Wireless Routers: Everything You Need to Know (2018)

Today we’re talking about wireless routers and everything you need to know in 2018 if you’re looking to speed up your network. Google Wifi and the Netgear Orbi are currently my favorites routers and I’ll give the pros and cons for both.

Before we talk about improving your wireless network, let’s see what you’re currently getting in terms of bandwidth. There are many apps that test your internet connection, but the one I’d like to recommend to you is available as both a website and an app and it’s called Fast.com. I’m recommending this app because it is powered by Netflix and when you’re calculating your internet speeds, you should want to know the ACTUAL speed you’re likely to achieve when using video streaming services like Netflix. This knowledge becomes exponentially more important depending on the fate of Net Neutrality.

Website link: http://fast.com
iOS Link: http://apple.co/Fastdotcom


Google Wifi: (link to 3 pack) https://amzn.to/2x5JuZf
Netgear Orbi (link to 3 pack) https://amzn.to/2KN42rk
*Netgear Nighthawk https://amzn.to/2GGqUXc

*Note: While I didn’t mention the NightHawk in the video, this router also has two built-in USB ports. This may be an important feature for anyone with network peripherals which require a USB connection.

Google Wifi may be a better solution for anyone who already has a Gmail account or uses Google’s other products. It also may be better for anyone who doesn’t care about some of the advanced parental services like being able to track exactly what websites your kids are visiting and how much time they spend on various websites and apps.

The Netgear Orbi has more advanced parental control services, but be aware that some of those features are only available with a monthly subscription ($5/month). When you go to buy the Orbi you will notice there is almost no price difference between buying a unit that includes one wireless transmitter vs two extra transmitters. The link above is for the model with two extra transmitters.

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Jared Chapin says:

Does the Netgear Orbi work well with Arris Modems. Also any thoughts about Modem Router all in one.

Angie Grothem says:

If I use one of the routers from this video do I still need to use the current router that Frontier Fios has provided me? Or can I plug my connection straight into the new router and dispose of the Frontier one?

Jamie Turner says:

I have net gear so what so I do when 3 of us used it it gets slow please let me know

Quatele says:

Mesh inside a building is ridiculous. Hardwire APs and you will have a much better experience.

Da4k-_Maxsing says:

WiFi speed


Dennis Mathias says:

So you take up 4 or 5 outlets–one in each room. Doesn’t sound like a good idea. I want a really powerful 5 gig router.

James Middleton says:

under 25 is slow? mine is 1mb most of the time

Jacque Dreyer says:

What a disappointing video – just wasted 8 minutes of my life watching an ad

Johanan Nahmias says:

What about the Optic Routers? Here in Mexico TELMEX seems to be installing them by choice.

Th3 M3N says:

If I buy a second router and place it in my room where the wifi is poor, will my wifi be good even though its not that close to my original router which is in the living room and runs 100mbps, the wifi in my living room is very fast, or will the second router have poor wifi since its not as close to the origianl one ( the second router will be used for an ethernet connecting to my xbox and for wireless devices)

Arvind Bridget says:

Hi, do have ay idea abt amplifi hd mesh and its performance

ed0985587 says:

Is this video serious? You’ve covered nearly nothing stated in your title other than difference between 2.4 and 5ghz, the rest of the video was simply listing features of Google WiFi vs Orbi. Sorry but have to thumb this one down.

Carlos & Provy Rivera says:

Thx for the video. I guess my question would be what would be the primary reasons to switch to a mesh router / network over if someone has a Apple extreme router/ network extended using two airport express units?

Alicen Wonderland says:

I’m not sure why the fact the An app that’s powered by Netflix would be a reputable choice? Netflix is sorta junkie except for some documentaries. It’s like a old collection of videos (vhs that is) coupled with the next generation of the binge watching aunt’s cd collection! Ugh ! I gain more from binge watching educational tutorials such as these on YouTube. But great information other wise. Thank you u

Rabeya Rahman says:

Fast.com says: Your Internet speed is 210 kbps

John Gotti says:

yea so basicly even if u get good internet from isp, if u get a 100 bucks router, you’ll get ur speed devided by 2 maybe 3
gotta invest 400 at least to get good wifi

paul Levadeani says:

sell out!

AwakeDude911 says:

an internet of THINGs is what its called…. with all this WiFi its just 24/7 radiation at a low lever but time will show how it effects the human body .radiation is 100% destroyer of tissue

Fredi Sandoval says:

You didnt really talk about the technicalities of each one. You just said what everyone might know. Didn’t really make me go for one or the other.

Joshua Garcia says:

Do I need cable for Google WiFi/Orbi Netgear to work?

Peter Martinez says:

Bought the Netgear Orbi over $400 for the vase unit and one satellite device. Worked great for 14 months than it would not retain memory. Everytime you tried to use the net it would ask you to enter your password and even when you entered the correct password it would not recognize the password. I called the Netgear folks and was told there was only a 12 month warranty and I believe 90 day tech support when you purchased their product. They offered me a subscription for tech support. I learned that their tech support was subcontracted so I would not be talking to Netgear technicians. OK, so I go to Best Buy where I bought the Orbi only to be informed that there was nothing they could do for me. They work with the Geeks who are Co-located within Best Buy. They said I could buy a subscription to their service for tech support. I figured they would know the product since they had a partnership with the retailer. So prior to purchasing the service I talked to a couple of the Geeks to see if they were familiar with the product. Neither of the technicians I spoke with were familiar with the Orbi system. To make a long story short the Orbi system sits in it’s box unused. As far as I’m concerned it is junk. I will never purchase another Netgear product. I’m sure it’s something as simple as a memory card but I refuse to keep paying to have the issue resolved every 14 months. I am sure I can’t be the only one having this issue. Seems to be a product malfunction to me.

