Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router Review 1 month later

I am very pleased with this. A month has passed and I have had ZERO issues. In this video I show a bit of what it can do. It works with Charter Cable too.

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Ruff says:

Still working good? I found this video helpful since you walked so far away. Are your walls plaster or just textured?

DboyyTv says:

How much u gotta pay a month for that

Keanu Sofa says:

Does your internet shut on and off at some points? I ask this because I have the same router but I have xfinity and I pay for the 150 mps plan. Is there any solution to stopping that Internet connection problem?

Mitchell Martin says:

i just ordered this model from bestbuy and was worried i might have buyers remorse in regards to the coverage distance. but after seeing your trip to the tree house i am feeling reassured. thanks. i wish i had found your video first. lol. but thank you for sharing this review

Dashl891 says:

does this router have a port for the phone line DSL?

DroppingTheHammar says:

ive had mine for 10 months and it truly is an amazing problem free modem

Thomas Valenti says:

Any input on how hot it gets? I read a couple reviews and it said it got very very hot?

Sheryl Seyer says:

Thank you. I bought it, now I have to figure out how to get my printers to appear on the network! I’m a networking novice, so your videos are so helpful!

Sangwon Lee says:

I got this modem about 2 weeks ago, and whenever I turn on my desktop which is connected with a line, my wifi disappears. I do not know how to fix it… Do you have any idea how to fix this problem?

thephily says:

so im guessing the 2in1’s are definitely improving? they used to suck and modem and router separate was the only way to go

iR45CiBLE RiK says:

is there a way to put this in sleep mode, or power off when not in use, or does it just run all the time? I know I could unplug it, but just thought I would ask if there is some way to not have to unplug but put in thermal cut off mode?

dontdissmiss says:

any chance of a speedtest?

Rocks 176 says:

I might get this today


wonderful i subbed back

DboyyTv says:

If u have this without any cable internet u think it a bill u have to pay or it only for cable internet

miracle boy says:


n0vexx says:

just purchased this and haven’t set it up yet , do you mind sharing your settings for channel width on the 2.4ghz and the 5ghz band ? Given the range you displayed and knowing 2.4 has much further range I am assuming you were connected to that during this display. I am unsure whether to set my 2.4 at 20mhz or 40mhz or auto ? and in regards to 5 GHz ..(again I havent seen Netgear config page yet but some routers have as high as 160mhz for the 5ghz, 80ghz , 40ghz . Your input would be appreciated .

Will Du Games says:


Curtis Pazar Jr says:

great again!!!

Gamer To Love says:


Shomel Khan says:

Oh sorry I talked to you before I thought you said you’ll make a Video on Speed of this Product.

Ra fico says:

Thanks for the info. It seems likes this device delivers. Can you hook up a Magic Jack phone service to it?

Bk94541 says:

this is better an ARRIES ?
I have Comcast cable everyone says ,get ARRIES. what u think about this ,since almost a year pass by?

Blue wolf says:

This is so sexy. I’m so happy I bought mines. I cannot wait for it to arrive.

Bernardo Colón says:

Just purchased lets see if this is the real deal thanks for the vid

Zacari Rivero says:

Does anyone know if this router/modem will be better than my apple airport extreme?

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