Bridge Constructor Portal Review

Bridge Constructor Portal is an odd collaboration between the Bridge Constructor series and the Portal IP that makes for a certainly interesting new puzzle game. This may not be Portal 3 but it’s great to hear Glados call me stupid and fat. It’s been a long time…….
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Luis Alamilla says:

This statement is false.

Levi Bechtold says:

So it’s just an indie game with a portal texture pack? I guess they borrow some ideas from the series, but really the brand mostly seems be there just to sell the game.

Top Dawg says:

Who remembers the ign clickbait?

MII2o90 says:

shit, id need subtitles in order to understand you.

elukok says:

Just milking the Portal series. Valve shouldn’t allow this. It destroys the good reputation this series has.

derp.mp3 says:

“I hate you so much”
I hate me too GLaDOS

Unified Gaming says:

It looks fun, but I would have preferred an actual portal game

Arrowlog Productions says:

switch master race

ASZzztoluca says:

Looks fun, will eventually get it if not at launch.

DRM Sparkles says:

this makes me wanna play world of goo

purple bird says:

I would prefer a new portal but I’ll take what we get

JediJaimie says:

I would get this on the Nintendo Switch

Not a Cool Username says:

PORTAL 3?????????????????

JoToast Ω says:

Who wanted this?

Giorgos Chiras says:

I bought portal 1 and 2 fot 2 euros on black friday Still havent played them so this game can wait

Codo8 says:

This looks pretty fun, I will definitely pick this one up

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