ASUS Range Extenders & Media Bridge Interview – Newegg TV | Repeaters & Access Points:
sku: 33-320-248 (RP-AC68U)
sku: 33-320-246 (RP-AC56)
sku: 33-320-241 (RP-AC52)

Here are repeaters and access points, made by ASUS, Model: RP-AC68U, RP-AC56, RP-AC52). Check out the video for more info!

ASUS RP-AC68U AC1900 Wireless Repeater / Access Point / Range Extener / Media Bridge


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– Credits –
Presenter: Carey Holzman
Guest: JJ from ASUS
Producer: Dominick
Camera: Tina
Post-Production: Anna

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Rodney Toussaint says:

Why is there a level back there on the peg board? :/

Bylga says:

J.J ftw! <3 =D

Edward Johnston says:

Wow apple has been doing this for basically well over half a decade with their routers.

Moritz Fl says:

never understood the thought process behind the rp-ac68u as the router counterpart (rt-ac68u) offers more functionality and the same performance for the about same price … 
the new repeater models of 2017 however do make more sense as Asus seems to eliminate this kind of lineup problem by not including a repeater mode in their high end routers (e.g. the rt-ac87u and rp-ac87u couple) :/

DavidtheDuke says:

wifi hhhwwat?

john carrasquillo says:

good thing.

Paul Nadjarian says:

so does the seamless connectivity work with older asus routers

8KGAMING says:

THANKS ASUS for these acces point and media bridge . i think i future devices kindly add the gigabit ports to all range extender and acces point as its compulsory for console or pc to get higher speed as wifi speed not enough for online gaming and uploading videos on youtube or streams video which need wired connection

Tamimi Ahmed says:

can i use ASUS RT-AC3500 ROUTER AS A RANGE EXTENDER iam getting a open wifi till my room from my neighborhood can i place asus router in my room as a range extender

David Bradford says:

Can I use this repeater with an ASUS AC5300? Can I use multiple ASUS RP-AC68U in my house?

Missioneer says:

@Newegg TV

As a person that games online on multiple consoles, has a computer and smart phone constantly connected to WiFi, and plans to hook up an Android TV box in the future, what option out of these three would be the best choice?

CareyHolzman says:

Loving the new range and speeds of modern Wifi hardware!

BickDig says:

Where’s all of the OG like Paul and Kyle?. Did Newegg do a spring cleaning of the original hosts or something?

Razear says:


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