Xfinity Comcast replace modem and save! Cut your cable bill

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Cut your cable bill! I replaced my Comcast Xfinity modem that I rented from them for $10-$11 a month with this Netgear CM700 high speed cable modem. Simple, easy, cheaper, and better tech!


justines says:

Im getting the “up to 60mbps” plan. I just need something decent that doesnt disconnects. Any recommendations. That seems to be a good modem, but I don’t know if that is too much for the service I’ll be getting.

E P says:

This is good as long as you don’t need a phone line.

rsm nyc says:

Thanks for the video!!!!!!!…Would you recommend getting cable modem & router separately or 1 unit with both modem/router capabilities????

soul good says:

Thx bunches for this man,Is it still available?

gnikmi says:

Hello the CM700 on our modem has the PUMA 6 Chip set. Are u having issues with it ? I read it this is HORRIABLE and a class action suite in ongoing with this Intel Chip. Can you opine ?

Richard York says:

What is the wireless router you use?

bfee20021 says:

How do you get around the home phone connected to the xfinity modem?

John Smith says:

6000 sq. ft. is not a house……………… THAT’S A MANSON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. Guess you just had to tell us that to make us jealous.

mason johnson says:


Ryan Masters says:

You don’t have any drops? I have xfinity in northern ca. The cm700 was completely useless. I’d get my paid speed (up to 300mbps down) for 5 min, and then a sudden drop to <1mbps. This is indicative of the puma6 chip problem for some users on some isp’s. Switched to the Motorola mb7420, and everything is perfect now. 300mbps at all day, every day since getting it. Glad it works for you, but was a dud for me

Kerry flynn says:

After watching this, I purchased the cm700 too. Thank you for the video.

Robert Goodwin says:

You left out so much. What about connecting modem to xifinity on computer? Guess “thats not really it.” Nice netgear add though.

jOhnPT 2001 says:

Did you have to call comcast and talk to a technician to get your modem connected? (I think they ping it or something like that) Or can you just replace it without their help?

John Marino says:

6000sqft” HOUSE DANG, great advice, Thanks.

Patricia Diaz says:

is it worthless for 3.1 modems fiber speeds 940mbps

Park Lee says:

So, all I have to do is purchase a compatible modem, bring the my Comcast modem back to them, and then hook up my newly purchase modem? Do I need to active or install anything in between?

I’m not very good with technology, just wanted to save some money because they keep raising their bill by a couple of dollars every couple of months.

Scott Weaver says:

Comcast sent me messages for the last year that I needed to update my modem to a DOCSIS 3.1. I didn’t want to purchase one yet so have begun renting their Arris recommended cable/modem. It runs OK but I’m not blown away by the performance. Was surprised to see you’re using a DOCSIS 3 unit.

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