Thinking that router will make your Wi-Fi superfast? Not so fast, buddy!

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CNET editor Dong Ngo gives out a quick explanation about actual Wi-Fi speed and what that is real beauty.

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Akchith Baskaran says:

sounds like he has a stuffed nose

alexhernandez49 says:

ay fon sik!

Bob Tavares says:

Gee…I never knew that Vietnam had access to computers.  LOL!

Akchith Baskaran says:

put on sub-titles at 1:02

Thai Q. Ly says:

Hi Dong,
Love your video and thank you for information. Quick ?, Which brand to get for around $150? Which one or of those brands should I consider? I like your video on Linksys (8500, 9200, 9500).
Many thanks.

Justin Chung says:

Very helpful. Thank you

Eddie ed says:

must be the guy who invented a dongle

Soret says:

0:36 Twenty-Sick-Hundred

Amir molaei says:

Hi my internet is so slow and I want to make it faster, CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME OUT

Jose Cerdeiras says:

whats a good router the one charter gave me is pretty terrible i only get wifi in 2 rooms and living room the house im staying at is about 1400

Tony Greyson says:

If 420blazeit vs Illuminati make another game, this dude should be in it!

Meinoman Ya says:


tripasing says:

Which is the best ..cable WiFi modem ..or cable modem router for exfinity??

Alex Goodwin says:

if your incoming download speed is 1 mbs ,,the only thing a good router/wifi will do for me is to ensure i get that speed throughout the home,is that correct

JawzPlays says:

What does he say at 2:11

Frank Sierra says:

Question…IF my internet provider Charter Spectrum which provides me with 60mpbs max and I buy Nighthawk x6 Triband wifi
600mpbs,1.3Gbps, and 1.3 Gbps will my internet speed pass 60mpbs? Or am I limited by my internet provider to 60mpbs even though I have a higher and more powerful router?

HardTarget Jimmy says:

Yeah! I have to agree the best reviewer bar none! Keeps it so simply and easy to understand.

bishwo shrestha says:

omg twenty sick hundred… damn… i love ur videoz .. u r cool than rest…

jayZ One says:

Aw man – I was looking at the NightHawk X10 for purchase, what do I do now?

Byron King says:

Nice, straight shooter… Great information.

myutubediablo says:

twenty sick hundred

Brarkish Roy says:

Not so fast, buddy let me tell you something you’re a slap happy gook my arse hole looks better then you ugly asian go back to your filthy rat and dog and cat eating country dong gow chow, ni wa wii si a

kernalrom says:

Good job explaining

imadedine lamiche says:

thank you so much you clear my mind $$$$$

Jason Blythe says:

you look fine too. thanks

George Dean says:

Excellent video.

ralph jellett says:

Thank you, very clear, now I know

mr krabz says:

iphone sic
ac twenty sic thousand

matrix motivation says:

Dong ngo is i hook up more then one wifi router will that give me faster service

MrBluemoonhalos says:

What is the best modem and router combination or all in one modem/router for gaming?

Timothy Tay says:

Six, not sik

Review The Cheapest says:

Man this video was really helpful and informative. Seems like we can save all the money for the expensive routers.

John Anderson says:

I just lucked into this review by chance. I’m searching for a new router, as the old one just died from a line surge. Great advice. Thank you!

Ben Walters says:

Bro. Loved you in Dexter. Great work.

McMuffiner says:

Ok some devices have a limit to their mega bits per second and anything over 100 megabits can basicly do anything you want and 800 is something no one needs like gaming would”nt need it using your phone would be kinda usless becuase you dont need that much megabits for a phone and for downloading things like a movie on netflix would”nt take that long with a 100 megabit ps internet

Richard says:

Helpful video. Thanks!

nfxcr3w says:

@1:23 iPhone Sick LOL

Raffie Quler says:

Ding Dong is way too confident here. Brushing up on proper English is the very first step. Talking in Chinglish is retarded. Both his pronunciation and grammar need a lot of attention.

TheClunkingFist says:

Aw, sheet: I guess I just have to buy a faster phone and new laptop to go with my fancy new router. Dong forgot to mention your telco’s internet speed: if you are stuck on a 10Mbs service, then no fancy wifi router is gonna help you. If you need to replace a faulty or failing router, maybe just buy a cheapy, or go second hand.

Ernest Jay says:

Without Dong Ngo, CNET will never be the same.

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