HughesNet Gen5 Review 2017

HughesNet recently launched its Gen5 service and clearly leads in our ranking of satellite internet companies. At least for now. A LOT of changes came with Gen5, and we walk you through a few of those changes, as well as our opinion on the good and bad of HughesNet’s current offering.

See HughesNet plans here:
Explanation of the satellite internet landscape:
The detailed, written version:

0:00 – What this video will/will not do
0:49 – Gen5 plans and pricing changes
1:57 – Equipment, purchase vs. lease
3:49 – HughesNet’s new plans, and how to decide between them
4:38 – Can you game on HughesNet Gen5?
5:50 – Which plan do we recommend?


averagescalemodeler 77 says:

Hughesnet is absolute GARBAGE! Every YouTube video I’ve watched has to be in 240p or 144p and I still have to pause and wait for the video to load or it will buffer. FUCKING BULLSHIT!

Frank Quitely says:

You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are the worst of the worst. How do you know when Hughes Net is lying? When their lips are moving. DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR HYPE. 483 reviews averaging 1 star. Worse than dial up. Literally.

Gamer locos says:

Still trash wifi downloads take 2 to 4 days trash

SiriusXM Fan chris says:

Gen 5 = 5 MPS

Breqnna T says:


naynay sploogle says:

If you pay for 10 will you actually get the whole 10 oooor?
It’s god damned pathetic that I even have to ask this in a first world country..

tom tull says:

This guy is so full of crap his eyes are turning brown or they’ve always been Brown. We just had HughesNet installed at our house on December 29th 2017 and it is now January 1st 2018 and we’re just waiting till tomorrow to call them and tell them to come and get their s*** and get rid of it it doesn’t work we had a tech support Guy come out the second day put in a new modem let it let it take a day to build up it’ll work better well it doesn’t work better it doesn’t even work so so long I guess we’ll just have to stick with our actual reliable 3 to 6 megabytes from AT&T through the phone line that always works and we’ll actually play YouTube and Netflix all I want all month long. These assholes tell you you’ll get 25 megabytes per second and I thought we might as well it’s funny this guy says HughesNet might hang onto their top spot when everything I’ve read online says they are 99.5% dis satisfied customers that use HughesNet. And it only took 3 days for us to figure out that this internet doesn’t even work so buyer beware do not by any means take anything they say as truth and just figure you’re taking a chance on getting signed up in a contract for something that won’t even work 1,000 of what they said it would.

firemario10 says:

Terrible Internet speeds, latency, and GOD AWFUL customer service!! This is the WORST excuse for an internet service provider I’ve ever seen!!!

Norman Larson says:

Hughes net sucks with Gen 5 or not it just sucks

Danny says:

Hell No! I had Starband a long time ago, and even back in 2002 when websites were not rich and data hogs as today. I was always being throttled and the service was always going out. TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY. This company only cares about you signing on the dotted line so they then can proceed to FUCK you.

James HD Pierce says:

Large downloads

Kenneth Taylor says:


milmech43 says:

this his how dish works and its expensive as f***

Gerardine Pohl says:

When to know to buffer in weather issue

Dustin Hicks says:

Hughesnet is so slow it took me half an hour to watch this video.

Cobra1Alpha says:

For Multiplayer Gaming forget it its not gonna happen on gaming consoles

Phil Graham says:


Thomas Dobb says:

I have this wifi. This video took 2 minutes to buffer. It sucks ass do not buy it

Keisha says:

it sucks

Janice Gray says:

I got HughesNet Gen5 about 4 months ago. Since the day it was active, my ping (delay) has never dropped below 600ms. Youtube videos can rarely render ahead of themselves on 144p, and pages take half a minute to load in general. I’ve been randomly going offline daily and sometimes can’t get to vital areas on the web that would otherwise seem like little chores. If you are out in the country and need internet, GET A PHONE PLAN! You’d rather save your money than build up as much anger as I have.

Jose Garduño says:

that internet does not work, it’s a very bad service, it pauses every moment if a movie lasts an hour and a half with this internet the time in three hours for so many pauses I do not recommend it

Dougie Quick says:

UNLESS you live in sight of a mountain! THEN there is a good chance someone is beaming from said mountain ….WAY better (maybe?) that a satellite I get via what seems like a mom and pop service…last time it went out the ONE service guy had to drive all the way op there and see what was wrong…..rodent chewed through a cable….another time the power failed up there and they had to haul a generator up …that kind of thing….other than that? It is competitive and pretty able….for $70/month it easily streams two seperate video feeds simultaneously ..mostly no problems

Patthara Suwanto says:

Don’t use this company at all, We dont have choice in my area internet service,We choose HUGHESNET.We never had good experience for this company more 3 year, slow internet ,expensive ,difficult to contact support service, We choose internatinal calling,dont let’s me call.I cant use international call around 2 months.If we have choice never come back this compay again!SO BAD EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mac chola says:

Can it work in Zambia Africa?

ArbiterKing 117 says:

Hughs Net are crooks and out to get your money no matter what.

Dillon Moulton says:

Dude hugs net sucks

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