Apple AirPort Extreme Network Extending

I have recently purchased 3 Apple AirPort Extremes to use to build my wireless network out without any dead zones in my house. After some bad luck with a previous router, I have had nothing but an excellent experience with the Apple AirPort routers! Enjoy!


Blaze Street Productions says:

I really enjoyed your video. I too have always used the Apple AirPort extreme routers because…well they’ve been bulletproof for me, even though lately I’ve been reseting more. Some background: I just purchased another 4K TV to go along with my current 4K tv, and on these I will be streaming 4k content from Netflix and Amazon prime. My PS4 Pro arrives next month – so, my home setup will consist of the 2 tv’s (both with Apple TV connected), my PS4 pro, and 2 Mac computers that i use in my office. My wife and i both have smartphones and our home network is our wifi. Here’s my question: are you using an Arris internet modem to connect your office extreme to? If so, how are your speeds? I have an Arris DG1670 internet modem and router that connects to my extreme, but I’m thinking of build out my wireless network using a Netgear Nighthawk AC5300 X8 triband router. I live in a internet intensive neighborhood, and I dont want to give up ANY BANDWIDTH to my neighbors lol. I’m connecting to the internet via Spectrum Cable (formerly Time Warner), as a ultimate 300mps customer. Any thoughts on whether or not I should extend the network with the Nighthhawk as the main router (replacing the extreme), or just extend the extreme and get closer to my other devices throughout the house? Your thoughts are appreciated.

Daniel Silverberg says:

I’m finding that my internet speeds are really slow. I should be getting over 200 down, but in some places in the house it can be 10-15. Is there a setting in my Airport network that might be off?

Law W says:

Can I extend the network wired and wireless? Looking for ways to extend my network for both wired and wireless solution. I have 2Airport extreme and one express. Currently I have 3 different SSCD’s but wanting to have just one SSCD. this way I can have one wired network through the house and one wireless SSCD. So, when I’m on iPad it’ll just be on one wireless SSCD. Is this possible with your set up? Thanks

InabilityToBeBrief says:

Not that it matters anymore, that device is apiece of shit. The only thing worse were the Time Capsule units.

Michael Trumbell says:

Can you do the linking if you’re hardwiring through an unmanaged switch?

sc3140 says:

What do you suggest, if you also have phone service through Comcast? We have a new Arris modem and the Apple Airpot Extreme.

runneryg says:

this can work with Airprint plug printer cable at back of the Airport.

albert galychanivsky says:


Linus Terh says:

Great video! Exactly what I needed..

Chris Summers says:

I just resently add a second Apple router as an wifi extender and it was ridiculously easy. I no longer have any Wi-Fi dead spots. The only thing I did differently was the second one I used as an extender I used the same network name and password and after doing that I had no connection issue with any of my devises.

Tommy Lee says:

Question: can this setup work if I use the hardwire coming from switch as opposed to coming directly from my main airport extreme?

Jose Antonio Reyna Fuentes says:

Do each airport extreme has a different SSID? or you use the same for all of them? Thanks for the video!

leo gaynor says:

Does Wireless slow down the speed of a wired extension through the airport Extreme

Romulus Tong says:

I have a question regarding the extending wi-fi network. I have a old version Apple Extreme which has the 802.11a/b/n technology and I am thinking of getting the latest Apple Extreme Time Capsule with the 802.11ac technology as the base. Would I get the benefit of it if I add the old one to network?

John Robinson says:

Do the APEs require that there is 1 main AirPort that is in true “router mode” (AirPort instead of Comcast or FIOS router doing DHCP/NAT) like the Google WiFi, or will the roaming network (all using Ethernet backhaul) work with all as wireless bridges. Google Wifi rewuires 1 of the 3+ APs to be in true router mode.. I want to use FIOS router with Airport Extremes as roaming AP bridges. Your thoughts??

Chris Icton says:

what you’ve done is actually incorrect. by selecting extend the network, you’ve set up the AirPort Extreme to extend wirelessly even though its hard wired. what you actually want to do is choose CREATE NEW NETWORK and then name it exactly the same as the other Airport extremes. this way you technically have (in your case) 3 separate networks but since they’re all called the same SSID, your devices will simply jump from node to node without any problem. this will also all your network speeds to be maxed out rather than being cut slightly as is the case if you wirelessly extend it using the EXTEND MY NETWORK option.

I used the first method in my 3 level house and the speeds were all over the place. when I set it up the way I explained, the network speeds were 100% in all corners on all floors.

you’ll actually see your method shows a dotted line in airport utility indicating a wireless extension. my method will show a solid line indicating a wired connection

Peter laughs says:

I have a friend that installed it wirelessly with 4 of them and had problems. What’s the best way on connecting them together?

Joseph M. Hosbach says:

Thank you very much! Your instructions were clear and precise. My flat is now exercised of all dead zones!

Žarko Germek says:

piece of sheet, it lasted 1 year and few days…

Tamás Kiss says:

Great video! I also want to buy an Airport Extreme but I live in Europe, if I buy one from the U.S. will it work in Europe too? (except the power adapter) Thank you for your response!

Janie B says:

This helped me so much. Solved my problem so easily. Thank you so much !! And I appreciate your simple and direct instruction.

James Mabry says:

I am going to add another AirPort Extreme. I currently have a 5th generation (n) extreme and want to buy the new 6th generation (ac) to extend network. My question is which should I make as my primary (one that connects to modem)? Should I locate the newer ac router closest to most of my devices to take advantage of the ac feature? Which router will the wireless devices use?

The Great White North Vlog says:

ok me and my wife rent the basement apartment and the landlords pay for the internet so the modem has a built in wifi and they allowed me to put in a dlink power line in. Cause my playstation was not getting good bandwidth form wifi so now it hardwired my question is can i plug my dlink power line in to a apple airport extreme and would there be conflicts with having two different wifi under the same roof
i would love to buy one since i only own apple products lol

Jeff Merritt says:

how do i get my device to switch to a different device as i move throughout the house? they are still connect to the original which is “weak” when I move rooms.

Serkan Bayraktaroglu says:

Just curious but have you tried adding a Philips Hue bridge to your airport extreme, and if so what were your results? I currently have AirPort Extreme wired to my modem and used the last available port on the modem. I want to use the Philips Hue bridge, but that apparently has to be wired to the modem. Since I dont have any available ports left on the modem I was thinking of just wiring the bridge to the AirPort Extreme which has a couple of open ports.

Peter laughs says:

Hi does it work better wires or wirelessly? And do u still use this set up ?

SmileBot says:

I’ve found the wireless extension totally slows everything down. Better to do a wired.

Debbie Hemley says:

great video. helped solve our problem!

Laslo Canadi says:

Hahahaha great and useful, informative video, but please dont say “retarded easy to set up ” 😀 rofl

R M says:

FINALLY someone walks you through the WIRED connection on multiple apple extremes. Whats nice is you did both methods wired/wireless setup. Nice and easy showing steps on your iPhone. GREAT VIDEO !!!!!!

Tommy Shumpert says:

how do you set access time for wifi to 1pm to 1am.. so on weekends the wifi goes off at 1am.

John Parry Jr says:

Does having 3 routers slow your network speeds way down? I have my two routers at opposite ends of the house. Even having one in the middle when I go to the ends of the house it gets iffy on the range but when I have both set up wired on opposite ends of the house it still slows my speeds way down

Ho Ming Tam says:

Thanks and it is useful!

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