NBN Connection Farce | Telstra Smart Modem Review | Internet Speed Test

Our NBN Connection experience was long and well…….watch the video! Do you think it was a farce? I also briefly review our Telstra Smart Modem and do an internet speed test of our broadband connection.
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You KnowNothing says:

You can Thank malscum and blabott for the shit house connection your getting. Did they delivery anything of substance during their 2 terms of government? Wake up you retards and open your eyes. The regressives in government are just that bad. Multi Tech Mix, more like Manure tech mix.

Karl Jacob says:

Unless you get FTTP NBN installed nothing compares. HFC especially your in for a Hell Of A Nightmare TRUST ME. NBN CORPORATION ARE FUCKHEADS. Also get out of Telstra Corporation Quick Smart and give up on them.

Nick Eddy says:

This is why we should have gotten fttc or fttp instead of fttn because NBN are forced to replace more cables and check more pits to try fix up Telstra’s huge mistake that the government purchased
NBN claimed to me that they check all the copper before going live with the fttn network in each area

poida says:

Mighst All Crucking Fighty

Nannerchan says:

What a crazy experience! They really messed up. Did your neighbors have the same problem?

Craig Jones says:

I’m going through this atm, but NBN wanted me to run my own cable from wall socket to the Telstra pit on footpath. They didn’t say which pit, and I had to provide the cable (cat6), conduit and labour. My ISP and I agreed this wasn’t right, and I told the NBN tech this on the 2nd visit. Now I have to pay an $80 cancellation fee because I wouldn’t install NBN’s infrastructure for them. Your story is crazy too, but at least you had a tech on hand to help! 🙂

NBN isn’t actually a national network either, it’s ONLY from POI to your building. There are no NBN interconnections between POI’s around the country, that’s all private backhaul via private fibre etc. Calling/selling NBN as a “National Broadband Network” is shady imo. Having said that, as we’ve both experienced, they can’t even install that part of the network properly!

It’s also turning into a sideways upgrade from ADSL to VDSL, rendering services like alarm systems useless, and phone quality reduced. Copper should never be part of digital communications infrastructure “upgrade”. It’s FTTP or nothing imo, anything less is deceiving and slack, but what do expect from politicians.

I’m actually using a shared ADSL2 service (2x ADSL bonded as one 40/2Mbps service) via private fixed wireless across my town. We have about 20 people sharing that single connection, but it works fine, even my latency/bandwidth sensitive sim-racing activities + whatever all those other homes are doing with their internal networks. I’m actually nervous that NBN will become a downgrade for that system.

Noel White says:

Save this video for the Royal Commission into the NBN. Maybe 5 to 10 years but it will come just like the Banking Royal Commission.

Chris Truong says:

Hi ,

Actually the cabling from the corner of your street to the pit and to your house is managed by NBN, and not Telstra.


Katakis says:

If you voted Liberal, you voted for it.

Kalab Templeman Vlogs & Tech says:

Good video!

Jandme Songraffan says:

Thanks so much for your information,NBN is coming to our area and I just hope that we won’t have any problems with NBN connection.

elmin2323 says:

Get on live chat get a refund

JoshBC2304 says:

That smart modem is cool and all with the mobile backup but IT MADE MY INTERNET 10MBPS SLOWER!!!!!!! Don’t use it because it slows your connection and with that band steering shit constantly disconnects me for like 3 seconds to connect to the other band eg. 2.4ghz to 5ghz. I have better speeds with our 4 year old Telstra Gateway Max. Luckily they sent the “new” modem to us for free, why the the speech marks on new? because the box had dust and a hair inside of it clearly someone sent it back faulty and telstra just sent it to us for free. 1/10 -sort of works
btw, you can get free mobile data by just plugging it into the wall with the a dsl cable plugged into dsl and phone and it thinks the connection is broken and activates the backup.

AntiCorruptionCentral says:

What nationality was the “tech”?

paul taylor says:

Nice job geoff,you can come and do my job now.

Tomas Gibbs says:

Highly recommended Aussie Broadband 10/10 I am in gembrook and am with them they are locals in morewell.

Karl Jacob says:

What a joke. The NBN needs a Royal Commission into it and quick smart.

strauchanside says:

Terrific story, but what an absolute farce! In hindsight, though it may have been a blessing that the NBN tech came on Sunday as imagine how many more people would have been out and about watching what you were doing.

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