ADJ Airstream DMX Bridge | How to control your DJ Lights with an iPhone or iPad

Vlog 144 – April 26 , 2017 | ADJ Airstream DMX Bridge Review
How to control your DJ Party Lights with an iPhone or iPad?
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In this VLOG I unbox and you a hands on review of the American DJ Airstream DMX Bridge. A device that allows you to control your DJ party lights using nothing more than an iPhone or iPad. In this vlog I also walk you threw the set up of the Airstream and give you my thoughts.

ADJ Airstream DMX:

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Bayardo A Rugama says:

I think everyone is a bit confused!

-The iPad does not have to be Plugged in I just had it plugged in to record the screen.
-Yes, you can program Moving heads and all Intelligent lighting fixtures.
-Yes, you can create scenes, FX, Strobes and Shows
-You only need 1 Box which will let you control up to 24 Lights
-Yes, you can use Donner DMX if you don’t want to use regular cables.
-No, you don’t need to have Wi-Fi in the venue to use it the box gives its own wifi signal.
-You will need to install the app before your gig but, you don’t need Internet after it is installed.

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Jw Jaeger says:

Hey DJ BARR, Would you do a video explaining the ADJ Airstream DMX with your Moving Heads? I would love to see how it works! Thanks! Much Love!

Johan Diurhuus says:

Nice video!

Jose Heredia says:

I’m glad you were able to get the Airstream Bridge to work. Once you start playing with it, you’ll see how powerful it could be to control your lighting rig. Let me know if you have any questions.

PairedPRO says:

2:10 Android users ar so sad now but luckily I’m a apple user so apple is better

Niko Grizzly says:

Can you do a tutorial video of how you set up scenes and shows for your lights on the airstream? The other Youtube videos are too confusing.

Jeff Benefield says:

Just purchased ADJ Airstream and 4 Mega Tri Par lights.  Problem is that the lights are not WiFly enable and I’m looking to connect and control them without DMX cables all over the floor.  Any ideas on setup, I have 4 Pars and a GIGbar 2.0

Djrolas502 says:

Which one is good or what’s the difference between the my DMX go?

djrickysmith says:

booo. lol i guess you all are getting lazy. 400 for that is a pretty piece of dooo dooo

Steve McCray says:

Hey, Dj BARR!
I’m looking to buy a DMX airstream bridge. But I want to know can I go wireless with 8 slim pars? Do I still have to daisy chain my slim pars

Bryson Rider says:

do you need American DJ Airstream IR??

DJEli253ENT says:

Iphone only or compatible with android as well ?


Hey dj Barr what’s From California I what’s DJing 2 years ago but I stop but I stop but want to get back at it ..any suggestions to getting gigs.. and check out this Dj name Dj mike events he thinks his bad always talking shit about DJs who’s used 2 speakers on 2 sticks and says that a facade looks cheap on setups ….

Aaron Fauth says:

I have 13″ Touch Barb MBK!!!!

Seth Garrett says:

Do you have to be around an internet source?

Christopher says:

mmmmm – looks cool and easy!!! have you tried controlling multiple fixtures at the same time?
I mean like – pressing a button for say autoprogram of pars and then also pressing another button controlling the iKon Profile to go on or off… while not effecting the pars…?

Dj Looster says:

Been using ADJ Airstream for a while now, love it!! and YES you can use with other brands other than ADJ.

Narvesh Prasad says:

Hey Mate,
Long time following you on YouTube.
I bought this Airstream here in Australia apparently only 4 units here and I own one.
It’s not working right for me as I use a lighting brand call Beanz it’s big here in Australia. I can get my moving heads to pan and tilt but when it’s comes to colour changing its sometime does not work or it picks a random colour. I have all the lights on the right DMX channels and have checked many times.
Can you have a chat with your mates at ADJ and see if we can get some support in the land down under.
Thanks mate.

Luis Acevedo says:

It’s pretty cool but what about if that’s going to Wi-Fi wherever you’re having the vineyard

Peter Young says:

Man, I like your vids…. but why do you always scream?

Gilbert Romero says:

If you ever want to sell it I’ll take it off your hands!

tehbui says:

Also, did i see a brand new 15″ MacBook there??? How do you like it?!


is there a way to get incontact with you i need a little help

Adam Smith says:

Have you tried the American DJ airstream with Light Rider app? Works on both iOS and Android

Daniel Rodriguez says:

You’re awesome!

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