WiFi232 Wireless Modem: BBS Fun on Retro PCs! [A Review]

Ever wanted an easy way to get classic computers onto a Telnet BBS using a wi-fi network? This board by Paul Rickards lets you do just that on a wide variety of vintage machines! It’s like stepping back in time, man.

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Zeb McCorkle says:

I just looked on Telnet BBS Guide and apparently there’s an actual dial-in BBS in my area… I should try to connect!

Mark Hide says:

Any luck are more of these things going to come out soon? Website says out of stock…

over00lord Unknown says:

2:57AM See, I love cool little trinkets like this that allow you to use modern technology through oldie technology!… 😀 2:58AM 7/26/2017

wildbilltexas says:

Wow, thats a great way to score warez! 🙂 Has anyone tried it with a C-64 or 128?

SciencePup TheAmericanJoe says:

This looks amazing!

Dimitri Andreou says:

2:19 thats what she said

Seshpenguin says:


FlyingSurprise says:

I want to see it on a C64!

DanHarkless says:

What a brilliant product. Thanks for showcasing it. Hope he ends up making some more. I guess this’d also be real handy for archiving disk images off of old computers (for future use in an emulator) without having to go the null modem route (and of course most modern computers don’t have serial ports).

Jason Borowski says:

isn’t that a parallel port, not a serial port?

AIO inc. says:

So you mean to tell me that the 12 volts coming out of the serial port isn’t enough to power this thing? Gimme a break.

kargaroc386 says:

It’s like you turned a game engine into a website. I love it!

Luis Vargas says:

Do you remember the brand of the speakers used with the IBM on 5:27?

Oroku Saki says:

Lazy is right your facts are just opinions that suck

Brian G says:

Thanks for posting this! It really brings back memories!

I used to run a FidoNet BBS system, and also set up a couple of systems for others.

TehkNinja says:

so I have to use a Windows 3.1 at work to back up older robots and use a program called k floppy. Is it possible to make it work wirelessly? It’s got a modified rs232

Declan Brady says:

6:00 you should take a look on that game.

Lazy Game Reviews says:

Small technical correction:
I mixed up baud rate and bit rate a time or two. Like when I said I set it up using 1200 baud, I meant 1200 bit/s!

MrBeast's New Macbook says:


William Lohan says:

I’d like to see the modem simulation work with just a simple ethernet (no wifi)

Draydince says:

I remember playing MUD’s through telnet. I used to play one in typing class. The teacher thought I was hacking because of the way it looked. Good times.

Jordan Thompson says:

It’s august, and he’s still sold out. Depressing.

Mattias Fleischer says:

Paul released another batch of 232 today. They sold out in less that 7min. 🙂

Amy Carter says:

Very neat. Something to look into, for sure.

vegisaynom says:

I am most definitely using one of these with my calculator that supports rs232, this is amazing!

Sammy Morini says:

Halt and Catch Fire anyone?

Wes Huffman says:

Shout out to Fredericksburg BOYS

sharpheadwpg says:

Appreciate the shout out to The Nexus BBS on the video. Online for 3+ years and loving it.


Amazing Clint!

thechristoph says:

I ran a Renegade BBS on my IBM PS/2 for years… My love of BBSes is why I still love forums to this day. I spent HOURS on the discussion boards, let alone the door games. Everyone played LORD and BRE, but I preferred Usurper. It was like a more tactical LORD. I really miss those days.

Harry says:

So I can print out a pdf manual on how to use my Wi-Fi adapter so I can use my wireless printer. 😛

DaVince21 says:

I kinda want something similar to BBSes to arrive on the internet. A web that isn’t made out of HTML or anything like that, but instead geared towards low bandwidths and just delivering the info. Seeing a BBS like in this video is somehow pretty magical.

Euryale Music says:

Oh My god that was outrageous,!! I thought this was a PG-13 channel

ZeBenignPsychosis says:

I feel lile I need this. oh god. I must go play LORD and download some slow porn!

linclmsilva says:

Here’s two videos showing how it is possible to encapsulate full tcp/ip traffic over WiFI232 using ppp:

James Lamken says:

I’m really glad you enjoy this thing. I was really excited to see if you would get it and how your review would go when i sent the info about it to you on twitter!

Bri Barrett says:

Penais wars

toasty DAY says:

“penis wars”… let that game name sink in for a bit. yeah…

JC Leyba says:

I must get this. I REALLY hope he makes more.

Anthony Williams says:

Just what i’ve been looking for but too costly for me :'(

Warren S. says:

That’s just awesome. Hooking anything up to WiFi…

James Pyle says:

Used to use BBS all the time! I ran several also and did ANSI art..so glad you made this video! A local one here called Crysalis ended up with like 64 lines before the internet came out.

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