compatible, so it could fit other road colors?

Maxwell Moore says:

After I downloaded this, I get and error about every minute with no details. Help?

Mr Noodleyzer says:

I just found your channel, WHY DID IT TAKE ME THAT LONG

Dennis Beswick says:

I been wanting bridges like this since launch. Great job and thanks for the tutorial!

ThatEvan says:

My pineapple is still frozen too

gerald gopaul says:

can we get the Verrazano Narrows Bridge next maybe

Brady McIsaac says:

Put an airport in the lower deck

Nicolas Blume says:

Awesome! But unfortunately the road texture doesn’t fit to any vanilla road 🙁 could you please do a version with a darker road that fits vanilla? Or tell us how we could get that through mods?

P.F. YaBoi says:


Cgameworld says:

Great tutorial! Didn’t realize that stretching the road segment to 300m makes the span look the most realistic.

Adrastos says:

I don’t want to be a pain in the ass but PLEASE DO MORE! This bridge is beautiful and I would love to have more like it in my Cities. Keep up the great work! 🙂

Patrick Healey says:

I love this, I’m so glad to see bridges with approaches. It’s always so difficult for me to transition my highways into my large bridges so this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

David White says:

gr8 job Jay

Conrad Straden says:

This is insane. I didn’t know that this was possible in cities skylines!
Keep up the great work!!!!

Turbo Life says:

Super dope! Nice work!

S Chen says:

You could make a subway go under the road across the bridge just like the Prince Edward Viaduct in Toronto

Trainer says:

This is so freaking awesome! If you ever make more bridges, you should make a cable-stayed bridge like the Sunshine Skyway/Roth Bridge!

The L Train says:

You should try this with other bridges. Or make this to scale. Jerendable, the main bridge creator, doesn’t do much of it anymore. Really looking forward to some more!!! (Also I already used it for a New Orleans like causeway across a bay in my city

Arko 24X7 says:

Excelent… downloaded yesterday… need to edit this to add decoration lights.. otherwise it might add to ur prop count

StapleAce 5502 says:

I also hope that asset is not high quality to the point that it will crash my PC Xd

Kyle Huo says:

That is a beautiful asset! Are there any other bridge assets (maybe other suspension bridges or other types of bridges)?

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