Netgear CM1000 Cable Modem Why you should upgrade

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I explain why upgrading your modem is a good Idea.

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Zach Mullins says:

Only reason to grab the cm1000 or the sb8200 is if you have gigabit speeds, or if gigabit speeds will be coming to your area soon. If you are on a 50mbps or a 100mbps or 200mbps package and you think this will increase your speeds beyond that, you are wrong. Cable modems won’t give you a faster speed than what you are already paying for. You should only purchase this if you have 1gig or higher, otherwise stay with what you have.

Jason Voorhees says:

I have 1 gig through mediacom

Jason Voorhees says:

where you at cause comcast Xfinity in ukiah California already has the gig it just probbaly hasnt rolled out your way yet but when it comes availble i Highly recommend getting that 1 gig service trust me its worth it Im glad that mediacom rolled out with it november of last year but i got it this month cause they dont tell you when new services are availble you gotta find out on your own by calling so you just might wanna call and just ask them questions like if one gig is availble and they say no not in your area then ask em when do you think its going to come to my area they might just tell you or they will say for you to keep calling and checking in thats what I did if i didnt call in i would have never knew about the 1 gig in my area So ya i suggest you got on the phone with comcast xfinity and find out keep me posted about that one gig i would love to campare prices with comcast and mediacom

Sai Sanketh Mandumula says:

Hi- I use a 1gb internet from Comcast. I initially had CM1000 + Netgear Orbi but later switched to Arris sb8200 as I was not seeing 1gb in iPhone or Mac. I still don’t see 1gb dl speeds on the new Arris. Of the two modems, which one is better?

Micah Warner says:

Question for you Tech guys..I have had Xfinity internet for 7 years now & i have always had Problems with the service! I live in Marin county Near San Francisco My ping is a 13 my msbp DOWN is 150 the msbp up is 6 My bufferbloat is a Grade F or c at best. test yours here Xfinity will not help to lower the bufferbloat because i own a CM1000 Netgear and a Netgear xr500 gaming router that is useless to help. (( Does anyone have this problem too, with Xfinity )) ??

Todd Patterson says:

Ok – so If I am only willing to pay for a download of 100MB/sec from my provider – and I am running a D3.0 that covers upto 150mbs why would I need all that extra (( having the ability to download a Gig )) if I am never receiving that service. If I just change the modem to this super fast one – it does not mean thats what is going to be throttled into my home unless I oay for those speeds CORRECT ?

dsfddsgh says:

I’m a bit surprised to see a on off power button on this modem. Usually modems and routers don’t need power buttons since they are always on.

Jason Voorhees says:

If your with xfinity why dont you get the 1 gig instead of that 37mbps bullshit

Jason Voorhees says:

Ya but you should get 1 gig its super super fast my download speed is 940 to 950mbps

Jason Voorhees says:

Yep no problem for the comment i know its a steap price im paying 139.00 for 1 gig internet but iam going to call in and see if i got any loyalty offers

Anton savonov says:

I have this router. It is a piece of shit. I got it replaced after 5 months of use. Now past 5 months it stopped connecting AGAIN! If you need a router for 5 months this is your choice

Jason Voorhees says:

950 mbps is way faster then 120 mbps

Ozzie Alarcon says:

Okay, so what’s the bottom line for me? I currently have a 150mbp connection with Comcast/xFinity and Ive been using a Motorola SB6141 modem that’s DOCSIS 3.0 and it works fine. However, I’ve been reading how newer modems like the CM700 and the CM1000 have 32 channels of downstream service compared to the SB6141 which only has 8 downstream channels? Would I see any benefit(s) in upgrading my modem to a CM700 or the CM1000 or should I leave well enough alone?

Shannon Conley says:

I got mine from target and it’s awesome, I’m awesome using a nighthawk triband router with it

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