How To Get Gigabit With Comcast or Cox with SB8200 Docsis 3.1 Modem

I will tell you how to upgrade your internet speed to get the complete package! Gigabit downloads and fast Uploads! I will explain how I did it. Then, Unbox my new Aris Surfboard SB8200 Docsis 3.1 Modem.

Aris Surfboard SB8200 Docsis 3.1 Modem.

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Rei Matsuo says:

Can you folks recommend an ARRIS modem the besic Internet/ TV/Phone plan from Xfinity? Need a phone connection for our fax also. Thanks

John Walters says:

What speed are you actually paying for?

Alexandre Bouvier says:

Upload sucks on cable actually… 30mbps is a joke. Here in Canada we have the same limitations with Rogers and Vidéotron (in 2018). If you have choice between gpon-fiber vs docsis-cable for the same price its not hard to pick one. You need to wire with RG6 or RG11, a lot of old houses are wired with a crappy RG59 cable. This cable is not powerful enough for D3.1.

800mbps is not bad at all if you download a game on steam for example.

Yar Nunya says:

Hi, you don’t need to call comcast to activate a new modem anymore. Just plug it in, wait a few minutes, try to visit a webpage. It’ll take you to xfinity splash screen. Fill it out, it activates the modem for you. languish on hold or take 2 minutes to fill out the web page…

Saeed Ahmad says:

Is this Modem MOCA enable?

Tyler Teruelle says:

That’s really cool

Akash Chopra says:

This guy is a total moron.

Akash Chopra says:

This guy is a total moron.

Siera (The Chosen One) says:


Nick S says:

Second ethernet port doesn’t work unless you get second IP address

R A says:

How small is this compared to sb6190?

Miguel Gonzalez says:

The netgear 1000 sucks

Compete ToDefeat says:

Comcast customer service is terrible because they can’t ever seen to actually get issues resolved. I had 10+ percent packet loss for over a month and they just refused to look beyond my house for a problem despite the fact that others on this street are having the exact same issue. Before moving to my current location my modem would go into cycles of re-syncing sometimes 10-12+ times in an hour. Tech would come out and since the issue was never happening when they were out for the call nothing ever got resolved and I just gave up due to the fact I was moving soon. They are incompetent fools and the only time their customer service is “ok” is if you don’t have any major issues going on.

Carl Hopkinson says:

Verizon really sucks….don’t even think about it.

RuhkcusTV says:

tests speeds? and review how it is while gaming. ping more stable? connection more crispy in game?

Bear Banters says:

Fix you outro volume. Can’t hear you woke the house with your sh**ty music at the end. Thumbs down.

RehanMirza says:

Too much talking…

Hannon Adventures says:

Cool vlog



Tech We Love says:

I hate Comcast charging $10 for every 50GB of usage, over 1,000 GB per month. With 5 in my family, we have hit 1,000 GB many times.

Also, I don’t like that they are giving me like 170 Mbps download, while only giving me 6 Mbps Upload. I rather they chop off a ton of download, and give me more upload speed.

Thomas Starks says:

How do you utilize your secondary NIC output on your ARRIS SB8200?

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