AURALiC Aries G1 network streamer review

How does the new Aries G1 from AURALiC compare to the original Aries (Femto)? And the Bluesound Node 2? And the Innuos ZENith MKII SE? John Darko finds out.

AURALiC product page:
Darko.Audio interview with Xuanqian Wang at Munich High-End 2018:

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Nakul Thinapong says:

I can’t get my head around the science. Don’t DACs have any buffer? Do DACs just blindly do an analog conversion as soon as they receive the signal? It seems we have to buy expensive streamer and cables because DACs are stupid.

Sean Gray says:

I’m leaning towards picking one of these up. Perhaps I came to Auralic too early in my quest. Always liked lightening and never ‘got’ Roon.

Chris Rud says:

Great review. The comparisons are right on, was wondering about the Node 2 as well. Learned a bit about the state of streaming too.

alphanumerix1 says:

Excellent video

Will Mac says:

Great vid, thanks for your channel and site. Choosing a streamer dac is a f pita.. first looked at Pioneer then read about the spotify debacle, zero customer support etc. So looked at Lumin D2 but this can’t be upgraded to lps, this Aries already has it

The Droid says:

Does this work with Google music, YouTube music streaming, without using the Bluetooth??


It would be good to do A B test on it vs 2017 iPad [do not disturb turned on, wifi Bluetooth turned off = less potential noise with radios off. Play music stored].

Joe Cotter says:

Sorry I forgot to memtion, your reviews are top class.

SumBuzz80 says:

I’ve got the same Perc tshirt. Cool video.

Jae Young Kim says:

Great review here John! Would you say that the Aries 1 makes justifiable sound difference compared to Aries2 at its cost? Not sure if you had a chance to listen to both of them.

c2mojo says:

Excellent review. I have the Aries and Node 2. Looks like I am getting the G1. Thanks. Keep it up.

Maxismaximal says:

I go with the bluesound node 2

Matt Hoffman says:

It sucks that the older Aries & Aries Mini are no longer sold. I want something more resolving than the Node 2 I had, but I don’t think I can justify spending that much on a streamer.

samnorthernlights says:

Would be nice if the reviews included a word or two on the gapless playback capabilities of units like this. Sadly it’s not a given as I have found out to my cost. Otherwise enjoy the reviews greatly.

groovesick says:

Best, most thorough video review I’ve ever seen. Great job!!

Dave Allison says:

Another good technical review John

gino says:

Hi thanks a lot for the very informative video. Have you tested also the AES/EBU connection maybe ? Kind regards, gino

Michael Hametner says:

A serious question guys: Do you hear these differences with only using Spotify as a Source?
Thanks 🙂

Paul Leonard says:

Again, a great review. I have been catching up with some of your most recent reviews. This one and the Kii three series of vids has me interested in upgrading. These two together would, I think make a great system. As I have a large room I now need to hear the kii three with its bass extension units. Unfortunately there are no dealers in Wales…….. So this may take a while. Keep up the great work here and on your site.

Ian Sharp says:

I wonder how it performs compared to the SOtM sMS-200 Ultra? Or even the Sonore microRendu?

Hu Ko says:

Very good vid!

ThePabloSanz says:

But, if you are using USB only for digital data, not as a power source, like your Schiit DAC, through the USB cable only goes a digital signal (0s and 1s). Could you explain how noise could affect a digital signal? A “1” is a “1”, there is not better transmitted “1”

philippe bertrand says:

Exhaustive & clear ! Really like your news videos. Thanks John!

Mark Donen says:

The problem with digital audio is a component like this is ephemeral. It will have a lifespan of two years at most and will have no secondhand value at all in four. Speaking personally it is difficult to justify any audio product that has a useful life no longer than any other computing commodity. As an audiophile I look for products that will see me out if I so chose. Add to that that even the very best server can be comprehensively smoked by a midrange turntable – I experienced that with the Kii Threes which I had at home for a long audition – you are better off imo as a music lover investing the price of a high end server in software (records). If you just want to check out new music digitally you are not required to go the high end server route. Plenty of mass market economical devices will get you there. If you don’t mind taking a cold shower on short lived digital front end products you will ignore my remarks anyway.

Arthur Watts says:

The ongoing search for the ‘perfect’ source – I doubt that anything provokes our audiophilia nervosa more than this singular obsession 😉

I can rant and rave about A vs B – you’ve heard more of both than I ever will – but the older I get, the more I’m drawn to something with the simplicity of the Uniti Atom you raved about a few months back. Loved my Auralic Taurus headphone amp and I have little doubt that the G1 is everything you say it is, but insisting that prospective owners buy an iDevice to use the software seems shortsighted IMO.

Finally, I appreciate the consistent thread you’ve woven through your reviews for several years now ( – streaming (preferably via Roon) to active speakers (preferably DSP enabled), and I thank you for this video.

Brian Lau says:

Great review

Joe Cotter says:

You state that noise from routers can be transmitted diwn an ethernet cable whilst impying that less noise is transmitted using wi-fi. Is this the case? Also, you didn’t mention drop outs. If I sold a turntable/arm/cartridge and said that that half way though an album all sound would cease you would demand your money back. Drop outs are not iritants they are disasters.

Scott Rose says:

Vega G2 and Leo GX owner here. Next level Auralic…. : )

John Grant says:

John, I am new to streaming and would like to know if this would partner well with Kef LS50 wireless (without using another external dac). Regards John (now living in Germany)

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