Internet on the Go – Review of Portable Internet available from Walmart

How fast is the speed, Coverage, Reliability, Battery life, Customer Service, Set-up,Uses such as laptop, gaming, movies, online search, music, ipad, iphone, smart phone, Range. We answer questions like, does the Internet time ever expire, how much time can you buy and how much does Internet time cost?


Oscar Rocks says:

no no you download the movie or show that only takes about a min. or so then shut your hotspot off.

Hope Chapel says:

The data does expire if you don’t use it at least once every 60 days.

Shelby Gold says:

How long does the battery charge?

cool tt says:

is the internet slow and how much is it a month?

graken14 says:

What is the NAT type on this device, and,can it be changed?

Kevin B says:

Thank you for the information, it was very helpful.

Ashley James says:

On video clips on YouTube it’s does eats up much data too and what about downloading apps and music dose data a lot too

Brittany vercher says:

will straight talk phone work on

Jose A Ortiz says:

I wonder how can I use my home WIFI on the go that I built using a Linksys router and my Interenet provider modem. ( Earthlink)??????????

Donald Trump Hates CNN says:

Can you run an xbox one off this?

Snorlaxation says:

I’m hearing so many bad things about both the product and especially the customer service. im not sure this option is the way to go anymore?

Entidad-Biológica says:

people complain against all kinds of shit….but never demand free internet for all…it should be free…

Damion Brown says:

Question I’m going to Jamaica pretty soon and I would like to know would it be able to work down there

Diamond_Pro9562 says:

Lol I got mine on sale for 20

King Does Rage says:

im trying to find a way to find my pasword 🙁

Tate A says:

I bought one yesterday. the hotspot works awesome is faster than my home Wi-Fi, why I bought one of these because Windstream said our Internet will be down until early 2016, and there is no other Internet provider out in are area. The thing is super fast comparing it to Windstream’s DSL. But I was not happy with Walmart, they said $10 would get you 500 MB, $25 will get you 1.5 GB and $45 will get you 3 GB. And they said your date it will never expire as long as you use it one time a year. Walmart never updates anything on the *** site, don’t listen to it liars.

The plan for this hotspot is more like this $10 would get you 300 MB, $25 will get you 1.0 GB and $45 will get you 2 GB. And they said your date it will never expire as long as you use at least 1 MB every 60 days. The tech-support is pretty good to, it’s got Windstream and TracFone tech-support beet, but I couldn’t really hear the guy the audio quality wasn’t that good but tech-support guy new what he was doing. I am using this hotspot to post this comment because it is May 23 2015 and I have no Internet until 2016, LoL, *** Windstream! Time Warner Cable please come Down Our Rd., will pay you $45 for 5 Mbps, we pay Windstream that for 0.65 Mbps.

Overall if you don’t use huge amounts of data and and if you’re not going to use it 24/7/365 this is the perfect hotspot for you! The speed I got out of it was about 3.5 Mbps download and 0.75 Mbps upload. The $80 device is Bill well and works very good, high-quality. Thanks for reading my comment.

I would say the Wi-Fi range is over 90 feet on the newer ones!

Searching for Alison Francis says:

Your video was very blurry are you testing a video camera out? I bet the video camera got bad reviews. Your video was helpful, thanks.

alex chavez says:

is this good for gaming wont the internet finish

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