Bridge Circuit-Norton Equivalent-FE Exam Review

With the bridge circuit configuration- using Norton-Find In and Rn


mangesh sapre says:

Hi Raiya Energy While solving this problem I did series combination of (4II2) and (6II8) I still got same answer for Req. Now I am confused if combination of (4II2) and (6II8) would be in parallel or series. Thanks

Christopher Cano says:

Isn’t the current divider rule In = (RTotal/Rn)ITotal? Please clarify your thought process I got confused. Thank you. 

Jeremy Morgan says:

I’m confused on the current divider rule usage. I thought it was In = Rtotal/Rn*Itotal. It looks like you did the voltage divider rule instead. Could you please clarify?

Alan Ancion says:

And I have questions about the fe exam. 

Christopher Perugini says:

An easier way to find In:
Find Va and Vb using voltage divider rule.
Solve for Vab=Va-Vb

Alan Ancion says:

I think 4 ohm and 6 ohm are in series, given that the same current flows through it

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