Optimum Wifi internet modem and router or your own?

Getting charged for modem instead of wifi router and reason why. optimum hot spot is provided using the router therefor optimum would prefer that it doesn’t get switched out so they dont charge for it instead you pay for modem which is a bit harder and more expensive to switch out. short version https://youtu.be/zEj51nXdaHg


Bob Muller says:

The Modem you need.. True..
it is Better to Buy your own….
Just be sure to buy a Fast & future proof one..

their WiFi router…
is Actually a Seperatly Dual router..
the one you use on your own Private netork
(thats only limited to the level of speed-bandwidth you subscribe to)

but also has a secondary Guest access point.
the Guest vesion enables optimum to advertise the million or so wifi spots it has…Since while roaming anyone can freely access the other countless guest optimum wifi spots.
the speeds of the guest wifi part of your router enables a fixed upload and download speeds..Fully seperate from the subscription level of of the optimum home subscriber..

the router though is a single connection to your modem..
is designed to maintain seperate 2 routers within the single router shell
that the Guest wifi use is supposed to Not interfer with and or slow down speeds and or bandwidth of the home of the subscriber

if you want to max out your own speeds..
one hook up wired Not wireless..
and or secondly..buy your own modem and router…. thus creating and using your own fully private network access point

kingfire66 kingfire66 says:

Just buy your own router and modem because in about 6 months of you renting the equipment you could have purchased your own. If anything they should give the customer a $20 credit every month for using their router because you are paying for internet through their router and they have the nerve to put a second signal in that router to give free wifi to customers that can just pull up to your house and go online that’s ridiculous and I should know because I know people that work for Optimum.

Len says:

I just set up my new router but accidentally created two networks with only router. I have a network for a 2.4 ghz and a network for a 5 ghz. I only want one network name and password. How do I this? please help


On the right of the globe it’s not green and I don’t know how to make it work again

Mannygamerhero says:

slowest wit if ever. made

Tahjay Delrosario says:

Thank you very much

Geo Gmz says:

I just moved to the U.S and this is the ISP I got at home. I really don’t like to use ISP routers they really suck… I want to use either my OpenWRT router or my Pfsense box but I’m having an issue with both I let them both on DHCP on WAN interfaces assuming this box will assign an ip address to them.

They get internet access I can ping anything from the OpenWRT router o my Pfsense firewall but can’t ping anything from my LAN to WAN for some reason.. My brother has a Apple AirPort he doesn’t know how he configured but is working.. I don’t want to use this Airport I would like to have my Pfsense firewall instead any ideas what could be happening? is my first time with a cable modem.

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