Wireless Rural Internet Options Review – Verizon Internet Installed vs 4GAS T-Mobile Cricket AT&T

Here is a new update to this video https://youtu.be/gQB5MuOiIDE

In this video I discuss various internet options available to rural customers. If you are out in the middle of nowhere like me, it can be a challenge to get high speed, “unlimited” home internet. Pricing for wireless options can be expensive and limited. Whether is prepaid or contract service from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or any of the MVNO’s, there are many options. I cover a couple of options that I have used in my very rural location. In this video I talk about Verizon’s “LTE Internet Installed” package, which is their rural home internet solution. I also talk about my experience with 4GAS / 4gantennashop.com I have used both their unlimited Cricket based AT&T plan and the Rural America T-Mobile based plan. Speeds on the Cricket plan are limited to 8mbs download. On the T-Mobile network, speeds were at least 25mbs down with similar upload speeds. I also talk about my solution to streaming your security cameras over a wireless carrier without a public IP address. Please like and subscribe if you found this video useful. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section. Thanks for watching.


treyatl2006 says:

att has fixed wireless home internet for $50 (250 gb) and $100 (unlimited data but can be throttled after 22 gb)

okieplaya says:

I have tried to setup the Hikvision with Verizon and never could get the cloud to work. can you show how you got it online.

how did the AT&T Blast work out ?

Charles Greene says:

Did you ever switch back to T-Mobile?

Bob Smithereens says:

You really need to give us the conclusion up front


this guy is so upbeat

Henry Martinez says:

Do you get constant speeds with yagi antenna? My tower is about 1 1/2 mile away from me

Thomas Ferreira says:

Great video. I have same issues where I live. Will explore these options. tj

joey says:

awesome video exactly what I was looking for. I have one question you said you took the sim card out of your att phone and put it in the mofi to check the signal strength. I was wondering if I got an unlimited plan thru tmobile and just putting the sim into the mofi do you think that would work?

A Ramirez says:

Does anyone have a Mofi4500 with a Verizon unlimited SIM in it? I tried one of my shared Data plan lines in it and it worked great as far as speeds are concerned. I got about 30/10 speeds. If I switch my lines to Unlimited, will the SIM still work as Unlimited or will it work as Hotspot device only and get throttled after the 10GBs? Thanks.

Bob Smithereens says:

There are no satellites.  Signals are bounced from large antennas across the flat earth.

tichendorf says:

Just a follow-up to the original video. I actually switched back to the cricket unlimited plan through 4GAS. I consistently get 8 megabits per second download. As long as that is enough bandwidth for your needs the Cricket plan is the best because it is truly unlimited. I am able to stream HD video without any problems on the Cricket plan as long as you have AT&T LTE in your area.

Randall Bryant says:

Hello tichendorf! Thanks for the excellent informative video. Do you have a few minutes today to help me with my rural internet setup? There is a lot of value in your experience that can keep others from taking the long road to relative satisfaction with their setup. I had pretty much decided on Verizon Internet Installed as an improved replacement for HughesNet but felt I needed to give further research one last go and found this video. Now I’m totally reconsidering everything after learning of 4G Antenna Shop. I would be happy to pay you for your time via PayPal or another payment method of your preference. We could really use your insight out here in our little neck of woods! Thanks, Randall

Michael Nugent says:

In the beginning you were talking about Public IPs, Static and Dynamic IPs. I just want to clear it up a little bit. A static IP is an IP that never changes. A dynamic IP is a IP address that changes. ISPs most of the time use Dynamic IPs to assign you a public IP because IPv4 addresses are limited, in fact there are only around 4.2 Billion IPv4 address. My old DSL connection had a Dynamic IP but it was not behind a NAT and therefore I could and I did host a webserver with it. Each ISP buys a block of public IP addresses to use from the IANA (Internet assigned numbers authority). Private IPs are IP addresses that nobody owns, they are reserved for private networking use only. In my modem right now where it says my public IP address is, it is actually a private IP. Carriers have so many users it would cost too much to give them each a public IP, so they are all given a private IP behind a NAT. All traffic from your device ends up at that NAT, basically a supersized version of your home modem/router, that all devices in that area connect to. Hundreds of thousands of users could be sharing the same public IP. The NAT I am connected to uses a Class A private IP address. There are a little over 16 million possible IPs ranging from to

Dave Alvarez says:

I’m about to move to a house in the mountains southwest of Denver and this has been immensely helpful. Thank you!

Steve Hammons says:

Who suggested using directional antennas for your MIMO router/modem?

axsb says:

good info, thanks for sharing 4gas!

4G Antenna Shop Inc. says:

Thank you for sharing this video. Anyone that needs assistance we are here to help you guys. Robert

Gordan Freeman says:

Att now offers 250GB per month on LTE. It’s called homebase, home phone included and not required. 60 dollars a month. No contract

When I started and moved out in the country I was using a Tmobile plan with 10GB a month. Thank God for this break through.

