Faster Internet for FREE in 30 seconds – No… Seriously

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It’s not clickbait- this actually is a quick, easy, and free method to make your internet faster- no matter if you’re on a Mac or PC, phone or desktop! Just change your DNS to Cloudflare’s

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tpg_souper pat says:

Well I found free $5614a money making system that is really working:(just go to) Great work…

Ernesto Lopez says:

Huh ??

AjťákCZ says:

Title: Faster Internet for FREE in *30 seconds*

video: 8 minutes

Mr. Slippery says:

The amoumt of sarcastic comments I dont know if it actuslly helped anyone haha

Matt E says:

Very cool

FlyHighGuy says:

Wow! My internet became so fast everything’s a big blur now!

p03t13666 says:

Is this just for browsing or will it help with gaming speeds too?

Kevin Refugio says:

The video’s not 30 sec…

Brad Mundie's says:

That up close zoom in on that lip herpe was nice…. 0:40
yeah real nice.

Kamen42 says:

So… instead of 1 second loading I get 0.5 second loading. That really helps for downloading 80 GB games from Steam…

Rijvan Saifi says:

Dns setting not show my router setting

Dimension Rewind says:

So I live in Pakistan, Will it work for me too?

Kaveesh Birju says:

Idk why but videos are now loading at a higher res than before.. idk its weird

Ludwig munthe says:

I can’t download it because I have a bad network

Sumith K says:


Eric Lefeld says:


Mattias Hautala says:

I gained 2 Megabits per second

tjarod11 says:

Had to check to make sure this wasn’t posted on April 1st.

MobileGaming MLBB says:

My setting says my wifi speed is 144 mbps but when i play games ping was 200+ or 100+

Mr. art010 says:

it made my download speed higher on my phone but not on my pc

Orlando zzp says:

Clickbait trash

Dr. Dark Sith Skeeter says:

In 30 seconds? Why is the vid 8 mins?

꧁༒Christian༒ ꧂ Unstapable says:


Rollo Maughfling says:


justin why says:

Just smack you router on the ground. It will speed it up because the router doesn’t want to get smacked on the ground a 2nd time

PelycheeaceRA says:

does this help with online gaming?

captainjack77 says:

I tried this. Changed DNS to and secondary to Completely locked my main PC (which is connected through ethernet) off from the internet. Will not even detect the ethernet cable anymore. I’ve effectively bricked my PC you fucking asshole.

Tristan16 says:

On The Phone, If You Have Multiple DNS Servers, Do We Delete Them All Or Just Add The Servers Onto The Other Existing DNS Servers?

dasha gooboy says:

I tried this on my phone and it didn’t let me save the settings??

Tyler Lasher says:


Deat Kuntz says:

Google dns is better for PS4

Ahsan Arshad says:

Wth? It really works… I mean my speed is same but YouTube is streaming really fast on fhd

Light Weight says:

So if im playing csgo, and have 1 ping, and i do this trick. So how much will my ping be

HD Gamer says:

wow you blew my mind and made my internet fastest thank you

OuassiGaming says:

Does this also work on ps4 for better connection because i have bad connection in my room because my router is all the way in the livingroom

Jay Jay says:

This actually slowed down my net considerably.

Nisarg Khatri says:

Could you speak English

Gregory Sullivan says:

Your reason to use this service seems sketchy. Why the hell does it matter who knows what sites i visit if I’m not breaking law. I mean speed sure but privacy like this is for criminals

Toast732 says:

How to fix in ten seconds.
Smash brothers/sisters phone.
Quadruple speed

Manuel Maniscalco says:

ty bro this trick it’s awesome

Gordon Banning says:

where’s the fucking link??

Rogue Neet says:

I did this and then i got fired by the company

BOHICA Ruffriders23 says:

Ya… this seems like work for no advantage. Will anyone notice the difference between 0.028 ms and 0.032 ms? Smells more like it works because Cloudflare paid for the advertising.

Autotrope says:

Does it have IPv6 addresses too like Google’s?

_RedFox_ says:

Isn’t free anymore *cough*

Paul James Comtois says:

Stay clear of CloudFare. They are a very shady business that supports hidding the hosting providers of porn sites and piracy sites. They once supported sex trafficing sites until law changed. Do your research first before supporting companies like them.

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