How to get CHEAP internet in 2018 – Alcatel LINKZONE Unboxing and Review

Get the Alcatel LINKZONE Hotspot –

Don’t want to spend so much on internet every month? Don’t want to be locked in a contract?

In this video I will be showing you a alternative solution to getting cheap internet every month for your internet needs, as I unbox and review the Alcatel LINKZONE 4G LTE Hotspot.

Similar Models:
Metro PCS

Things I use in this video

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Jorge Toloza says:

Good info…thanks

OsmanÁlvarez OsmanÁlvarez says:

how much

Muric says:

Damn you look good


I am indeed impress…This was the most thoughtful and informative video. Thank you so much.

Mage 1 says:

Gonna use this for playing multiplayer games on the go. Already have a metro phone. Thanks!!

Mage 1 says:

Toxic comments.

Blues Boon Docker says:

Based on the comments, I will pass. Your making money on hits though aren’t you ?

Omega Gamer says:

Bruh just get xfinity

scott parsons says:

$55 a month not 5

james zeigler says:

Can you run a firestick? Will it use all the gigabyte

Rodolfo Gomez says:

Why waste time showing all logos,

dirty llama says:

not worth it, way too expensive

David Towsey says:

See how long the 10 last if you use more than one device! Not very long.

James Smith says:

Metro pc shit

LAUNCH says:

Will my Roku link up with this?

christian4919 says:

Lol I bought it at metro for 68

ben taylor says:

Can i plug this in on my xbox one and get wifi?

Taylor Sommers says:

Thank you so much you just helped me get my hot spot to work

Brad Wallin says:

Sounds like you won’t sell anyone 10 gig is a lot what a scam for 35 then they start making money after you run out in a day or two maybe a week at best so over 100 month I bet

Johnny says:

are they faster they cable internet ?

Unknown Unknown says:

the speed is great the problem is a few downloads and a few youtube vids and a little netflix and your fried for the month. Fast is great but 20 gigs goes FAST.= WORTHLESS

Anita warner says:

Nationwide can I used it in the Virgin Island

David Porowski says:

Like & Subscribe
GR8 Video /. But Aren’t we on the cusp of 5G integration,
rendering this product Obsolete?

Trebor Odinson says:

It would be cool if it was unlimited internet.I’ll just stick with tethering my phone without
any limit.

Meg G says:

I am disappointed, I was expecting cheap internet. I pay 19.95/month for unlimited.

Dj Bee Black says:

Exactly 10 gigs is bs for 35 bucks nope!

marian nyitrai says:

Can this be used in Canada.

Jase says:

I use 10gb on my phone in a week. That is not a lot. Use Verizon.


xfinity pre paid is good too but make sure they service in your area tho

Frank Stein says:

Your nuts, that’s not cheap I use at least 150 gigs a month. I get unlimited on Verizon and it’s not the best speed after so much but it’s cheaper than than that

Omega Gamer says:

I wanna play fortnite and 10 gb lasts a day for roblox. Downloading things just ruins your gb’s

Stephen Fiore says:

*No unlimited data plan, right? I think AT&T has unlimited, no contact hot spot for $60.00 per month.*

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