Modem vs Router – What’s the difference?

This is an animated video describing the difference between a modem and a router. It discusses how a modem works and how a router works.
Here is the wifi router that I recommend (affiliate)
This is the modem/router combo that I personally use in my home (affiliate)


PowerCert Animated Videos says:

This is the modem/router combo that I personally use in my home (affiliate)

Raymond Golich says:

Well done. Thanks!

Jamie Collins says:

I have a modem with cable goes into it but it only does half of my house. Would a router help.

SplendorMan says:

I dont get it. I have only one device in my house which is a modem I believe, and I can connect all my devices to the internet through this modem.

Edit: ok, lol, so I watched a couple more seconds and I got my answer. it is a combination of a router and modem. makes sense now.

TheBirdandEagle says:

Another great video. Thank you.

Shreedhar Katwe says:

You are just amazing!!
Thank you so much!!

Owen Fitzgerald says:

A great video thank you.

Please, this is an honest question, but you can have multiple devices on a modem on home connection without a router, so what’s the necessity, I am missing that part? Thank you.

Stanley TryHard says:

I guess the only question left to my non-technical mind is: what in the world keeps the internet world tied to an analog signal?

It only becomes clearer watching this that modems wouldn’t be needed if all those servers that support the virtual structure that is the internet sent out a purely digital signal, or isn’t modern technology that advanced? I must be missing something, but the value and convenience of an all-digital signal seem clear.

That additional modicum of compatibility would, it seems, put digital communication suddenly light years ahead of where it is now, especially if signal modification is all a modem is good for.

Or maybe we, as some have suggested over the past few years, are headed back down the analog path for sure.

Karl Dela Cruz says:

dumb question but can i have multiple routers connected to one modem?

Giselle Caproni says:

Can you just explain everything in life to me?? Your video was so thorough, i understood the definitions and I didn’t even have to watch it twice to comprehend what you were saying. Thanks

Halgame Online says:

Superb, Informative and Educational.
I really like and appreciate your videos, thanks

Paulos Meek says:

This is simply wrong. This is dial up. The internet is not analogue…?

John Green says:

Thank you for a clear explanation.

Rob Pickles says:

If I could hug PowerCert, I would never let go! For years I have been confused by routers, modems, and even hubs (In the UK, my ISP is Virgin Media, and they stupidly call their modem/router device a ‘Hub’!) Now thanks to PowerCert my mind is clear! 🙂 Thank you so much for your help!

Rex Erection says:

What is a micro cell then? It looks like a router to me? Can someone explain or is a micro cell a router?

Salwa Ahmed says:


Ninh Nguyen says:

Excellent teaching. Many, many thanks.

PirateJellyfish 19 says:

So we need a modem to use a router or we can we just buy a router without a modem for internet service?

Thomas Kaya says:

I want better internet for my gaming pc, should I replace my modem or my router

100 subs without a video says:

Do you need some type of cable to connect the modem to your device?

Harry PAnnU ! says:

I’m broke can I donate my kidney?

WarDog LRS says:

Excellent graphics & Tutorial very professional keep them coming

Sam Hamdioui says:

what kind of program do u use for animating this video and showing the router compenents etc.?

Mahdi Mahdi says:

شكرا لك

Guens says:

Your channel is awesome

Jeremy Koenig says:

Thank you

terry waller says:

Most modern modems have a built in router. A router will let you send data to a different range of IP’s. Many routers do not have WIFI.

ey yo says:

Modems are necessary when using cable and phone lines to access the internet (through DSL or CATV), but I dont believe that modems are necessary for commercial use (entererise networks). Also I also believe that switches actually have the connections that you make to computers and other user end devices (except for access points, used for wireless), but the switches alot of the time today will be built into routers. A router is for forwarding IP packets to the proper destination, they’re not really just a connector to the internet.

gmgjerry says:

I was trying to connect a switch directly to the modem and only would work with one device. Now I understand my mistake that it needs to be connected to a router.

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