NEW Comcast Xfinity 1GB Modem VS OLD 250Mbps Modem Wifi Test (SHOULD YOU GET IT?) WATCH VIDEO

This video will show you how strong the wifi signal is on the new 1GB modem from Comcast. I compare the wifi strength from the new 1GB download modem to the previous version that only downloads at 250mbps. If you’re a big wifi user, you should watch the video in it’s entirety. Thank you for your support. Jimmy Moonshine loves ya!

How to tell if your 1gb modem is running up to speed.


PhillyDj Hook says:

I left another comment. Was it deleted?

machelo buenos says:

What do you recommend doing when the technician comes tomorrow to check my speed help plz

Joseph D'Ambrosio says:

Its a real shame you don’t know what you are talking about, as well as the fact that you are using different systems to test each modem.

Doctor Brohoof says:

Down vote for calling it gigabyte not gigabit. There’s a huge difference. And the emogi.

Asche says:

I would take you seriously if you knew the difference between gigabits and gigabytes/megabits and megabytes.

gerald Smith says:

Yeah I’m having major problems with my one gigabyte and they charged me $60 to come out and just like you said all he did was switch out the old modem for this one I’m definitely getting ready to go back to the regular motor cuz I play the new Xbox x and I thought I was doing Justice by upgrading to the 1 gig my games still lagging and I guess because they uploaded 4K some of them still took 45 minutes to download and I know I’m not getting the speed matter fact it don’t go over 500 on the Xbox x

Annie routhier says:

I game while being hardwired plus they are sending it to me for free and im setting it up myself. if I don’t like it ill just switch back to my old modem

Matthew Etter says:

There are so many factors that go into why you’re not getting what you’re paying for. Yeah, it’s a hassle but you should have a technician come out and go over everything. Request a supervisor if you feel it’s needed.
I’m sorry but this is a terrible representation of what Comcast provides. This is just your particular case. I’m a technician for Comcast and I’ve taken speed tests from an XB6(1 gig modem) and got anywhere between 750-920. Look up some videos that show you how to optimize your WiFi also, there are some good pointers.

undercover YTer says:

Hey if you want to get more views on this video add x finity to the title and tags

Hector Cabrera says:

You saved me $40. Bucks thanks!

Fearless Motoring says:

This all depends on equipment, that most devices don’t go up to 1gb, for example Apple iPads and phone don’t surpass 500 mbps and older laptops and desktop as well

machelo buenos says:

Hey bro tomorrow i have tech come to my hause. I alredy install my mew modem but i dont get a fast wifi

George Lockwood says:

Network speeds are in bits, not bytes: 1 byte = 8 bits. The modem is not what matters in this instance it is what you pay for, both of these modems are capable of giabit speeds its just Comcast released a new modem with the gigabit service, the limiting factor on your speeds is really what plan you are willing to pay for. Saying a modem is tied to the plan is like saying your car can only go the speed limit and that is its top speed.

Edit: change your 2.4GHz channel that should help

Sheldon Anderson says:

So ur expecting 1gig on your windows XP huh?

VoiDNiNjA says:

I game all the time and when I got this new modem I was extremely disappointed

A-ron Brumfield says:

Get a new wireless router and attach it the modem they gave you through the Ethernet port. That way you can get away from their garbage wi-fi, as most of these companies wi-fi equipment is horrid.

Brad Côté says:

Cat 5e is rated for 1000mbps (1gbps) cat 6 is rated for 10000mbps (10gbps) so 5e is fine. What is the “e” in cat 5e? Enhanced. True cat 5 cables are pretty much obsolete. Unless your ethernet cable is very old, it’s your ISP.

Jimmy Moonshine says:

Share this on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter…that would be awesome. Thanks for your support guys…

tredae0731 says:

As a comcast technician, Comcast only guarantees their speed via hardline, not wifi.

lui858 says:

Cat 6 are good for long runs to far side of your house

Samuel Crowell says:

no problem with mine, you guys just need to understand that the 2.4 wifi freq. won’t give you your full speed. the 5 most def will

Teddy Bear says:

Can’t you go to one of their stores and pick it up yourself without the fee and install it yourself if you know how?

Geo Gmz says:

You really need to do some research before something like this man.. You are misinformed how all these work.. Yes you need at least CAT5e for 1Gbps over ethernet.. Is not made up! Is an industry standard is preferred CAT6 but CAT5e (not CAT5) is the minimum requirement.. Also! You need to check if your computer NIC supports 1gbps transfer rates.. And I can keep going on.. Of others thing you are incorrect in this video but since you don’t understand the difference between Gb/s and GB/s I’m not going to bother..

Just leaving this comment so other people looking for some enlightenment don’t take this video seriously..

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