How to get FREE internet in 2018 – FreedomPop Unboxing and Review

Get the FreedomPop Hotspot –

Don’t want to spend so much on internet every month? Don’t want to be locked in a contract?

In this video I will be showing you a cool method to getting free internet every month for your basic internet needs, as I unbox and review the FreedomPop Hotspot.

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shnobi24 says:

Not so free is it

Nun Ya says:

500mb, are you stoned? yo probably blew through that watching this video and a couple others.

Borgesmultiservice says:

not free. wait for the bills.

k odu says:

Does it work worldwide?

Rich Laue says:

So how much would be when my monthly usage is about 70 gig

Rspene smit says:

I signed up for FreedomPop, got my Sim 2 days ago, I followed all the directions, Cell would not recognize the Sim, so I took it out and put my old one back in wouldnt recognize it either, so I called Freedom Tech support, never could get them, got endless recordings and hangups and everything else, their tech support was useless if you can’t get them, I went back to settings to set my old cell service as my APN, and that whole section including data roaming was grayed out, now I can’t get the grayed out part to open up to input my old cell’s name, and service, can’t find help on it anywhere, so I had to call my insurer for my cell and getting a new one, FREEDOM POP STINKS< DONT GET IT OR TRY IT>

Dr Bob Gregson says:

I use to sell or buy bitcoins irrespective of where I am and their service is pretty fast and easier.

Jackson Cross says:

Dude the reason it “kept working” for 20 some days like you said is because 500 is your free limit…that does not mean they cut you off it just means that you get charged for every bit you use after that 500…but i am sure you found that out by now.

Diademglo says:

cheesy music, thanks for the info DO THE HUSTLE

joyful psalm says:

It’s not free you have to pay for it and pay monthly I just looked it up

Helen Murphy says:

cool worth every

Janet Myers says:

By clicking Activate, you agree to pay the amount Due Today. Your FreedomPop service will not begin until your device ships. Orders placed after 12pm PST will ship the following business day. Certain orders may require up to two additional business days for processing. Your subscription includes a 1-month(s) free service trial. At the conclusion of your free trial, your service will automatically renew at the provided rate found in your shopping cart of $32.98 every month. When downgrading to the free plan, an account balance is required to protect ourselves from fraud and leakage, as data usage can be delayed up to 3 hours. Downgrade by logging into your FreedomPop account. Cancel service by contacting support, Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm PST at 1-(888) 743-8107.

chottozumi says:

I just saw a suggestion at the right of my screen by FreedomPop. Comments are disabled….jeeez…..I KNOW why!!

Michael Shada says:

Just measured your video and it was 62.4MB total, which means I could watch approximately 8 videos the same length as yours. or 9 minuets times 8 = 72 minutes per MONTH!
I watch videos 12 hours per day while I work on the internet so this would NOT be free for me. And im sure would Not be free for 99% of internet users.

Amir Chicago says:

Cricket Rock’s

Kevin Fahler says:

That is actually 5000 MB which is 5GB

Tman Lawson says:

Thanks for this amazing video.
I enjoyed watcthing this amazing video.
Your videos are one of the top video on internet.
this is really super cool video.

Brian South says:

Hey it’s the guy from every Indian gas station!

rhonapap says:

first downgrade to Basic Plan. That is free. Then use the internet for emails and texts. do not watch videos. think of it as an emergency internet source.

chottozumi says:

Absolute waste of time and money. Pop you sooner than later in your you-know-where!!

Imr_ an says:

Do we have to pay the freedom pop internet?

Dale Benton says:

I would of cliked like if I liked this service,I be lucky to use up to 500 mbs of data in a week let alone in a month incuding line renstal costs what are we all suppose to do ring up BT tell them we have free broadband can we all have free line rental as well

asadina4 says:

This is the biggest LIE of the century. Please Do Not fall for this SCAM. I started their “FREE” service, and then right after my first week they started charging me $25, and then after 15 days they started charging me $40 and they won’t cancel their service for any reason. LIARS! LIARS! LIARS!

kgbme says:

Hi, sorry, but reported the video. It is NOT “FREE internet” and you’re not disclosing the information about the (free?) trial that you’re using, or whatever. Please, it’s 2018 – why would you be -still- attempting to scam people into buying something, when we can all (quickly) find out the truth, meh.

Erik Orehek says:

I got a sim card and i currently have it, but the only downside i dislike is i have to install an app and use that app for my calls and texts AND i need to use data or wifi to get calls.

Andres a servant of Christ says:

What a joke 500mb isn’t enough to do squat, thanks for confirming to me what not to do, blessings.

PSilence 01 says:

U need a follow up on how much u were surprised they charged u after ur 30 days lol

Matt Dorton says:

So this is what happened to DAVID BLAINE???

Mark Thompson says:

I am from canada, is there a overseas version of this product ???

Barry Brandon says:

I bought a Freedom Pop phone with my credit card and they charged me for 4 and sent me 4 and none of them worked, and the batteries died quickly. Freedom Pop screwed me. I even contacted the
BBB and they told me there was nothing they could do.

lastcallnews says:


Karl Jolley says:

NOT FREE, the intro is free, then the bills start, not to mention the automatic add ons, the concept is great — like a lot of things. just a warning, it is not free — not even every month…. they will be charging you and it is automatic on your card…. // i started with the 500 but ended up they were charging more than $50… cancled that and bought a verizon phone, i just use that for my Hot Spot, much more practical.

Helen Murphy says:

cant wait till i tell joe m

Olivia Hardin says:

Clickbait bullshit. Very expensive.

Master of says:

But you have internet 500mb lol

theuniqueldy says:

I went to check them out but saw lots of complains about their service and being ripped off!

Edward Kyle says:

Sprint? Your screwed

Dale Benton says:

and 2ndly still have to pay at least £15 a month for line rental costs you saying the broadband just magicly comes from no where

bicanoo_magic says:

Hey! will this work in any country do you think?

Christopher Robertson says:

Very good review but 500 gb is a joke

Early Pratt says:

Thank god for white people

Susan Jackson says:

Thanks for this video. I am moving out into the country for a year… and they do get sprint coverage out there this would be great for me to have internet!

agthaog1986 says:

500mbs a month??? what is that amount of data to save???

Eugene Cannah Mays says:

It would have been nice to tell us : how much it costs for additional gb’s/ how much per whatever. What does the unit cost with s/h, as well as the terms and conditions ! Lame !!!!

TIMOTHY L Christians says:

Have it and it not Free

Marcelo Matiello says:

500MB? It´s not enough to watch one single movie! This is totally useless.

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