Motorola Surfboard SB6121 Cable Modem Review

Just switched back to cable internet service and had to research the best modem to buy. Decided to go with DOCSIS 3.0 since I plan to keep the modem for several years and figure I will be wanting faster speeds in the future. The SB6121 was the highest rated DOCSIS 3.0 modem and in the month I have had it the connection hasn’t gone down once, my speeds are rock steady at 20 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up- exactly what I am paying for, and my latency comes in between 11ms and 16 ms- great for gaming- especially first person shooters.


suarez712002 says:

Can I connect a landline to this modem? Thanks

Andrew Rosas says:

i currently have the same modem and i pay for 105mbps and every time i test my speed, my DL is 58 mbps and my upload is 12 mbps. Not bad but the modem states 160mbps, which im not getting.

Benny Blanco says:

have you been able to hook up your wifi cause i cant seem to hook up my wifi with this modem

BlackThunderHWD says:

What firmware do you have on the sb6121

mall cop says:

this video old lol speeds now 220 gb downloads lol

Angelus Portillus says:

I’m also looking to find one of these to avoid paying a monthly fee. I sent you a private message, I hope you’re able to get back whenever you can. Cheers.

Robert Williams says:

Good deal you helped helped me make my decision on the docsis 3.0 modem on the approved list. Now I’m going to probably have to put up with a bunch off crap from Comcast when it gets here. *ugh*

Alan Klink says:

nice review, sir.  Same modem my ISP tech installed.  Cable carrier providing 30/5 Mb/s at the time.  Just looked: their site still providing 30 down.  Bro-in-law works for Verizon FiOS.  He’s recently shared they’re pushing/offering 50 or 55 Mb/s, though their site is showing 15 download.  Perhaps if Kansas City or other Google fiber city is seeing their Gigabyte downloads, it’ll give this Motorola modem a run for its $$.

FreshKing Of TX says:

why does my motem keep blinking i had good wifi at first then this happened no wifi keeps blinking please help


Yes just got today is fast bright house networks

max garcia says:

can you do wifi on this?

markanthony1004 says:

Trolling if you can get online and connect to wifi then dont worry. I tell cutomers all the time that colors dont mean.crap if the modem works. Who’s your provider? I’m a field technician with time warner cable soif you have questions let me know.

Wayne Buffin says:

speaking of time warner I have they service I was using a 2.0 but upgraded to this one but got smart and bought mines off ebay for 34.00 it well worth it didn’t know about the wifi

Fredric Caplan says:

helpful review….thanks

unityelt says:

did you just plug it and got internet right away? or did you have to call time warner so they could program it?

Jekhi Buchanan says:

I uses this till this day and it’s pretty horrible

Sven Raven says:

Omg you have slow dl and ul speeds there.
We have fibre 500 up/down and for cable a max of 200/6.

Al says:

saw this on amazon, but the box is different. this one has a red print on it, and what I saw was a blue print on the box and says 4x faster. is there any chance that they are not also different?

unityelt says:

did you have to call time warner to get it working or it work right out of the box?

Crowbar44 says:

Nice review. Very informative. Thank you! 🙂 I have decided to snag one of these as the $3.99 modem fee from TWC is getting old and adding up pretty quick. I feel worse for the new customers who have the $4.99 fee instead.

I have the TWC “standard” packages which the speed is 15/1. Pretty sad they charge me $58.00 after taxes and everything for that low of service but TWC knows I have no other option to go to except Frontier DSL at the lowest speed. Greedy jerks

Thanks for the good review!

Derek T says:

FYI. You can get a refurbished model from Walmart for $44.99.

Daniel Gomez says:

I got the ab 6141 which is twice as fast I’m paying for 50 down and 5 up love it!

Eliseo Torres says:

dudes, i use motorola surfboard SB6121 modem without WiFi built-in. i have no need for WiFi from Motorola Modem because it have limited numbers of connections for few devices to use and it can be sometime on/off due to WiFi AirWave Connection problems. in order to work with all devices operated better is if you use HUB-ethernet Switch 5 or 10 ports with device plus Ethernet hard-Wired Cables to connected, it will work perfect without problems. But, I’m Apple hardcore Fan, i have iPhone and Apple Tv, Mac Mini, iPad. i use Apple Extreme Wifi, its work perfect when i connected all these Apple Products at same time. i have Wii U and PlayStation 4, i use Ethernet Wired to connected on D-Link 5-ports HUB-Ethernet enabled switch device through to my Motorola Cable modem. its all work out for me. i highly recommend that to anyone.

Michelle Tan says:

It works fine for my Time Warner cable. I only have the 20.0 speed so it doesnt have to work too hard. Was just tired of paying modem rental fees.

cjalmighty says:

So a friend of mine just sent me a picture of one of these, and he’s been asking me about what it does and I’m not quite sure. See, I have a 3mb download cable connection (yes it’s terrible, but it’s the best we have in our area), and at some points during the day, I don’t get all 3mb. Sometimes I get less than one. So what I’m trying to ask here is, will one of these pretty much “give you what you pay for”? I do play first person shooters all the time, and it’s pretty rough during the daytime, but at night it’s not all that bad because I actually get the speed we pay for.

SHERI P says:

Hi i just bought this so can stop paying Comcast a monthly fee. But i didn’t realize it not wii fii .. So next step is buying a wireless router. What would you suggest to buy?

Taylor Giavasis says:

Getting this tomarrow from best buy 🙂

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