The Best Wireless Router: Get Faster Internet Speeds & Lower Your Bill

Want faster internet ? Sure we all do! How about lowering your internet bill ? Yes we can do that too by saving up to $300 a year! In this video we show you how to stop paying your cable internet provider rental fees by getting your own modem, and with the recommended wifi routers in this video, you get the best wireless routers for under 100 bux to improve your streaming, surfing and internet gaming!

✅Netgear Cable Modem :
Works with XFINITY by Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Charter & More

✅Jetstream AC1900 Router :

✅Jetstream AC3000 Router : – cheaper than cable

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Xspensive Price says:

I got Xfinity internet an I dont wanna use there router anymore I always get slow speeds I pay for 300 I wanna get that lol, what’s a good router to get that works with them ?

Chad St. Arnold says:

Gabe you’re a beast and ologytv has been working flawlessly! Question though what modem would you get to go with the ac3000?

TechReviews919 says:

I like the Studio set up with window in back.

Edgat Alarcon says:

Great content like always!… by any chance have you messed with a Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band Wifi router? I just want to know if it’s any good.

D Turbides says:

What’s up brother glad to see you are still doing videos.

John Coleman says:

Hey Review Dork. I have a paid Smarter IPTV subscription and I don’t have any tv channels, I must have messed something up. How do I get my channels or do I have to take a lost.

Kristi Fike says:

I have Armstrong Cable and they don’t allow no other modem but theirs.

Ed E says:

Yep Gabe your right, i did just that a few months ago, bought my own router ( Asus ac1900 ) using Spectrums modem and seeing a big time difference!! soon i do want to buy my own modem. The Arris surfboard!

Juan F says:

Awesome video. Love the format and the background.

Toby Horath says:

I switched to Google Mesh system and never will look back. It works amazing in my tri-lvl home.

Karma 602 says:

Nice green screen bro keep it up

Andrew says:

My service I use is the best! Players klub can’t be beat for the price!
Click on the left tab price as the free tab is no longer available.
Sunday ticket, NBA league pass,  MLB extra innings, included. 1700 channels.

Juan Garrido says:

I cut the cord a while back and I only have WiFi blast package through Xfinity and yes i rent their device. I want to change over, so which device would you recommend for streaming PlayStation view, no gaming using with two TVs. If I could get more out of my router/modem I would be able to down grade from paying $100 a month for WiFi.

Maybe says:

Thanks for the review.
Do you still own OLOGY?

Shadrick Alexander says:

Great video! It looks like your in Orlando from the window view.

Matt says:

Any chance that iptvology will ever get subtitles?

John Krick says:

Gabe… Love your stuff. I did this and my speeds are great but a lot slower using ipvvanish. Also my wife is wondering what happened to the home phone. Any solution there?

CDidIt2U says:

Yooooooooo!!! Sup Bro! Great video as always. Always appreciate you. How’s the office? I like the view.

G Torres says:

What up Gabe !
Thankyou very much for the GREAT info.

Diamcutt Cutt says:

Miss you glad to see u back

Eric Jackson says:

Gabe can i use this with verizon fios. i don’t want to give $12 a month for theirs

Manny Venegas says:

What up gabe! Thanks bro.


That shirt is so SICK! Nice video! VMJR_TECH out….

Kevin Sowards says:

So I have a net gear nighthawk ac1900 combo modem and WiFi router should I still get another one?

Joseph Inbody says:

What was your opinion of the 1750 ac1750 Smart Wi-Fi NetGear router 400-plus megabytes speeds 452 1300 do you have a video on how to wire it straight to that router instead of going into the Netgear modem and then running a cable from the modem to the router to save on speed I strictly use mine for jailbreak firestick but I get a lot of buffering although my speeds are good and I’m wondering if I wired it wrong cuz I go into a modem and then I come out of the modem into the router and the router then goes into the Wi-Fi of the fire stick I would love to see how you can do this with a video so we all could learn how to wire it up properly

Darrell Zutter says:

First off!!! GABE NATION! Elk killing is all done and in the freezer! When you doing live shows again brother????

Kenny Roberts says:

How do these routers work with Ipvanish? I have a 400mb plan/I have yet to find a router that allows me to get any decent speed while using Ipvanish. What router would you recommend that isn’t going to break the bank?

dabig 25 says:

What’s wrong with only 120 Mbps? LOL
This is hard to do with a service that offers IPTV service like at&t and Verizon Fios because they are hardwired into their Residential Gateway

The Skulls Playlist says:

do you know of a company called beam their working vpn type of router id like to see some stuff on that i tried to contact you about the two months about the iptv but you never replied form that

Shelly Bond says:

with this package will i still be able use a phone or go to a magic jack save save save

Jcs picks says:

Love my google Wifi it has worked well for me

N Layne says:

Hi nice tee shirt & thanks

OSO Entertainment says:

Sup Gabe it’s Wednesday are you going live tonight?

jose sanchez says:

Bro, I live in northern Oklahoma, we had a local internet privider, well they moved their antenna off the tower we were on and now idk what to do, I’ve heard so many bad experiences with satellite internet I’m afraid of them 2 year contracts if the internet sucks, any suggestions?

riq garcia says:

What’s up Gabe, I’m here freezing in the Chi, Non related question but is there a way to integrate ology tv with Plex? So that you can open up Plex and see ology tv from there?

mastergwood says:

What about wifi extenders???
Which do you recommend??

Anthony Jiggetts says:

For me.. Google WiFi mesh

Brian Atkinson says:

Thanks for the video very good info I’m definitely going check into getting my own wifi router

redelgado99 says:

What about replacing Verizon FIOS router? It’s a lot more complicated because you have to get a moca bridge, so that’s 2 devices to replace one plus you still lose some capability such as casting your service screen to their cable box to display on your TV. Any solution that works? BTW, I get 900+mgbs download and 1.1gbps upload with FiOS router. Can you provide a better solution?

Nancy Brown says:

All netgear products are wonderful i have the x6 nighthawk

Diego Roman says:

What’s up with the new view bro did you get a new place?

James Young says:

How do i know if this router is compatible with my providers service. You know how they shaft u by saying you can only use their equipment and they even scramble equipment thats not theirs. I saw a video on this once, i just dont want to waste time with these pig service providers that stop u from saving a buc when they re gouging the hell out of u.

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