How-To: Boost internet speeds and save money by purchasing a Modem

Buying a new modem ( can possibly save you money each month and result in much faster internet speeds. I upgraded to an SB6190, and go double the speed with no extra charges from Time Warner. Your mileage may vary:

Buy SB6190:
Buy SB6183:

Synology RT2600ac router is a good AirPort Extreme replacement:

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Sheila meri says:

Thanks Jeff.  My cable company wanted me to change to the Aries and I wanted to make sure about it.  I don’t think the wifi should be affected, but just in case let me know.  Great video.

Anonymous says:

What’s a good gateway that does the same?

G Willy says:

Great tip, I just upgraded to the 100 meg package, but I’m just on a DOCSIS 2 modem. I was looking to get an 8 channel modem, but I think I’m going to go with the modem you showed off. I’m even doing my speed test in the same area as shown in your video. Hopefully I’ll have similar results.

troika101 says:

those are stupid fast internet speeds.

Nick M says:

Quick question: Does this modem work with optimum voice? I’ve heard it only works for the internet component but not if you have voice service too through twc’s optimumonline?

Anonymous says:

Is it better than the 16x version

Charles Crawford says:

pf sense for life

Anonymous says:

I had this modem before I had to change it back to the sb6183 due to the sb6190 constantly dropping the connectivity.

Anonymous says:

I get 140 and 4.7 on wifi with charter… wow 200 would be awesome..

imma1star says:

Or you can just live near dallas texas

funa mota says:

Wtf they didn’t tell me this. I’m stuck paying $50 for 100 megs

maxplayz says:

guys can u help me please i have the slowest internet connection of the whole worldmy ping 199 and my download speed is 0.82 and my upload speed is 0.22 please help me guyysss how do i boost up my internet connection

Yen Yen Ng says:

Can you advise me which modem router combo is better: Arris SBG6580 vs Netgear N450? I’m new to modem router and appreciate your advice.

Kyle Witherrite says:

what’s the cable ultimately going into on your laptop for ethernet?

Anonymous says:

196???? hacks

Bill Gates M8s says:

What? My old sb6121 has downloads of 150mbps and an upload of 20mbps from comcast’s 150mbps plan

Anonymous says:

will it make your ps4 download and upload speed faster.. plz respond

JG Jasmines says:

i have a 14ms ping on my motorolla router. how to get much lower ping?

yashty100 says:

Lol I live close to this guy

Anonymous says:

great video , just joking.

roy singh says:

Just wondering what would be a great wifi router for the SB6190.

Anonymous says:

I have Verizon and I use it for gaming but something is not right can you help me..

Fred Zlotnick says:

You are not likely to see much difference between 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps. I have fiber optics with up to 1 Gbps, not much difference in everyday use compared to 50 Mbps. I recommend no one upgrade unless they are doing critical work and the speeds are super important. If you are getting 100 Mbps, wait a year or two before upgrading, the prices will be lower and there will be newer features. If you are getting less than 50 Mbps upgrade. Except for people who send Youtube videos upstream, not many people care about upstream, I have > 500 Mbs upstream on fiber and it makes no difference to me.

Josue Diaz says:

You said you were on 30MBPS right? I’m on 75MBPS & my ping is 14
download is 61.55 & upload is 12.55 by getting this system will it increase my upload mpbs?

Samuel F says:

Hi i have a question, if the internet service provider said your internet modem must have a minimum of 16 channels of downstream and a minimum of 4 channels for upstream… Can I get a modem that supports up to 16 down and 4 up?

FLT1979 says:

They DO charge you for the extra speed. There’s no way they wouldn’t charge you. They are charging my brother $20 extra per month for the 200mbps. However, he isn’t getting that speed, even though the modem he has supports it. I have spoken with several people, and we have found that the cable company (Time Warner/Spectrum), has given customers modems that only work with 100mbps, but are charging them for the 200mbps.

Malevolence v says:

can I use the arris with a netduma?

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