The Best Router For Online Gaming

I tested the Netgear R7800, the UBNT EdgeRouter Lite and the Netduma R1 to find out if one of them is able to provide low pings, even when someone or something else is using your entire up- and/or downstream bandwidth while you are playing online.

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MoaZ AbuobidA says:

thank you for this video it is really useful but i got a question
and i have no experince with these things
but if i got the UBNT EdgeRouter Lite and for the wifi i got access point form another brand.
how can i make sure that the configuration or the settings i made can pass or work good and the same with or from the access point ???

K4ywalsk says:

Does the Netduma allow you to play around with firmware? For example, could you throw RouterOS on there, and then go back to their proprietary firmware?

I ask because I’m using a Mikrotik RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN with RouterOS, and would love to see some more content testing more hardware/configurations.

ResistImpulse says:

what if you have a mega pc and want software to do the managing for the pc it is installed on? So you can have toons of chrome tabs open and streams etc, but your game has priority?

EricTheGreat says:

can we just get a separate router? like when i try to play overwatch i get ping up to 700 or even 1300. and theres only like 2 ppl in my house. so they can use the old router and i could just use a new router for myself. only for my gaming

Fruchtkorn says:

Very well done video! But do you know any Software solution so you dont need to buy a new router?
Antwort isch auch auf tirolerisch möglich ^^

shALKE says:

What about the fritzboxes ?

Adel M says:

Just to let you know that you have a huge UDP issue on the Edge Router Lite:

9 Packets Loss
There’s also the issue with UDP packet transmission reordering on the ERLite:
(Status: under investigation)

this affects all version up to the last one. (not solved as it is a hardware issue)
so knowing that all gaming traffic is UDP you should really not use ERL for any bench.. but ERX instead.

The newer and cheaper ERX isn’t affected by this issue. (and have general better performance especially with Smart QoS)

Albert Gimerby says:

I have a router from my ISP that does not support QOS. I have put that router into bridge mode so I can use my netduma. Do you recommend hyper trafic or no? I have two ps4s connceted to the duma

Meltdown says:

german accent ? :p pretty cool video man

Rick James says:

knowing that you buy your own products to review i dropped a like and a sub. keep it up!

Zombl337 says:

Seems like I’m sticking with Netgear…….just bought a Dualband WiFi AC router for $90 a year ago and my ping is always less than 30 and often hovers around 18-25

EldestTheGreat says:

I have a question about the netduma. I currently own one and I don’t have the software to do tests such as yours but I noticed you said 70% will help prevent lag spikes and hypertraffic will only really help if it’s paired with the sliders at 70% So my question to you is this: Say you create a test scenario with your connection under duress. You have the sliders at 70% no hyper traffic. Will the ping be any better with hyper traffic and 70% or does hyper traffic not really do anything on its own? you mentioned the increased ping of 15ms so we’re you saying it adds latency? I guess I need clarification on that. I’ve heard some say their game has a lower ping or plays better with 70% and no hypertraffic. I can’t see a difference though I know it’s supposed to do something. I’ve even tried just putting UDP port 3074 into hypertraffic on my ps4 and looking at the ping graph. I just don’t have any hard evidence to produce information on this to help the netduma community in their gaming experience.

Kenneth Johansen says:

Hi!! Overwatch support recommend players to turn off Dynamic Qos, because your ping cna increase.

Real BlakeH654 says:

Bought nighthawk yesterday and noticed no difference with my internet

Talent says:

I play without a router ? is that bad ?

mancimn says:


Xylo Night says:

did no one get the joke? in the game it says Team Fortress 2 XD

Review The Cheapest says:

Your accent seems familiar to me. Do you have phone reviews channel?

zbigniewzapora says:

Read up about bufferbloat.

super.pika.pikachu says:

Are these for DSL internet? Cuz that’s they type I have and it sucks so much….

TheDwarburton says:

Errrr I don’t understand any of this. At all. LOL – thinking about buying the Vivid 200 gamer or vivid 300 package from virgin media, I have a superhub 3 (for gaming). What else can I do? do these routers just plug into the “Super hub 3”? And what will they improve?


*My network in 65mbps but the* *router is so old…*
*Some time my network go and* *come back is this issues from the* *router… And i have lag so badly.*
*If i got new router from this* *routers my issues mst be gone* *with 65mbps*


I have 8mbps so will it be good choice ?

Lewis McCarthy says:

Thanks Chris, I’ll be picking up the UBNT EdgeRouter Lite. Which is the best wifi device to plug into it so that we can also use wifi?

Dazdigo says:

I made a pfsense router with a MBD-A1SRi-2758F-O and a network switch. My ping is always 2 ms and I can get the full gigabit speeds from my WAN. Might be able to get it to 1-2 ms if I remove the switch but there is no point when it is that low.

IowaRonin says:

The EdgeRouter is $100, but then you’ll have to buy a switch (UniFi Switch 8 is $100) and an access point (UniFi AC Pro is $150).

This is very nice, but going to cost $350-ish total. This is in addition to my ARRIS SB6190 cable modem which cost $100.

James Wakeley says:

very useful information! I can appreciate the passion you have for doing the research! Overwatch is EVERYONE’S guilty pleasure btw! “winky face!”

Battle(non)sense says:

► UBNT Router Models & Bandwidth Chart:

Beachu Deachu says:

This router so suck

MJT Free Time says:

Naaaa! Just get 1 gb up and 1 gb down Wifi from xFinity for $109 a month! GG!

Dazdigo says:

You should include a custom made router such as DIY pfsense routers.

Infamous Duck says:

Is it a waste to get the NETDUMA R1 when i have 1gbps up/down? If its a waste could you tell me an alternative? Am looking for something at most 250$

Arryn Chaos says:

Will these avoid lag as well? and what is lag caused by?

RuhkcusTV says:

Possible if you could do an update on the netduma ? Since the firmware has been updated since this video:)

DarklordJS gaming channel says:

Me and my family have a talk talk router which isnt great I think I get a 10mb per second download speed at best and goes down hill if some one turns a device on or turns on netflix. So I need something that will increase my WiFi speed by using my old routee, something me and my family can be happy with (were I get to play and they get to whatch netfilx) and something reasonably cheap and simple to understand Any recommendations?

Centiliter says:

The Netgear and NETDUMA are very nice, but I think I might get the UBNT because I don’t want to share bandwidth lol.

Najee Blue Verono says:

How am I congested when im the only one on it

Ico says:

I have a Netgear AC5300 Nighthawk with about 100 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload, but once I turned on Dynamic QoS, I ended up feeling more of a delay when interacting with npcs in black desert online and ping ended up going a bit higher in voips I was using. Though I guess it may have been problems on the game’s server, I just found leaving it off to have less problems in games.

Arryn Chaos says:

Why is your DoS checkbox not ticked? am I supposed to leave it unchecked?

du lappen says:

wait, the netgear is just a router right? so i’ll still need a modem? (thinking about getting a nighthawk)

RuhkcusTV says:

Question, did you have these routers hooked up directly to the wall when making these tests? also, which modem did you use for these tests? and did you have modem hooked up directly to the wall outlet?

LusoiHardware says:

I like the narrator’s Austrian accent.

Faisal Munayam says:

with smart queue shall i just apply the limit to the upload? i have the er-3 lite and a 300mbps, so the hardware can only give me about 70mbps download if it is enabled on the download

dougiefresh195 Destiny says:

That moment you get 200+ ping on Overwatch.

gynnox says:

What router for 500Mbps connection with my isp ?

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