Motorola ARRIS SB6141 Cable Modem Review

Update: Modem just died after 3 years usage!
DOCSIS 3.0 with 8x speed! Do not buy the SB6121 as only has 4 channels down/up. This one has 8 channels bonded download speed. The SB6183 has 16 channels but costs $200!. I am very happy with this modem. The DOCSIS 2.0 modems can only do one channel at 30 down/ 5 Mbps up and I was getting choking with many active connections with Bit Torrent running. Motorola Arras SurfBoard Extreme!


softland Comman says:

lol you don’t know what u talking about upload download download upload…lol…your download signal look ok but you TX is to high it never be 70 higher then 58 your modem can’t even going to lock in..has to be lower the 53..and all speed test you doing is fooling your self if you see above everybody using Ookla server so it doesn’t make different all it doing picking up near server. also speed depend on what speed you paying for to your cable company. this speed u have doesn’t make any different with new modem one 6Mhz channel can do up to(42Mbps)but real world 20Mbps also now cable company doing 16 channels this modem 6141 not even compatible it will have intermittent problem. guys if you have any question plz search on Facebook **Tech2Tech Communications**

Dan K says:

Kent, you may want to correct the spelling of the title for this video.  It’s “ARRIS”, not “ARRAS”.  Thanks!  Also, the ARRIS SB6183 is now $129 on Amazon.  I bought mine a few days ago and all I can say is WOW!  I have Comcast XFINITY Extreme 150 and with my old ARRIS SB6121 modem and it maxed out at 136Mbps download and 16Mbps upload speeds.  With the SB6183 I now get 180Mbps upload and 26Mbps download speeds…crazy fast!  Well worth the price of entry and I’m glad I waited for the initial MSRP of $199 to go down.  The SB6183 is the best modem you can buy on the market…for now…lol.

Chin Eze says:

So if have 8 devices It will go up to 386 Mbps? But what if I only have my Xbox ?

andres chavez says:

Hi Kent! Thanks for the review! Is it hard to set up a router to it so that I can connect my wireless devices? ATT slowed my speeds way down and I am really considering comcast and purchasing this modem.


Sam Sonn says:

Thanks I now know about

Toroidal Zeus says:

you should have got the 6183, it’s amazing I was getting 60/5 with the 6120. 

Logan Braveheart says:

dude this does not make ya speed faster.. that is controlled by comcast or whoever u have… if u are getting that speed you’re paying for it…

Magnus Forsblom says:

sounds nice but i get the same speed plus 30mbs upload 15€/month

David Jean Louis says:

That shit dont like it

TheDuckseason says:

you should have gone up a model

WuShHD - WuShFX says:

does this bond lines together ?

computerapple4 says:

I never knew that you can actually access your modem via local address. I wish i seen whats up with my old modem before i return. Pretty cool to learn something

Johnny Michaels says:

for 100 which is what I;m paying for your speeds looks slow. what did you get before you hooked up the modem?

Taylor Boland says:

You’re only getting around 7mbps download speeds, and 1mbps upload. Not all that great lol but still a great video. I’m getting around 20mbps download and 3mbps upload speeds with this.

Soul Strikerx says:

How about if ur internet is only 10mbps it will get more higher like 15 mbps ?

TRU HoncHo says:

Do it work for Verizon fios

Saucey Ricey says:

So i have this modem for a couple of years now and the 1ghz lpf thing I had thus thing to plug it in but the thing rip so my internet is like impossible to use now please help

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