Internet Tips and Tricks – Faster, cheaper, more stable internet connection in your home

Internet running slowly? Need to get through those power outages without dropping connection? In this tutorial I will share few ways to speed up your home internet service, protect from power outages, and even save some money on your bill in some cases.

These tips and tricks are gong to apply to those with cable or DSL type internet service mostly but some other types will benefit as well so stay tuned to see what applies to you. The first tip is in regards to hooking up a cable or DSL modem and I will break it down separately for each.

Cable modems – When hooking up a cable modem you should always hookup to the first spilt of the coax cable as soon as it enters your home. In most cases your cable comes in the basement or crawl space and then splits with one or two large splitters to all of your cable jacks in the home. Instead, purchase one good 2 way splitter and install that as soon as the cable enters the home. One leg will go directly to your modem and the other can go to the larger splitters that feed the TV’s.

DSL modems – DSL service is provided via phone lines. As with cable it is important to have a dedicated phone jack or line run directly from the outside junction box to your DSL modem. This might require a call to your provider for a free setup but in most cases just follow the lines to make sure it goes directly out to your outside phone connection. With DSL it is also important to make sure you have filters on any phones in your home. These filters are provided by your service provider in most cases or they can be purchased online –

Purchasing VS. Renting – No matter what kind of internet provider you have in most cases they will provide a model to you when you sign up for service. But don’t be surprised if they are charging you anywhere from $3-$10 per month for that equipment. You can pickup a cable or DSL modem online or at Best Buy/Walmart for less than $60 in many cases. This saves you the monthly fee and also allows you to have newer better equipment. Check with your provider for recommendations on a new modem for the best possible service to your area.

Power protection – Once you have your own nice new modem and router you should provide some basic protection for them. Using a small network battery backup will protect your equipment and also allow you to get on the internet right through a 3-4 hour power outage. These are inexpensive devices and can be setup in minutes. – Battery backup –

Wireless Interference – A properly placed wireless router can be the difference between blazing fast and slow as molasses. The best place for a wireless router is UP HIGH, the higher the better in most cases. You also need to think about what is near the router, cordless phones, microwaves, Christmas lights, TV equipment, speakers, etc. All of these things can dramatically interfere with your wireless signal and slow you down. The orientation of the router is also important. If it is designed to lay down flat, lay it down flat. If it has as stand or legs to stand it up vertically try standing it up. You can also change the orientation and see if signal improves in certain areas as you change it. Above all else it is important to start with a good wireless router. I have a few options below this article of models that I have found to be good. Make sure you have a dual band N or a newer AC standard wireless router and place it in a central location in your home, on the middle level if you have a 2 or 3 story home will be best.

Eliminating dead spots or weal signal areas – If you have followed all of the steps above and you still have weak signal in some areas you can try a couple of things. I did a video on adding a second router here –, that can be a great way to solve this issue. If that is not an option consider purchasing what is called a dead spot terminator –

Network Battery Backup –
Motorola Modem –
Dead spot terminator –
DSL filters –

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TheChipmunk2008 says:

cable internet is pretty much 20th century. anyone since 2000 is not going to have cable

ArcadeMachine15 (wescoolya) says:

How long does the APC last until the batteries die?

Anime4 Mii says:

My download speed internet say 3.90 is that fast normal slow?
My upload speed say 1.85 is that fast normal or slow?

dblbhd says:

Great video, keep up the good work, although i do have a question. i have a TP link 802.11ac router as the main. if i use an 802.11n router to extend coverage, will it also increase the 802.11ac range or do i need another 802.1ac router to increase the 5ghz freq?

Jon stone says:

I only pay for Internet, I run it through Comcast, it is so shit. I literally only play ps4 online with it and my internet will just completely shut off and not work.

Joe Schroedl says:

I wish I could replace my proprietary AT&T crap modem/router

Southeast Mi Homestead says:

Great content. Ive got some new ideas to try now

kevohh10 says:

Great video! This is good info to know. I’ve got some things I need to change around for sure.

