Bridge Protocol ICO – IAM | Secure Digital Identities (I.D. Verification) Blockchain Crypto

Bridge Protocol (IAM) aims to to create secure, digital identities on the blockchain. I chose this ICO because it is a cryptocurrency that will be available for U.S. citizens. Bridge (IAM) is an NEP-5 token on the NEO blockchain that will eventually be able to be used on multiple blockchains as a form of I.D. verification. They are building new tools and standards for business, KYC, and ICOs.

In case you don’t feel like watching this EXTREMELY long video:

1. Competition: TheKey (TKY), SelfKey (KEY) Civic (CVC)
2. Problems Bridge (IAM) aims to solves (ICO examples)
3. How IAM works (NEP-5 Token on the NEO blockchain)
4. Can be used on other blockchains (interoperability)
5. 5 steps to Bridge Solution
6. Whitepaper example (“John”)
7. ICO details: Whitelist starts February 5th (Hardcap = $25,000, 1 IAM = $0.05)
8. The Team – Mostly unknowns, but have GREAT experience in blockchain technology

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Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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Fabio C. Canesin says:

pump it dump it b***esss

Osa777 says:

Great vid as usual K-Dub. Your channel is really coming along nicely. Keep up the great work. Btw, you might want to check out Bluzelle. Just listed on Binance and it’s super, super undervalued due to the recent bear market conditions. This is a massive sleeping giant. Check it out and let me know your thoughts on it. Take it easy. Peace

advaitins says:

Thanks for review. Would be better if you didn’t read Bridge homepage almost all the time, but did more of your own conclusions and opinion based on research. Anyway Thanks!!!

S I says:

love your videos bro! I am gonna follow your videos till the end of the time.

Tracy McIvor says:

Your channel is amazing, I am learning so much! My understanding is that projects on NEO have to go through a stricter criteria process than ETH, is this correct?I know your channel has many US viewers, but could you recommend other ICO’s for Canadians: )

Wessel says:

Awesome video! Have you had a look at STKtoken?

Finn.__.M says:

Hopefully not many people will see this. ICOs are getting more and more difficult.

baltazar bulner says:

Well at least give the URL:

Finn.__.M says:

Well, I’ve already used it. You may have used it as well for Elastos. One of the best (experience wise) ICOs on Neo yet. It didn’t work perfectly (Not everyone in round three got the confirmation email-not sure if the issue was from Elastos or Bridge)

MrKay says:

What’s the best NEO wallet for ICO’s on its blockchain? Help would be appreciated.

Ken Yeo says:

i like how some people are asking if this was a paid ICO review, i think it goes to show you did a pretty good job reviewing it. 🙂

KuranMusluman HD says:

please what is the new about wanchain

Omar Saleh says:

Nice man, Im definitely getting on that list, Any other NEO ICO you like. NRV open to US, I think AI chain is closed to US

Denver Manalo says:

Hi Crypto Zombie any chance you can review NeuroChain ICO?

Quantum resonance Frequencies says:

Very informative information on the crypto space keep up the good ✌️

Ahmet Ozsevgic says:

can you please talk about EncrypGen (DNA). thanks in advanced


wow….is that so…..nice review about IOC .I just as of late began tailing you what .

Thatmagicalmusic says:

I filled in all the information for the whitepaper, and when I click on Sign Up it says congratulations, but I do not receive any email. I tried Hotmail and Gmail. What’s going on?

Derek Vo says:

Thank you for your information.. Great channel. What do you think about Fusion ICO?

Crypto FX Trading says:

Thx Kdub for the videos, subscribed to your channel! Today I put my tinfoil hat on and made a video explaining what I am seeing in the global markets. Perhaps it might be of interest to you, who knows…

Kirill Tatarincev says:

I want to provide the project in which I participate for quite some time now. It is the platform with the name TokenGo. Here the developer team realizes the relevant ideas. Created on a blockchain, TokenGo will allow you to gain passive income in case of investment into the platform. To holders of tokens of GPT tokens which will be used for fee of the platform or sale at the exchange will drip. Community is the active, I think at the platform the big future

Ithsham Iqbal says:

Thanks for the video and great content again man! recently heard about another ICO which u might be interested in is ICO Head Start, I haven’t invested in it personally yet, but I have an account setup, it’s basically a platform to help solve the issue of scam icos, the icos are screened and checked to ensure they r legit, then the community votes which ICO to support and invest in, which seems quite interesting!

H P says:

How many tokens they offered you to make this video?

Grigory Chulenkov says:

it did shut down fast. white list shut down the same day.

J Squibby says:

Thanks for this review. I did make the whitelist last night and have a nice stash of Neo. Getting into whitelists is as hard as getting your tx through from MEW was six months ago. It’s nuts! Have you reviewed/ followed Neo ICO Aphelion? It’s weekly reports before it hits exchanges shortly are starting to look awesome. It’s way under the radar no one is looking totally distracted by Nex. Aphelion is another Dex. Disclaimer, I’m invested at ICO two months back

carolyn driscoll says:

You are my favorite Crypto show! What do you think of Omega.One? Will be open to US residence and has a strong team, many from Bridgewater, Ray Dalio’s hedge fund.

nattyAF_com says:

How do they determine compensation for those holding their tokens?

Sheik Mohammad Nomaan says:

Elastos is not on NEO, It has its own blockchain and the mainnet is up and running. Please check your facts. Thanks

Blockchain Bloke says:

…was this a paid ICO review? ..if so please disclose. In my opinion it is fine to get paid for your videos/reviews but if it is a paid review it really should be disclosed otherwise it breaks the viewers trust.

Ryan Vargo says:

I think something happened with your screen capture and webcam capture. They’re not synced. 🙁

Crypto Zombie says:

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Anshu rai says:

Other reason Ico review should not be done as many are scam. As with fusion Ico. I was considering investing In it but found it’s a scam. A detail article why it is a scam is available on the medium.

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