Marshall Curtis says:

I have never had home Wi-Fi yet. But I am thinking of getting it since I live in a cell phone dead zone. So does installing home Wi-Fi ALWAYS require having home Internet (Comcast/Time Warner/Century link/etc.)?

gnikmi says:

And how much get to pitch them products?

Never-die Young says:

—Happy as I am thanx, Dave.
Anyway – I don’t trust Google – they sell listening devices – Do Netgear?

Iki’s Photography says:

Spying on your kids…

Alain Bédard says:

Hello M. Cox, I have a question regarding linking one wired router to a wireless (wifi) router. The reason is that my modem is connected to this Linksys Etherfast cable DSL Router. I have this router for a number of years and its working fine. Also some of the computers in my house dont have a wifi card installed. So I wanted to add a wifi router connected to that cable router and get a portable computer to be used through the house but I just not sure how to do that. I dont want the wifi router to take contrôle of all equipment. Any help would be appreciated. I can’t find anything that specific on YouTube. Thank you. Oh by the way, someone gave me a Linksys Cisco router and hope to use it if it’s worth it.

Colin Owen says:

What if you don’t use a mobile?

Thom O. says:

Hi David! I went over to my local Apple store in Honolulu at Kahala Mall and spoke to a store employee in regards to changing out my old Apple Airport Express. He reccomended that I switch to Linksys Velop Whole Home Mesh Wi-F (2 unit set). Could you tell me if the Netgear Orbi is better than the Linksys Mesh or what problems may occur using a Linksys router? Thanks!

Eddy Aruda says:

You have the gift of being able to explain complicated issues in a way that everyone can understand. Thank you!

Doug Haddock says:

Just ordered the Google Wifi based on your recommendation! Replacing an Apple Time Capsule and Airport (as an extender). It will be interesting to see how the newer system handles the array of smart devices that have been added to my household. Well, here is a followup, I returned the Google Wifi routers. They didn’t seem to work well with Apple. First, we had an iPad that stopped performing, then an iMac. I switched both to the guest network and they worked again. Then two of the satellites went offline and I could not get them back either with the software or by rebooting them. Too bad, the system worked well for about 18 hours then it all fell apart. I see the Apple stores are selling the Linksys Velop routers. I’m back to using my Apple routers for now.

barbourj22 says:

“Wireless Routers: Everything You Need to Know (2018)” I was expecting a video about MIMO, WEP WPA etc. Nope Google Wifi and Netgear Orbi.. Misleading title.

Diane Chapman says:

I have the Google WiFi, love it!!

Lori A says:

Interesting that I bought my own modem and got rid of the Comcast modem about a year ago. All has been well. About 9 mo ago Comcast sends out a notice they will provide a free upgrade to 70 Mbps (25 Mbps had always been enough for my purposes). Although when I do a Xfinity speed test its displays 70 Mbps yet Fast.net shows 56 Mbps.
However…my AirPort Extreme is getting pretty old…5 yrs? Perhaps I need to replace my router? And now that I paused the video, I see you are recommending exactly what our Apple IT guy at work has been raving about which is that Orbi mesh network. Although this is a small home, I’ll probably get that Orbi, which I’ve seen at my Costco.

John Sen says:

David, great information as always. I recently moved into a 3 story home. We have an Apple Airport on the 3rd floor with near the modem and one airport express on each of the other floors, I find it interesting that certain devices connect to the AIrport on the 3rd floor when in fact they are closer to one of the express . our signal seems to be weak on the first floor as well. Any thoughts?
Thank you

Tecla Veldman says:

I wish you talked more detailed so that I could understand more of how it all works I am 64 don’t know a lot about computers all I know my wifi is slow and I have an Apple airport router with a modem from comcast I have a Mac computer what can I do to make my wifi speed up?

Herbert Goettsch says:

Some brands of Modem/Routers that your ISP provides sometimes don’t work well with Apple products, you can get a list of ISP Authorized Modems/Routers, and compare them to what works best for your Apple Products and Peripherals.

imamacnewbie says:

David, I wish you would talk about routers for GB fiber systems. There is not much content on which routers to use and the WiFi speeds to expect. The need for speed is there, but the systems are intimidating

itzmillertyme says:

I have airport time capsule my smart tv 2017 Samsung Q55Q7F connects directly to it but only gets half speed (60mbs) opposed to 120mbs when connected via wifi 5GHz. How can that be? I’m using cat6 cable

Andrew Barron says:

David, please toss a diffuser over your eye light. Most unnatural look now… distracting.

Anti - loli says:

Do you pay monthly for wifi?Sorry I’m still a kid and really do not know anything about this.

Daniel says:

I really liked this video until you recommended the Orbi…. I used to work for Ring.com and they gave us sooooo many problems. I have personally used the Google mesh and it was okay. I have used the Amplifi from ubiquity and that was better. Now I use the TP-Link Deco M9+ which is by far THE BEST out of the three from my actual use. They are all different kinds of mesh btw and this one has Zigbee, BLE and can act as a smart hub as well. The best and most compatible with Future tech! You should review it.

Neha Ganv says:

I am extremely embarrassed and sorry, but I can’t get over his eyes! <3

W. Smith says:

I have just installed a Google Mesh system and it works great. However, I am having trouble connecting to wifi devices that work only on 2.4ghz. As far as I know Google automatically moves between 2.4 and 5.0 but neither frequency are identified using the google app. Im not sure how to deal with the auto switching feature when dealing with only 2.4ghz devices. Help

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