The best modem for gaming with DOCSIS 3.1 Active queueing management to lower ping and to stop lag in online gaming. Netgear DOCSIS 3.1 gaming modem featured as the best modem for gaming and online multiplayer gaming. (Netgear DOCSIS 3.1 Gaming Cable Modem)

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Puma 6 Router List Thread on DSL Reports:

The Puma 6 Lawsuit Explained:

The Puma 6 Test on DSL Reports (Lag, Ping Test):

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Ninja Blade says:

Awesome Vid, thanks for the info, before you buy the Netgear router, check out this Router – Linksys AC3200 Dual-Band WiFi Gaming Router with Killer Prioritization Engine (WRT32X), an let me know which you think is better, i really love this router because the Killer QOS is really awesome.

the orbit says:

Bro my router keeps reseting on it’s own, any tips on how to fix this ?

chris ybarra says:

I bought a Netgear and it had a broadcom chipset in it and my Arris one would make me melt faster even tho the Netgear gave me lower latency and better bufferbloat. The Arris would give me bufferbloat and I would melt with it. So I’m staying on the Arris puma chip for now.

icy 0 says:


xxsmashxxpassxx says:

Great video, question, if I get this product what routers do you recommend that would compliment the specs on this device, I currently use an asus router rtac68u, and use a netgear c3700 in Bridge mode…

FillyCheezStake says:

Is the SB8200 any good compared to the netgear one you display?

_AC _Andrew says:


Juan diaamaone says:

Is this moder n router with ps3 consoles as well?

Scrup Yt says:

Love your vids, I’m pretty sure i’m getting the puma6 chipset issue. Sometimes when i’m playing online on my ps4 everything feels very heavy and slow but then some hours later everything feels normal and smooth.. it’s very annoying.

Had a long talk with my ISP on their forums etc and they are now sending a modem without the chipset. Hope it will solve the problem

Huddled says:

@glasscock hey bro if i buy this modem will it be good with my netduma r1 gaming router? Or should i buy the netgear duma os router/modem? What do you recommend ?

Tai N. says:

Seen this on Amazon while I bought the benq 4k hdr 1ms monitor yesterday and the monitor comes tomorrow! I just couldn’t resist getting a 4k monitor with tn panel hdr and 1ms response time. This modem was recommended for me to buy it, but I seen the price and I wasn’t sure if I should buy it or not yet. I haven’t even watched your video yet, but thought what a coincidence that you just made this video when I was about to do some research on this modem!

D.A. GAMER says:

hi i have fiber optic 100mb down and up.. but i have 65 to 80 ping… iam far away from any servers.. any way to get the ping low.. or chek my internet for cable pr anything?

l Pronox says:

I thought I bought the r7000 but I think I got the R6900 any difference in these two?

Ken Owens says:

Thanks Glass! How do I do the Puma 6 test if I have a modem/router combo?

TheNOFEAR8 says:

How much do u pay for ur internet ?

D.A. GAMER says:

this modeom use fiber optic?

Joseph Moo-Pow says:

Hey I bought the modem but my puma test got worse , how can you help

Pharaoh Aqix says:

Can this modem plug directly into an xbox one without a router or do u have to have a router. Also do I have to plug this into my comcast/ Xfinity modem to get WiFi/ internet someone please help

l Pronox says:

man I really like your content but that name just makes me wonder if I should trust you or not.

Jason Maldonado says:

Can this modem help my multiplayer online gaming

KiccKz says:

Nice video. Do you recommend i should get the Netgear modem you suggested if i already have a R7000 with qos? I definitely need a new modem because i have that specific Arris that you have shown but i dont have gigabit speeds(250 down 12 up) so i dont know if i need a gigabit modem if the only other thing it offers is Qos. Is there any other reasons why that Netgear modem is better for gaming than any other modem that can handle my speeds? thanks

jasonv says:

What is a good router to use with the netgear modem you recommended in this video to use with Spectrum internet?

Glasscock says:


No? ok

Philip Auina says:

How about best modem for UFB?
my home modem is the Netgear d7000. I’ll also add that im around 20m away from my PS4, so I have a wifi extender that is connected via lan cable to my ps4. Hope to hear your thoughts – thanks!

annalisehaddad says:

Do you think I can play online ps4 Fort nite with 8gb hotspot a month no downloading

Yun' Havoc' says:

you lost me at “my name is glass cock” smh lmfaooo

Mr. Sweets says:

Thanks for the tip, I have SB6190 and it tested horrible!!! Is there any fix to this? Besides obviously buying a new modem

keenan page says:

What’s better to buy a cable modem or a gaming router for best speeds

SkillNasty says:

What is a good dsl modem?

Joel Gostisha says:

Thanks for the video I’m learning alot from you. my question is, I have a netgear ac1600 wifi cable modem and play alot on a xbox1 x, I don’t have gig service available yet, but I feel like theres issues with my online experience with like hit registration, and lag in general, do you think I would be better of buying a new modem? I got this one a few years ago because I liked the idea of having a wifi modem so I wouldn’t have to screw around with a wifi router.

Hector says:

Not compatible for TWC or spectrum

Mark Fiore says:

i can not use another router i have the puma 6 chip on my router.but my isp says i can not use another router because it has to be assigned to me ?

Sean Risner says:

I wish we had gigabit speeds where I live, I pay 65 a month for 75 Mbit speed, however it is spelled, it seems to be good for me, but I play on PC.

OnlyOneGam1r says:

Yes yes stop showing off

MrPicklesTV says:

Is this Dual Band?

defiled669 says:

Have bought the xr500 yet, looking for the best way to set it up. Im on xbox one x, and i really not sure what im doing


Thanks for this info glass. Not sure if you have a Micro Center store around your area, but they are selling the xr500 for about $219 last time I checked. Looking forward to your review soon.

Elites Gaming says:

Netgear xr500 duma easy the best

Punseq says:

Hmm i have red and spectrum says this is the only modem that will work on my speed fucking cunts

ryan says:

Great video! I do have a question though! Do I need to have a Wi-Fi router or can I just plug my gaming console right into the modem?

KillinJoyyy says:


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