Chord Poly streamer/network bridge for Mojo

Poly is a streamer and network bridge for the Chord Mojo portable DAC and headphone amp. It appears to be aptly named…


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Andreas Tzimboukakis says:

For my and many of peoples uses the poly is just a very expensive usb otg cable.
Im hoping for a mojo 2 in 2019 with trickle down hugo 2 tech.

music4mhell guy says:

2.4 Ghz not Mega Hertz ..!!

Han Ten Harkel says:

Hoi Hans. Ik weet dat je doorgaans niet aan verzoekjes doet maar ik ben net zoals jij bezig met het optimaliseren (perfectioneren)van mijn audio set up.. Erg nieuwsgierig ben ik naar wat de Chord M-Scaler zal doen icm met de Mytek Brooklyn (+) dac.of in combinatie met de nieuwe Chord Hugo TT2 Dac. Hoop dat je op korte termijn de Chord M Scaler onder de aandacht wilt brengen. Grt Han

Ian Sharp says:

What a novel device! Chord really have amazing design abilities.

st200ol says:

Thanks for making the video Hans. Poly is a bit of a Marmite device, you either love it or hate it. In my case life is too short for her constant mood swings and I don’t have enough hair left to even consider owning one.

rjy8960 says:

I was an early adopter of the Poly, so I can talk from the position of experience.

I had many, many problems with it initially. It would take anything up to 20 minutes to start due to a “diode” issue which was resolved by a hardware mod. If you have the same issue, contact Chord.

My biggest gripe is that it is difficult to play music directly from the Poly SD Card to the Mojo without having to use DLNA. You can set up playlists and play them using Bluetooth to select the desired playlist AFAIK, but if you have a large collection of music on an SD, that is far from optimal as it means that the music is bounced from the Poly to the device and back which tends to kill batteries.

Charging is also hit and miss. I’ve had mine on charge and the next day found the Poly battery flat because it seems to remain on when I don’t want it to be on. This seems to be an issue when it is in Hotspot mode primarily which is how I normally use it when I’m traveling.

The build quality is, as Hans mentioned bombproof. Very good. I think the only thing that lets it down is the firmware. If the thing had a native SD playback app, it would be an absolute killer. Chord can clearly develop software so needs some refinement.

It works well as a Bluetooth playback system, but I rarely use it for that. I prefer to keep music stored locally on the SD.

It will drive the headphones that I’ve used with it well. I’ve used it with a pair of Audeze iSine 20’s and EL8’s as well as a pair of B&O R8’s and cheaper B&O headphones. I have absolutely no gripes at all about the hardware, just some minor gripes with software.

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