Is a Gaming Router actually Worth It?

Is a Gaming Router actually Worth It? Alex’s tests the latest and greatest Netgear XR500.

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MrrrrMime says:

1) QoS takes affect when your link is congested. Limiting your download speeds to allow for a greater bandwidth overhead in times of congestion, on a 150mbit link, is stupid.
2) Geo filtering at a hardware level isn’t needed to connect to lower latency games. Just about every game will do this in software. Filtering at a hardware level is way more likely to hinder than help you
3) Paying literally the hundreds of dollars more for a router with these features is laughable and for suckers

Jacob Payne says:

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Fish says:

This guy has inverted lips

parraboy1991 xbox gamer says:

Do you take heroïne?you look creepy asf

SCARlet_DRaKox13 says:

Not for Xbox

Alex Blox3311 says:

I’ll have nightmares after his face

Psych1cWo1f says:

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Brady Ward says:

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P NHA says:

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SpeccyZ says:

Faking bellend

Miguel Parada says:

Think i just got cancer watching this video

Maxwell Gillespie says:

You will not need to be excused for saying router because I’m English too

Paradox 420 says:

I’ve bought many Rooters but my connection is still the same no matter what Modem/Rooter

CloutGod says:

You look like a zombie bru

Oblivion says:

You didnt even play any games…

Ayush Mishra says:


icewallow_come says:

You just showed your internet password lol


He’s face scares me

Just Copper says:

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Zeddles The Penguin says:

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estevan slack says:

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Argim Aliti says:

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Sixth wave says:

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Florian Boterdaele says:

audio is a bit poor in this video mate

TheGreatShotgun User says:

Rooter lol

Damian Toczek says:

My XR500 comes this weekend or next monday, i hope i can say bye bye to russians <3 😀

TacticGravity says:

Your pronouncation of “router” makes me cringe

Damian Toczek says:

Dude i have a download bufferbloat of 1-10 but upload… 500-1600 !!!! XDDDDDDDD
I need to reset my router omfg 😀

adil khan says:

This is mean but his face scares me… No offence.

M4nz Ballin says:

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Jellylegs says:

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oFF RailZ says:

I need this but can afford my WiFi is so bad and I can’t even get Ethernet

Orbitom says:

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Adog828 says:

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puppy produtions says:

Big mouth

PC Master Race says:

Is this what Steve Buscemi looked like when he was young?

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