Nighthawk WiFi Cable Modem Router with XFINITY Internet and Voice | NETGEAR C7100V

Learn more about NETGEAR Nighthawk Wireless Cable Modem Routers and Gateways:

Take full advantage of your XFINITY Internet and voice service with the Nighthawk® AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router. This wireless cable modem router is a must if you demand the fastest XFINITY Double and Triple Play plans.

Combined 1.6GHz processing power boosts performance for full 4K streaming and professional gaming. AC1900 WiFi will maximize your WiFi speeds of up to 1.9Gbps. Then, with 24×8 channel bonding, you get the fastest download speeds—even during peak hours.

Take more control of your WiFi with Beamforming+ technology and high-powered amplifiers for whole home internet coverage while boosting mobile device speed and range. Also access and share stored media via the accessible USB port.

The C7100V gateway will support two XFINITY® Voice telephone lines with an optional battery backup. Enhanced features include 3-way conference calling, caller ID, call forwarding and more.

Not to mention, you can save up to $120 a year by eliminating Internet service provider rental fees.The three-in-one solution..
High-Speed Cable Modem, WiFi Router and Voice device.

The NETGEAR Nighthawk® AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router with XFINITY® Internet and Voice. The ideal officially certified and unparalleled choice for XFINITY® Internet and Voice services.

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Grand Caster says:

Paying for 105 mbps but only receiving 60 to 70. Sure its still fast but its not what i’m paying for. Tech came out and confirmed drops and wiring are strong in signals, no splitter, changed coax, and still got 60 to 70 mbps. Tech swapped out the modem/router and now the new Modem/Router gets me 12 to 18 mbps. So frustrating. Outsourced tech support is the worse to talk with and always advise a technician visit as if the last one did anything. Sure they compensate me with discounts but i just want the services i’m paying for. Nothing more nothing less. Canceling out of my contract.

Cow Milk says:

I didnt get that phone service part .. how we exactly use ??

Brother David says:

Does this come with Xfinity internet now because is till have the gateway

Santiago Barzallo says:

can anyone tell me if this modem has MOCA and how to turn it on?? thanks in advanced

Patrick Huang says:

Wow Netgear is so advanced now

Samurai Kitten says:

is their any other Router or Modem or both is capable of Internet, Cable & DSL. I love this but I got the fucking C7000 & the Secondary Modem seperately for DSL pissed me off.

Alex Johnson says:


mallolollo says:

Nice, but only usb 2.0? hmmmmm…

Chris Barajas says:

Will this router work with spectrum

Iman says:


james h. greunwald says:

where do you get one ? no one knows what it is even when i showed them his vidio. they had np clue.

htz70 says:

Why does this “new” Netgear box look EXACTLY like my old ARRIS tg1682g, rented from Comcast –

HisDukeNess says:

Having voice with my premium channels is cheaper then just a double play with premiums. That’s the only reason I have it. I’m callling Comcast this week and might downgrade for a bit without all the goodie channels. Also gonna try the blast package and upgrade my modem etc. I’ve had this modem for years… years….years… and paid for it the whole time!
Currently have extreme 105 internet.. threw a wired connecting I’m getting 44 Mbps (rounded up).
At the vary least they are gonna have to give me a discount to try to keep with triple play…but nowing this is coming out is a big sigh!
If for some reason in hell I keep my triple play, this is a must. Bit pricey, but worth it!
believe it comes out later this month? Also, is this gonna have netgear up so I can set it up with my apple devices (iPad/iPhone)?

james h. greunwald says:

where do you get one? no in the stores yet checked wal mart and best buy. sales people did not een know what i was talking about.

Frank Silva says:

Hi Netgear and guys i just bought a Nighthawk c7100v i had a hard time to activate it,but i was able to do it, all my PCs are running great but i have 2 912 Oct=core Android tv boxes that tell me that Ethernet cable and Wireless are connected with good connection but not allowing android tv box internet access,any help here,thanks

Immanuel Hooks says:

I’m liking this deal i might have to buy it, Cause i play xbox one and I lag all the time on Rainbow Six Seige

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