Benny Turfle says:

the binge on data if for if you have a tiered data plan you can watch unlimited video without using your data

Kendricks Hayes Jr says:

Thanks for this video. How do you check the coverage for your area? I’ve tried some websites but they’re not updated so I don’t know the real coverage.

Henry Martinez says:

just ordered the mofi from 4gas hopes it works out and I don’t fall the roof lol

Edith says:

google using sim card use for your device …… ……you have to turn off data to use in home internet

l if I sync my smart phone to my tablet will if I come home I turn off data for my tablet to wifi
like when you use dish you turn off (tv )one to use the other (internet )
sorry I can’t explain better

ExtremeLight says:

That is Amazing For A Big House. But For my Apartement i Can Have a little bit smaller antena ? with good signal ?

Joanne Flynt says:

When you say your whole family of 4 is on it what types of things do they do? Netflix, gaming, Youtube, etc.

Joanne Flynt says:

I was looking at the 4GAS as an alternative to the satelite right now which is no better then the Verizon hot spot I had in the past and the AT&T USB. Currently my wifi during the day is 10GB and I get 50GB from 2am until 8am. This has forced me to get up at 5am or earlier to use the wifi. This is crazy. We have a good verizon network out here. Did you do a f/u on the AT&T Balst Plan. It would be nice to fine out how that is working. I am seriously thinking about the 4G Antenna Shop service but can’t put antennas up like you did. Any additional thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

Michael Nugent says:

I had HughesNet for 2 years and finally found 4GAS last month, It works pretty good considering I only get 1-2 bars on LTE (this tower is 3.4 miles away). I can get 5 bars on HSPA+ but I only get around 4 Mbps because of Cricket limited the speed, I wish the tower that’s only 1 mile away would upgrade to LTE. It’s a U.S. Cellular owned tower and they’re sharing it with AT&T Mobility. My pings are in the 60-300ms range, still better than satellite. I get around 8 down and up to 2 up but lately I’ve seen it start out as 40 Mbps down and 38 Mbps up on SpeedSmart.net.

jesse belcher says:

I have a question.. what’s the best way to find my att tower location.. ive searched around and i see where towers are just cant tell which is att.. other than that great video and great info.. i am going to grab a mofi from their site.. i have a att sim with unlimited data on it now but and i am testing with a seriia gx450.. Getting about 5 to 12 down and about the same up.. this is with a antenna that goes on top of a truck and its laying in my window.. I am guess if i get the external antenna and put it on the house i should be able to double my speeds..

Matthew0606X1999 says:

About to be moving somewhere in the rural country, and I think that the T mobile plan is a really good plan, plus you get unlimited hd video and music screaming that doesn’t count towards the limit. I wanted to ask, that you mentioned that when you got deprioritized, you said nothing happened if you are in the middle of nowhere, and I don’t live in a big city by any means, just a small town that has cable at least lol.

tichendorf says:

Here is my new update to this video. https://youtu.be/gQB5MuOiIDE

Bear & Sesame LLC says:

I omce installed Directv satellite for the engineer of the Cantenna or more recently known as Fusion. Great stuff wait till 5g guys! Im your next best friend.

Edith says:

Google is working on it!

Thomas Ferreira says:

btw, on Tmobile here. Wondering why their $70 per month unlimited service would not work with that Mofi 4500 router? Would be nice if it does.

Jonathan ricot says:

fuck man, we both moved at the same time. I was using Tmobiles LTE but the coverage failed me, somehow i overlooked Verizon LTE installed and now im stuck in a contract with Exede

Justin Aymer says:

Thank you for taking the time to do this video. I moved to a home in the country just outside of a smaller town and didn’t even think that internet couldn’t be provided. I wanted to know what you think about going with a cell plan (like T-mobile One) and just using the cell phone as a hotspot vs. a dedicated hotspot.

Rusty Case says:

Question… Has anyone told you about line loss yet ? The gain, from your directional antenna, is most likely lost, for the most part, by the length of your antenna cable.
It would be better to place the modem/router as close to the antenna as possible. Put it in a closet in that bedroom on the 2nd floor. Then you may Cat 5 or 6 down to your basement where I guess you prefer to fiddle with your other associated gear.

AdventureSportFlashlights says:

For a video about being fast this sure moved slow. Thanks for sharing the 4GAS info.

Mac Meyn says:

awesome video and great information. I’m in the same boat as you. I’m gonna try the mofi4500 sim 4 with an external yagi antenna. if I have too I’ll get the surecall m2m amplifier.

DannyBoy51031 says:

Would this 4GAS work with gaming consoles such as Xbox One or Playstation? I’ve got Excede satellite now which isn’t compatible with first shooter game play.

Saigaijin69 says:

A “public address” as opposed to dynamic? Ummmmm ok.

Doctor Anime says:

guys just get Unlimited LTE advanced

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