Using a 56k Modem in 2017! | Nostalgia Nerd

Remember the warming sounds of internet dial-up? Trying to get through to your internet provider, without an engaged tone. Trying to get a decent connection speed. Downloading GIFS, GIFS, GIFS. Well, thankfully we can still relive those past experiences thanks to a few ISPs who offer a dial up service. You can also grab a 56k modem cheap enough and even connect it up to your modern Windows 10 PC. So let’s take a look at whether dial up is possible in 2017.

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CeramicBunnah says:

come to where i live and get blazingly fast 6 mbps

Atoms Molecules says:

56k porn

itsstillthinking1999 says:

Still great for the Sega Dream cast or Saturn. Or get a Dreampi which allows you to make any dial-up connection from a raspberry pi

Peter Andrews says:

I can’t watch this.. I have mid-2000’s PTSD.

kd1s says:

Damn, it’s been 25 years since I used a modem.

Sloth Demon says:

at least its faster than my 5 ghz wifi, the FUCKING ROUTER is on the other side of the house where my gaming pc is and multiplayer requires insanely fast wifi and pluperfect range!

Rick Terscale says:

I still use my old 56k modem …… for crushing bugs!!

iapprovelolis says:

how did people used to get porn before the internet? we sure give everything for granted today

Matt Johnson says:

It’d be OK with Lynx or Links

Deepak Jindal says:

think about watching porn on that 😐

schtive81 says:

Sure the 56k modem speed is going to be painfully slow, but you are also using a Windows 98se OS with KernelEx running a newer opera browser. I’m sure that also slows things down too. What specs are you running for a PC?

Cool video, BTW.

Fluffi Buni says:

My 1st use of the internet involved fitting a 9600 kbps board into my 486 DX2-80 DOS 6.22 PC & struggling to connect with a friend to play Command & Conquer back in the mid 90s. This video still seems very high-tech in comparison lol.

Michael Cisneros says:

Alot of old men got rich with that device.

JoGeliZ says:

Suomi mainittu! Torilla tavataan!

samgus1753 says:

No Netscape navigator…sad.

Jtelia21 says:

you should’ve seen how long it took to upload this video on dial-up

nickname87 says:

Us roboticks

Penurious Sierra says:

I wanted to hear the modem actually working here, to be honest.

Daniel Krah says:

faster than mobile Internet in Germany in general

murtisoft says:

I last used pci dial up on a win7 machine in the last year. It wasnt really my only option, but who cares?

Flashlight says:

Pfft most of the time i get 10-40kbps speeds

Hey You says:


Robert Smith says:

For 56k, move to Central PA (it might work, trunk line DSL is about as fast)

funbucket09 says:

Change the units of the speed test to kbps

PSVR420 says:

Ahhh back in the days my dad sorted me out with a us robotics ‘courier V everything’ external 56k modem that he presumably got from work, I loved that thing it was really reliable, I remember staying up pretty much all night downloading a demo of blood 2 with good old getright! now I pay for 100mb and get 110 😀

Brett Prior says:

DSL is getting pretty long in the tooth these days.. I know I can’t get by on it, with streaming and all. My next door neighbor still has a DSL connection, and that is a wonderful world of handfuls of buffering minutes with Netflix, etc… NEVER more than one stream at a time.. Best to use 720 resolution, as 1080 can be an issue… And downloads are still reminiscent of dial up, as they are more or less a leave it and come back the next day affair. You should feel those pages you pulled up on a basic cable connection… about a second or two and that’s it, with something of a 30-50Mbps connection. Your nostalgia love must be what keeps you sane while using that DSL my friend.

megarollX Rgm Broadcasting says:

Can we see the history of modems sometime soon

schtive81 says:

Sure the 56k modem speed is going to be painfully slow, but you are also using a Windows 98se OS with KernelEx running a newer opera browser. I’m sure that also slows things down too. What specs are you running for a PC?

Cool video, BTW.

Professionalism Trash says:

American’s internet speed in 2018 in a nutshell

raccoon681 says:

ugh this brought back memory’s of ripping snes roms with a 56k modem

Adam Noyce says:

I remember when that was BLAZING speed! After upgrading from a 2400 bps.

Albert J. Nguyễn says:

you could play Warcraft 2 and Quake.

oldtwins na says:

Not very accurate portrayal. Need to have win 3.1 running. Have fun setting up winsock.

GA Drache says:

I recently have to experience this nostalgia, though I can’t get on any websites

Droidmarquee Marquee says:

for some reason after watching this i wanted to experience the joy of waiting 15 minutes to download a 4 mb song 😀 It actually took effort back then to have a custom CD ripped of the internet

How to basic says:

Dialup modem were required to use cellular modem not that it had anything in common but the PC used a modified dialup connection that was like wireless DSL instead of how it is today being a standalone cellular modem with built in wifi. For this reason you can’t use USB broadband on modern PC

JooJoo Flop says:

my parents killed me in 1996 when i was playing DIABLO online all day! 😛 for about a month! hehe fun times!

WCBROW01 says:

Connecting the modem to VoIP, usually paired with broadband/DSL, makes it considerably slower due to compression.

Sangueamaro / says:

Still more then mine

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