Asus RP-AC68U Repeater / Access Point / Media Bridge

An extremely versatile and attractive Wi-Fi device to serve your needs, be it a signal boost, Wi-Fi access, or bridging two networks.

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Papa Smurf says:

They need to quit with the overbright led’s. That kind of strong glow is enough to cause a loss of REM deep sleep, if you happen to have something like that in a guest room, or something. It does look artistic, but they could turn it waaaaaay down.

Gewglesux says:

i have a ac3200 router. Can i feed this from the router via ethernet cable to a switch and then to the 68 U?

Kaare bob33 says:

Putting my router to bridge mode, and cabling the router and AP together will work butter smooth right? I am thinking of investing in a AP to utilize the full speed we get delivered.

Windbringer says:

Does this need full bars of signal strengt to use it at its full potential? I am using AC88U but unfortunately, I am only able to get 1 bar signal upstairs. I can still manage to get 100 mbps but sometimes the signal drops. How would this help in my situation?

Darth Selk says:

I have this but when I pair it with my internet, it keeps cutting out. How do I fix this?

Cliff Morgan says:

That was an awesome review! Like the baby Groot. He loves the camera!

Cell Processing says:

Really good video quality. Looks like a ROG product.

Elvin P says:

Question. Is this a good alternative to setting up a mesh network at home or do WiFi mesh networks still provide superior signal strength and minimal speed losses?

Edgar M says:

Can one of the LAN ports act as a WAN Port?

Rob Damiani says:

Can the hideous red lighting be toggled off?

Ivo says:

I just bought the asus RP AC68U today, and I putted it in my room(distance is about 10 meters to the router). I had struggles to get the connection to work, when I finally got 2 stripes on 2,4 GHz I was really happy. When I tested the upload en download speed the results where terrible: dowload speed 0,6 and upload speed 0,4. Then I putted it waaay closer to the router and got 3 2,4 GHz and YT videos seemd to load good, but when I tried my Xbox on this connection I couldn’t even play online. Is there anyway to fix this? I’d like to hear the tips of everyone! :). (Btw sorry for the bad english I live in england. I hope you can understand what I sad)

John Doe says:

This is one fantasic looking device. Too bad ASUS limited its funcionality to the most useless scenarios possible for the home use. People that need AP would probably choose something more professional and repeater mode is practically useless for indoors and very ineffective. There are dozens of different routers doing basicaly the same thing, but for one truly unique looking device there is no router mode. This is uber-retarded move ASUS.

Tyler Hamilton says:

Any reason I would use this instead of buying a second router?

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