Top 5 Cable Modems (2017)

If you are renting your modem with the cable company or have an older modem, it may be time for you to upgrade. With many of the cable companies, they will rent you a cable modem which can run you upwards of $10 per month. Why rent when you can own. These modems I show you essentially pay for themselves within 4-10 months, if you are currently renting from the cable company. In this video, I will show you the 5 best cable modems you can own.

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ARRIS SURFboard SB6190:
Netgear CM500:
TP-Link TC7610:
ARRIS SURFboard SB6141:
Zoom 5345:

Top 5 Wi-Fi Routers 2017:

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surya chawla says:

Can you make video on Netflix

Patrick Blondin says:

My Comcast modem has a phone hookup. We still have a landline. I did not see a landline hookup on any of the modems you have shown. Maybe I missed them. Do any of these modems have a landline hookup?

l Pronox says:

but what if I’m running fiber optic?

tech sc says:

this is cool thanks man

The Progenitor says:

What would you say is the best gaming cable modem with Wi-Fi capabilities?

vatuxki says:

I learned something new, thanks! 😀

lochinvar00465 says:

I don’t rent the modem. It’s mine. And, when it went obsolete and no longer worked on my cable service, they replaced it with an upgraded new model.(I was told it would be able to handle docsis 4.0 when that becomes available) Being as it was my internet no longer worked because they changed systems, they figured it was their responsibility to fix the problem and get me back up to date. Great company service.

Keith Klein says:

Surfboard 6141 is no longer supported by Comcast support…although it does still work, it is not on their list of approved cable modems.

Kevin Bagshaw says:

great video as always!

I was looking for free alternatives to Microsoft publisher. future video idea maybe.

Joe Lafferty says:

Are they compatable with UK networks?

Don Harvey says:

Thanks for your videos, they are very helpful. I agree about keeping modem and router separate. I got a Netgear C6300 some time back for Time Warner/Spectrum. It has worked very well but I think there would be more flexibility separating the two. Since I didn’t do my homework the C6300 replaced a ASUS Dual Band 3×3 802.11AC Gigabit Router. So I wasted money.

Minh Tran says:

Hi, I’m currently using a modem router that comes with my Internet. I want to ask if it would be better to connect a separate Wifi router for faster Internet?

pxn_uxd says:

bought the sb6183 more than a year ago but then after a few months i saw that they have the new sb6190. i bought that one and i saw an increase in download speed because of the more bonded channels. now there is the sb8200 but i don’t think i’ll be replacing my modem anytime soon not unless xfinity brings down the price for gigabit internet here in san francisco.

Sativarg Millinious says:

the modem that charter installed has a built in power supply that puts out way to much RFI on the AM band that swamps some of my favorite AM stations. That can’t be good for me either. I have not found any information on how much RFI these modems in the presentation put out but if they have external 12 volt power supplies then I am sure I can replace the power supply with a high quality quiet version for a little more money.

Matthias Leitner says:

does an aftermarket modem make any sense, if your paid internet speed is 100mbit ? if my capable of 300+, I doesn’t make any difference ,or does it?

Jim Dempsey says:

Great review on the cable Modems, am now seriously going to get one of them, likely the hugher end Arris. But, I have a question for you, as I have Xfinity TV, Internet, and Phone, am using their modem/router, how do I drop their router and keep my Xfinity Phone service. Vonage and all those other VOIP’s dont work for me as I need fax capabilities, and I am not inclined to want any of the eFax services. Your advice there?

Aaditya says:

My cable modem is all good, but my internet sucks.

beth98362 R says:

Use T-Mobels unlimited data package and just hotspot your computer off your phone ANYPLACE…ANYTIME!

Ecselate says:

I have a Netgear Nighthawk but some bunk ubee modem and my router is supposed to be good but i think it’s the modem

Lucas 270 says:

well this is an interesring top 5, enjoyed it

Robert Parkinson says:

It would be helpful to know how many of various ports each modem has in the back.

Kool Burn says:

can you do a top 5 routers?

Monkof Magnesia says:

For over a year, I had an Aris modem. No problems at all. Saved me $10.00 a month, plus, my internet speed was faster than what I had before. Within the past couple of days, I switched to a Linksys. Only reason I switched is because the Aris handled speeds up to 100 Mbps and the Linksys handles up to 300. Although I pay for 100 Mbs, I get 118.3 with the Linksys. I use my desktop for my job, so the faster the better (I got a cheap Linksys off off Amazon).

Cdub5_ says:

Just bought the SB6190. Thanks a lot!

Decimus says:

NONE of these have actual VOIP support. BTDT. If Xfinity (Comcast) decides they don’t want to let you use your modem they will exclude it in the next reprovisioning/update cycle and tell you it’s not supported. (next reboot)

shayinit says:

I have a moderm/router it s a cik telcome I don’t have that cable thing to connect to your moderm

Metalheaddox says:

Modern cable companies use transceivers(digital to digital) the demodulation modem(analog to digital)28k 56k those are modems not 300 mega boad transceivers.

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