Liz Grider says:

Thank you for your videos, you have explained this home networking thing very well! My cable co. supplied a modem/router combo unit a few years back and I did notice a fee on my bill so I went out and purchased my own modem/router unit at that time. I just purchased a new AC modem/router unit and would like to know if the same instructions apply on a modem/router combo unit? Also, if you have the modem/router combo unit as the main can you use another modem/router combo unit as an access point in another part of the home? I like your idea of using an old router for this and my old router happens to be a modem/router combo unit. Thank you for your time.

Paralyzed Gaming says:


LinkFromDaPast * says:

so I have an AT&T router and service and we *should* be getting I think about 5mbps, BUT I DONT EVEN GET THAT MUCH! so would getting that router help?

RJLpt says:

6:50 lol I have that same middle painting in my living room. I live in Portugal, Europe. xD

Imalwaysrightson says:

You sucks !

Hardcore Gamer5639 says:

What if I have a router/modem combo?
Should I buy an extender, so I can move the router back to the living room because im having to run a coax cable from the hall way to my room so I can get good internet.

alexhernandez49 says:

So I shouldn’t have my router near my PS4 or Xbox One?

Joper Umbuib says:

Hi, can i change the provided modem to another better one

Vexxei says:

My download speed is 23.90 – 15-53

Benja's Uber 1337 Hobby says:

Don’t forget to put your coax line through a good surge protector. If you use a cheap one it will cause internet con issue as well. If you get any type of a surge through you coax line then it can damage your modem or pc.

BuckeyeBryan says:

Time Warner in Columbus charges $8.00/month to rent a cable modem. Bought my own cable modem for about $80, it’s already paid for itself. Only took about 10 minutes to setup and only 1 phone call to Time Warner, anybody can do this.

Carsten Dittrich says:

How do you wireless repeat your wifi. Any video on that?

Rom Koh says:

Hi SSLFamilyDad,

Greetings from a very small town, Xin Ning, in the province of Hunan, China.

My name is Romilly, originally from Singapore, having just moved to this small town to be closer to my Chinese wife’s family and our new 5 months old beautiful baby girl.

I chanced upon your YouTube posting while searching for tips on what to do with my new Lodge pre-seasoned cast iron skillet.

I like your video presentation very much. You come across very personalized, as if talking to your buddy and not staging a performance. Simple, easy to understand, straight forward, and no promotion of products.

I could not find your follow up video regarding the next step forward after receiving the new Lodge skillet. Could please provide me with the URL to your video or let me know when you would be publishing it online.

Thank you for taking the time and putting in your effort to share your knowledge and skills. I am looking forward to hearing back from you soon. All my best to you and your family.


PrestoChango23 says:

what if you want to connect your ps4 and computer via ethernet directly to your router which is a floor below you?

Edson Lapomarede says:

I checked on speedtest it says my speed is 1.21 but I can watch Hd vids on youtube and to do that you need 5 mbps weird.

wittythings says:

Wow will be looking into the cable modem… I hope sometime you could show more about the external hard drive setup you have.

FreeStayler says:

Internet. Wifi . Connect very mix

Alex Windeatt says:

bad audio?

SJ EII says:

I just got a new modem from Comcast. I was using a Netgear wireless router. Can I now take the Netgear and reset it and use it as an access point? I need to put an access point on the bottom floor to connect Xbox. Thank you.

Clarkeafterdark says:

if i have a modem that has built in wireless it is better to use that and set access points off of that or disable the wireless and set up my own wireless routers. Btw i feel like that would make a great video.

tantaluss68 says:

my question is if you run your Ethernet cable out of your modem and into your router then run another Ethernet cable from your router to your PC does it slow down the internet speed from your PC to your modem?

Peter Wan says:

please check your internet cable this is more important

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